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By | Posted December 24, 2011

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All you need is to see your best friends. And all is right in the world. I love these three guys so much.  It’s been too long, but I can promise we won’t be waiting this long ever again.  

Halloween~Zierlein Style

By | Posted October 31, 2011

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The funny thing about Halloween is that I hate dressing up.  I would avoid a costume party at all costs.  Thankfully, Lance feels the same way.  As for our kids, they love dressing up.  And Lance loves to dress them.  He does it to impress Chris.  Really, that’s it.  In fact, twice we’ve gone straight […]

Tuesday Thoughts

By | Posted October 25, 2011

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Is there a curse on my house?  I have a broken dishwasher, (yes, I am still washing dishes by hand), a leak in my disposal, an entryway that needs new windows, and now our television went bust. Lance came home ready to watch Sunday night’s football game only to find that the television wasn’t working. […]

Thank You!

By | Posted August 11, 2011

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Today was the day. Lance announced his resignation from 1560 The Game.  This isn’t something he decided spur of the moment.  He didn’t get mad and walk out.  It was a huge decision for him.  It was difficult. I support my husband.  I always have.  I would follow him to another city or another dial. […]

Best. Decision. Ever.

By | Posted June 29, 2011

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Anniversary Weekend

By | Posted June 27, 2011

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What can I say other than my weekend was freaking wonderful.  Lance and I were talking about every anniversary we’ve celebrated and came to the conclusion that this one might be the best one yet.  And that is saying a lot because Lance is pretty romantic and thoughtful about anniversaries.  While I am not a […]

Five for Friday

By | Posted May 6, 2011

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Did you know it is Teacher Appreciation Week?  I still can’t believe teachers get a week, but I suppose that complaint is getting old.  The irony of this week is that I, hater of Goose’s first grade teacher, was selected by his homeroom mother to take lunch and a gift card tomorrow.  Really?  Why me? […]

Seeking New Orthodontist

By | Posted April 4, 2011

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I swear…my orthodontist hung up on me today.  I am not kidding. This is the same person I talked about a couple of months ago that cancelled Squirt’s appointment because he needed a solo appointment.  (SUPER CREEPY.)  I know my parents were proud that I refused to allow Squirt to attend any appointment like that […]

Five For Friday

By | Posted April 2, 2011

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Here are five things I learned this week: I’m not very good about being selfless.  It’s the first Friday of the month, and I planned to attend Mass this morning.  I am really into attending Mass on First Fridays, and was excited that Baby Z was on her way to attending nine in a row.  […]

Father and Sons

By | Posted March 27, 2011

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I think any man who loves sports dreams of the day when they can share that love of sports with their sons.  I realize that it happens when men have girls too, heck, my love of football comes from my dad and brother.  And while my dad has taken me to the National Championship Games, […]