Sunshine at 2

By | Posted March 18, 2013

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Sweet girl, I started this post the night before you turned 2.  It has taken me far too long to finish.  It’s partly that we’re just living and partly that I’m a bit sad at you growing up.  Here’s goes…

Tonight was the last time I will hold my own 1 year old in my arms.  I just held you tightly in my arms.  I can’t imagine a time without you in our family, and yet, I can’t believe you are turning two.


You literally change on a daily basis.  I love every single change.  And at the same time, I am clinging to the idea of the baby you no longer are.

The truth, babies are easy to me.  I relish in babyhood.  I’ve been pretty lucky in that I never had the struggles that other moms have with babies, I have good sleepers and eaters.  (You were no different than your brothers at that age.)  I struggle, just not with that.  So I miss that phase.


And yet, watching you grow is pretty cool.  Each day you speak a new word.  Just today while visiting your great grandmother, you looked at a picture of your cousin and said “drea” for Andrea.  You’ve never done this before and you kept showing me the picture.

You are truly your mother’s daughter.  You can’t stand mess and things have to be in order.  You don’t like doors left open and jump to help clean.  Sometimes you pick up a speck of dirt from the floor and bring it to me as if to say, “what is this mess on the floor.”


You are so sweet, so caring, you already have a mothering instinct.  The second someone cries, you run over to them and pat their back and give them a hug.  How is that possible?  Even your pediatrician was impressed.  The other day, Baby Hulk was in trouble and sent to his room.  He screamed all the way to his room, and you wouldn’t calm down until you could go and console him.  If I have one wish for you, it’s that you keep that same spirit.  Nothing would make me more proud.



Sweet girl, you say “Amen” loudly and you know you’re doing something right.  You are so excited as you say this.  You also make the sign of the cross.  So deliberate.  The thought brings the widest grin to my face.  Now if you would sit still during mass, it might make Sunday mornings more tolerable.

You already share a special bond with each of your brothers.  To listen to Snax talk to you is a riot.  He really does care for you so much.  Baby Hulk still loves you as much as he did the day you were born.  Sometimes, I catch him reading to you or showing you toys.  Goose and you have your own special time as well.  He always wants to get you out of the car, and he makes sure you call him by your nickname for him, “gaga”, which in writing sounds really dumb, but seriously, you call him that even though you can say his name.  Then there is Squirt who you con into letting you listen to music in his room.  You have found your way into each of their hearts.  I can guarantee they will always protect you.

You have taken to Snoopy just like the boys.  You found some pj’s I had stashed away last fall and made your dad put them on you.  You then proudly walked around the house saying “Snoops”.  You point to him on your chest to make sure we see what you’re wearing.


You are also just like the boys with how much attention you want from me.  If you want your time and one of them gets near, you shout, “moves”.  We must work on that grammar, but for now, it’s hilarious to watch you push them away and see you pout when they don’t move.  And really, the added S is pretty cute also.

And speaking of clothes…I am not sure if I should start to worry or not because you definitely have your own opinions about what you want to wear.  You love to feel pretty and walk around letting us know just how pretty you are.  You are so sure of your choice in clothing that I have had to return two outfits I thought were amazing.  You have literally cried over my refusal to let you wear certain outfits.  How did this happen?  Thankfully, your select shoppers seem to make you happy with what they buy for you.


You literally light up a room when you walk into it, most of the time.  You do have your dark cloud moments, but we all do.

Sweet girl, I have so many dreams for you.  Mostly, I want you to remain a happy girl that always shows compassion.  The world could sure use a lot more of that and I’m hopeful knowing that you will help change it with the compassion you show others.


May God continue to bless your life.  I have entrusted you to Him and Mary and the Saints.  I pray that you always fight for what you want, that you stay as determined as you are and that you are confident in all you do.  I thank God every day for trusting me with you.  You were born into a family full of love.  Not a perfect one, but one that loves fiercely.  I love you, my sweet girl, and I always will.

One last thing…when we go to daily mass, we walk past a mosaic of Our Lady.  You shout “Mary” over and over at the top of your lungs.  I love it.  And so do all the grandparents in mass.  They don’t see a lot of littles in daily mass.  I truly think you bring a little light to their day when you scream “Mary”.


PS…I really had written 95% of this post the night before your birthday…XOXO

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  1. From Jenn:

    She really does light up a room! Love that two year old!

  2. From Shea:

    Love the pink vest!

    • From Nicole:

      me too. I had to hide it from her after I bought it b/c she really wanted to wear it. At her age, I figured i could just keep it in her closet until her b-day. Not so.

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