About Coach Mom Z

I’m wife to Lance, mom to four boys and a little girl.  We also have five babies storming heaven on our behalf.  I’m Catholic, passionate about the education of my children, a lover of children’s books, Snoopy and nativity scenes.  And I’m a Texas Longhorn.

I met Lance at a station event.  I had listened to him on the radio for quite some time and when they were having an event, I decided I wanted to meet him.  Not to marry him, just chat.  I rushed and made it to BW3’s about five minutes before the event ended.  Met him, sent him an email that evening, received a response by the morning, had our first date five days later and was completely smitten within two months.  We got engaged a year later and were married soon afterwards.

I have one high school graduate, three kids in a public school for gifted children, (it’s in the Houston water) and my daughter stays home with me.  After years of always having three kids at my side, I’m down to one during the day.  It’s been a difficult adjustment.  I keep trying to convince Lance to let me homeschool, thus far, I’ve not been successful.  You’ll read several complaints about this fact.

I grew up Catholic and my goal was to marry a Catholic boy.  If only because I knew my dad would freak if I married outside the church.  Now that I have five kids, I know exactly what he was feeling.

I love being Catholic, and my goal is to teach my children about God, the church and make sure they pray for my soul after I die.  I want them to know and love God and so far, so good.  I want them to know why they are Catholic once they leave home.

I’m a huge Texas Longhorn fan.  While I haven’t really converted Lance, he lets me watch games in peace, has been to the National Championship Games with me and knows not to invite people over when I’m watching a game.  We don’t attend kids’ birthday parties on Saturdays during football season.  Ever.

This blog is basically a scrapbook of our life.  Some stories are for me, some for my parents, and others, I guess I just like talking about myself, Lance or the kids.

Any other questions about me can be answered here.