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Purchased With Love

By | Posted January 7, 2013

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Right before Sunshine was born, I finally gave myself permission to buy a few clothes for her.  Armed with a coupon at Old Navy, I found a few things for her.  As we were leaving Baby Hulk found these shoes he wanted to buy for her.  To be honest, they weren’t something I would have […]

My Baby

By | Posted September 19, 2012

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There have been signs that Sunshine is all girl.  Small ones, though Lance would say he knew she was different from the beginning.  I beg to differ. (She is a lot like me though.  She hates mess.  Hates it.  Which of course, I love.) Most recently, Sunshine has shown quite a bit of interest in […]

19 Months

By | Posted August 9, 2012

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Sunshine, I’ve been keeping your monthly updates private.  No real reason, but sweet girl, this has been such a big month for you.  I just have to share. The big news!  You walk! Yes, you’ve been trying to walk for most of the summer.  Back in June, you were taking about 4-9 tentative steps.  Then […]


By | Posted August 6, 2012

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Yes, we’re ready. A HUGE thank you to my dad for buying us so many treats on Sunday.  New backpacks, (repeat after me, they will last 3 years), new shirts for the season, a new book, basketball, reading lights for the night time nerds, (I say that as a former flashlight reader), a monster truck… […]

And BTW,

By | Posted July 26, 2012

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Sunshine… She Walks. She freaking walks! 19 months, 1 week. And she walks.  In fact, she likes to walk more than crawl.  She is so proud of herself.  She stands up and walks with that shy little smile on her face.  God, I love this girl so much.  And the fact that she walks kind […]

Wordless Wednesday~ Dada!

By | Posted June 6, 2012

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Wordless Wednesday~ Brother and Sister

By | Posted June 6, 2012

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My Sweet Girl

By | Posted February 7, 2012

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When there is nothing else to blog about, it’s always safe to post pictures of the cute little girl.  I was trying to get the perfect shot, but Baby Z had no interest in sitting still for her mom.

Five For Friday

By | Posted January 20, 2012

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What am I doing this weekend?  Overseeing my son work on a project he’s had two months to finish.  Not the junior, the second grader.  It’s not even a difficult project, but he has done nothing to get started on it except read the book. It’s a biography of Jackie Robinson, and he has to […]

365 Days

By | Posted December 17, 2011

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Oh my sweet girl, you are one year old.  I can hardly believe it.  This past year has been nothing short of amazing for us.  Truly you were the best gift ever.  God knew we needed you.  He knew what was best for our family. As I think back on the past year, I am […]