Icy Conditions

By | Posted January 28, 2014

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Today may have been near perfect.  No school due to the threat of ice.  The second time in less than a week.  Thank you, God, for this amazing day home with my kids.

Some parents were grumbling~ a day home with the kids, what are we going to do all day?  I will say it again, I will never, ever understand that kind of thinking.  Ever.  And believe me, I am no saint.  I yell and fuss and get annoyed with the kids.  A lot.  But I love being with them.  And so days like today, I consider a gift.

I waited all afternoon yesterday to get the word that school would be cancelled, and then even longer to hear word from HCC.  By midnight I knew I had the kids all to myself.  Lance is in NYC, so it was just me inside with five children.

And what a great day we had.  Sunshine ended the day telling me she needed to go to bed because she was so tired.  This was at the end of 45 minutes of reading books from the winter basket.  Great books, I might add.

Our day was filled with snuggles in bed this morning, cartoons, legos for all,  fresh baked cookies, hot chocolate, coloring, puzzles for the 3 year old and the 5 year old and the 9 year old.  In the late afternoon, Squirt asked to go hang with friends, I said no.  I don’t think he was that upset.  He played games with BH instead.  We ended with a simple dinner where everyone laughed and enjoyed their food.  Finally, we enjoyed our books and everyone got a round of snuggles from me.

I know this day was amazing because I have been trying to make a snowflake craft with the kids for three weeks now, and today I knew we would get to it.  It would fit right into having a day off due to wintery conditions, I even had options for Sunshine to make.  We never got to that craft.  And I didn’t stress about it one bit.  It was okay; the day was full and intentional for all of us.

It’s how I wish all our days were.  Picture from today?  I almost got the camera out, then decided to just live instead.

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