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By | Posted February 9, 2021

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I can’t believe it’s already February.  Or that it’s 2021.  Despite how different this past year has been, time has flown.  We’re halfway through school, we’re still wearing masks and mostly staying home.  As hard as it’s been the last year, it hasn’t been bad.  Mainly because life goes on- the boys go to school and Mari and I school at home just like we’ve always done.  The thing I miss the most is traveling. It’s frustrating at times thinking of all the trips we’ve cancelled, but we’re all healthy (and so are our parents) and sports came back, I don’t mean that selfishly, it’s just that Lance’s job depends on sports so I’m more than grateful for sports.

There are a few things that are keeping me sane though it all, because despite being grateful and saying it’s almost normal…it’s not and sometimes I get a bit manic.

 Reading- I am back at it and so happy.  I’m reading at stoplights, in the bathtub, while Mari swims, before bed and any other time I can catch.  I’ve got a reading plan for the year.  It’s not overly ambitious, but it’s good.  At least one nonfiction a month and two novels.  Two months of the year, Mason is handing me a stack of books he wants me to read and that takes the place of my novels.  I also have a stack that’s been on my nightstand for four years.  It’s a short stack, only four books, but I’ve got to finish them if only because I purchased them.  I’m also trying my hardest not to purchase books for myself.  Having a library due date is helping keep me on track.

Time outside- Living in Houston, there isn’t much to do hiking wise, but with a little research I’ve found some good spots.  I’m trying to do 52 hikes in the year and so far I’m on number 11.  Pretty soon, I’ll start repeating spots in the Houston area, but I’m loving my time outside.

Running- I love running.  It makes me so happy.  It gives me time for myself, time outside, and the health benefits are there too.  Last spring I was running too much and injured myself, but I’m back on track.  I can easily run 13 miles so hopefully when it’s time to train for the fall marathons, I’ll be good to go.  The glimmer of fall marathons is like a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got a Berlin spot and hopefully, I’ll get Boston too.

No Desserts- I haven’t had a dessert in three full months.  But who is counting?  I’m trying to stay away from sugar mostly.  I’m not a fanatic, I know sugar shows up everywhere, but I also love dessert and have no self control. So I finally just decided to give up desserts.  I’ll start making some paleo type desserts because there is only so long I can last, but no more refined sugar and white flour!  I did this to lose weight, I haven’t lost one pound from this because of course I haven’t!  But I’m still happy and hoping I can make it a year.

No Alcohol- This is just a random thing I do where I set a goal and don’t drink for 30 days.  So far I’ve done three months of no drinking.  I’ll probably do it again for Lent which gives me two weeks to drink before I have to stop!  I’m not really sure why I’m doing this but I do like how it makes me feel.

Texting Certain Friends- I’m not naming names but certain people just keep me going.

Weekend Away- I never, ever, ever take weekends away.  Ok fine, in almost 19 years of marriage, I’ve been away twice.  One time was to see Lin Manuel Miranda in Puerto Rico.  It’s just not something I do even though it’s totally my personality to take a weekend trip.  My friend invited me to a weekend in the Hill Country and what a lovely trip we had.  We had good food, silence, state parks where I could hike to my heart’s content.  I’ve been dying to visit Lost Maples, and I finally did!  It was just what I needed.

Date nights at Riel- with my husband.  It’s my absolute favorite spot in the city. I love the food, the bartender is fabulous and the chef is the best.

Snuggling- with Marathon and our new dog Penelope.  I love Marathon so much.  He’s the best little dog (after Casey).  Penelope showed up in our yard four weeks ago.  Nobody has claimed her despite posting about her.  She loves women and is super protective of Mari and me.  Having another dog in the house means Lance and I don’t have to share Marathon with the kids at night.

I like forcing myself to think of what’s keeping me sane. I promise, I could easily type a list of things driving me batty, but who wants to read about that!

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