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Daybook~ The Second Half

By | Posted July 15, 2012

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For Today…Sunday, July 15, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is shining.  Two hours ago, my street was flooding.  We will not complain about the rain.  We will not. I am listening to…three little boys play ball outside, one of Goose’s games. I am wearing…my pj’s.  That’s how long it’s taken to get this post going. […]

Daybook~ Summer Days

By | Posted June 25, 2012

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For Today…June 24, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is relentless.  I will suffer through these days because my kids love being outside, but it is just miserably hot. I am wearing…a red and gray dress.  And silver flip flops. I am hearing…soccer. I am thankful…for a husband who listens to me when I really need […]

Daybook~ The Final Countdown

By | Posted May 21, 2012

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For Today…May 21, 2012 Outside my window…my dog is barking.  Yes, we still have the dog.  The dog who digs up my bulbs.  The dog who bolted from the gate the other day. I am wearing…a black and blue dress that flows.  Lance thought it was a slip.  I don’t think this dress will make […]

Daybook~ In the blink of an eye

By | Posted April 29, 2012

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For Today…April 29, 2012 Outside my window…it’s dark and quiet.  It’s late.  I wish it was early rather than late at night. I am wearing…Snoopy pants and a black t-shirt. I am praying for…some special intentions, a safe trip, all the kids graduating this Spring, a very specific graduate this week, a granny on the […]

Daybook~ On A Monday Afternoon

By | Posted April 24, 2012

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For today…April 23, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is shining.  The day has been near perfect, and we have taken advantage of it.  We played outside after lunch, we met friends at the park and now the boys are outside on the driveway.  This is how childhood should be. I am wearing…my workout clothes, gray […]


By | Posted April 16, 2012

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For Today…April 16, 2012 Outside my window…it’s dark and dreary.  A very clear reflection of my mood. I am wearing…my workout clothes.  Five of the best miles this morning.  I guess that means I should shower and change. I am listening to…Baby Hulk read poems about the universe.  We really enjoy the poet and illustrator, […]

Daybook~ We Walk

By | Posted April 1, 2012

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For Today…April 1, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is shining, and it is so freaking hot.  Poor Baby Hulk was so upset.  He has loved reading about the seasons, but he has yet to really experience them. I am wearing…brown shorts, black sandals and a black t-shirt.  Sunshine is dressed adorable.  I wish I had […]

Daybook~Back To Reality

By | Posted March 18, 2012

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For Today…March 18, 2012 Outside my window…it’s a great day, not too hot, a nice breeze in the air.  It was the perfect day to plant Baby Hulk’s potato plant and Ivy.  Finally.  I am wearing…orange jeans, a white shirt and my diamond heart.  I love the diamond heart, a gift from Lance, and my […]

Daybook~ After the Rodeo

By | Posted March 4, 2012

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For Today…March 4, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is shining.  The weather is perfect.  Boys are playing nonstop.  I will not complain. I am listening to…the boys shoot baskets, laugh in the bouncy castle. I am wearing…a black skirt and a black shirt.  And a glass of wine. Moments of grace…my dad taking us to […]


By | Posted February 19, 2012

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For Today…February 20, 2012 Outside my window…it’s dark.  It’s quiet. I am wearing…the black shirt I wore to mass this morning and Snoopy boxers.  And a big frown on my face.  I feel really sick. Moments of grace…the city showing up to start fixing the yard, staying positive when the rain came immediately afterward and […]