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I hate “get to know you” emails. They always come from people who know me. REALLY WELL. And they always have that one question…who do you think will answer this questionnaire. For whatever reason, my name is always an answer to that question despite the fact that I never answer those type of emails.

In general, I hate forwards too. I don’t like the sweet stories, I don’t like the info forwards, or the prayer chains that people think I want just because I go to daily Mass. People, I don’t read them, and I break the prayer chains, so stop sending them to me. I think ALL political forwards are stupid and would never send them to someone else. For some reason people send those to me ALL the time too. And I have to read them just to see the stupid shit people come up with. I finally told a friend that it was insulting to my intelligence to even receive such crap. So, the first thing you know about me is that I’m a bitch who hates getting forwards.

Names you go by: Nicole, Nikki, Nik, Baby, Lance’s wife and mom. Interesting tidbit, although my name is Nicole, most of my life, I’ve answered to Nikki. At various times, (college, law school, work) I would try and change to Nicole, but then someone would hear someone else call me Nikki and it was over. Then I met Lance, who has a sister with the same name, different spelling. There was no way he could get romantic calling me Nikki, so since we’ve been together I’ve been Nicole. And now that I have tons of people calling me Nicole, I love when I meet someone new and they immediately call me Nikki.
Favorite color: red and burnt orange!
Last movie I saw at the theater: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Favorite TV show: Mad Men, Big Love
Do you eat breakfast: yes, a 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. even on vacation.
Deserted Island food: fajitas
Favorite dessert: Italian Cream Cake
Foods I hate: green peppers and tomatoes, as in I can’t eat a meal if they have touched my food. Lance just told me that is when he realized I was high maintenance.
What kind of car do you drive: Yukon XL
First car: 280 ZX, I loved this car!
Things that annoy you: oh so many. The biggest one would be when people ask if we are trying for a girl, always implying that there is something wrong with boys.
Favorite article of clothing: my jeans, the only expensive items I own
Eye color: brown
If you could go anywhere in the world: Turkey, I was planning to go there for 8 weeks until I met Lance.
Best childhood memory: the California vacation
Favorite time of day: when I pick Goose up from school.
what time do you go to bed: between 12 and 1
Where were you born: Galveston, Texas
Favorite sport: Longhorn football
Dogs or Cats: Dog. Someone once explained that when you have an indoor cat, you have a litter box, which means you have crap in your house until you empty your litter box. Not that I was ever going to get a cat, but after that there wasn’t a chance in hell I could have a cat without thinking of crap sitting in my house.
Do you have any pets: one dog, Lola.
Any siblings: one brother who I adore
Pedicure or Manicure: pedicure, actually, I would just prefer a massage
The last time you cried: last month, before that it was August when Goose went to school, before that it was when Dumbledore died in the 6th Harry Potter book.
Oldest friend: Paul
What do you do to relax: super hot bath
Glasses or contacts: neither, I had surgery!
Favorite fast food: Whataburger, and I hate Chick-fil-A
Favorite flower: anything my Baby brings me
Movie/s you can watch over and over again: Boogie Nights, Empire Strikes Back, Shawshank Redemption thanks to TNT playing it nonstop over the years, Bridget Jones’ Diary
Any Tattoos: At almost 40 years old, I can come clean about the Longhorn tattoo I have had for over fifteen years.
Any regrets in life: nope
How did you meet your husband: at a listener event, I was one of five girls eyeing him that night.
Scared of anything: flying
Do you eat organic foods: trying to switch over, but it’s so expensive
Favorite chore: dusting
Least favorite chore: mopping
Most annoying habit: it’s a toss between saying I need to lose five pounds or plucking my gray hairs while I’m talking to someone on the phone. They can always tell. It used to be plucking my eyebrows, then I found out about threading.
And my favorite band is: WILCO

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  1. From Denise:

    DAMN I knew I liked you before I even met you 280ZX holy shit that was my dream car "back in the day" actually it was the 280Z cause ZX had not come out yet. Well now that I think about it 240Z was WHAT I wanted more than just about anything in the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD. But I got the Datsun 1200 which I am sure you have NEVER heard of or seen!
    Wilco is also my FAVORITE band they played opening day for the Cardinals yesterday though so better make sure Lance does not know that. Vomiting Blood in Drive Way could be messy! Our Astros SUCK ass right now. Loved LZ & JG fighting this morning bout Suck ASS Astros. LZ is RIGHT NEW YOUNG BLOOD is only way to GO!

  2. From Stacy:

    Let me clear this up for you-it is definitely the gray hair plucking thing when you are on the phone. I can always tell when you are doing this, even before you admit it! 🙂

  3. From Shea:

    I totally agree with you on the forwarded emails. One of my biggest pet peeves. And I had no idea you were born in Galveston. So I learned something new about you! So maybe these aren't so bad. . .

  4. From Craig Meserole:

    Hi again, I posted a comment on a section of your blog but wanted to post another just in case. After reading your history I am pretty sure you are the Nicole Villegas I am looking for. I also got my answer to my question. You are happy and that is what I wanted to know. You had a lot of dreams back in the day and I have always wondered if you achieved them. I have prayed often to the Holy Spirit to reconnect with you so I could tell you and thank you for changing my life. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for you. Today He answered my prayers. It would be nice to hear from you but not necessary. I can see by the pics you are well and have been truly blessed. Take care, God Bless,

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