Looking Back At Our Summer, really looking back…

By | Posted September 4, 2011

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As summer comes to an end, I am grateful.  I hold it close to my heart.  It passed way too fast.  The big kids weren’t even out of school for three months.  I have promised to embrace today, the now, to live life without thinking of yesterday or how time passes so quickly.  I think overall that I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that.

I wanted to live an intentional summer.  We did.

We lived.  We did  lot of things I wanted to do, not all.  That’s okay.  Our summer wasn’t rushed.  It was beautiful.


And beautiful.

We lived it all together.  All seven of us.

It was a great summer.  I have an amazing family.  Thanks for indulging me.

The Zierleins, July 2011


Comments on Looking Back At Our Summer, really looking back…

  1. From Chelsea:

    The JLO ones are the best. Miss yall so much!

    • From Nicole:

      I miss you too. That night was honestly one of my favorite of the summer. The evening deserved a post of it’s own. Trying to get all six of you…classic shots, esp when Snax started walking away from the group.

  2. From Shea:

    Great post. I stole the idea.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks. Helps when you don’t blog or post pictures. Saw yours and loved the pictures.

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