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By | Posted August 25, 2014

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This morning didn’t go quite as planned.  We certainly weren’t early, but instead got there just in time.  Somebody changed clothing plans this morning, then another remembered they had new shoes in the closet, then we tried to take pictures at home…but we made it.  Found a friend to retake our picture in front of the school and waved Goose good-bye. I walked Snax and Baby Hulk to class.  It was sweet listening to the teachers talk to the kids, then Sunshine and I were on our way to the gym.  We went back for lunch, and the boys were all smiles.  Here’s praying for a good year!

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  1. From Denise:

    Love all the pictures, I know it is bittersweet for you on the first day of school for the boys. Praying for you & the boys to have a great school year. I’m glad & sad about Ethan starting school this year. Hard to believe he is old enough but SO EXCITED for him & he is SO READY! Hope to see you & sweet Sunshine soon!

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