A Reason To Smile

By | Posted October 12, 2013

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Let’s just say I wasn’t in the mood to throw away another shirt.  And thankfully, I can keep these.  I kind of like them.

What a game!  Sure, I had to lock myself in my bedroom for most of the game.  At one point, I had two children shouting “mommy” outside my door.  They took it further and started using a microphone to try and get my attention.  I love those kids, but really???

I had to chase my oldest son out of my room because as someone who has no interest in football, he always brings bad luck.

Then there was my husband telling me to stop cussing so much.  Really???  I was in the privacy of my own bedroom with no kids at that point.

But who cares!!!

After a season of missed tackles, a shitty offense and a coach who just needs to GO…We won.

Won, won, won!!!

Someone on Twitter asked if the Longhorns still wanted to win.  Um, yes.  It’s TX/OU.  We want to effing win.

And to think my kids actually asked to attend their school carnival.  As if.

It’s 10:43 pm and OU still sucks.

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  1. From Grandpa:

    You ALL know how happy I am with the UT victory – it was an
    great game. Next year I want some of you to attend the game with
    me!! Hookem Horns Grandpa

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