Oh Snax!

By | Posted September 9, 2013

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How can it be that you are in Kindergarten?  How?!

I watch you constantly and say “he isn’t ready”.  You’re super bright and quick, but you’re just so you!  The kid who talks super loud, who can barely sit in a chair, who writes super duper slow, who has a slight attitude when someone asks you a question you don’t like…


But here you are going to school.  And doing okay.  To be clear, I’m having lunch with you almost daily.  If you ask, I go.  I would probably go twice a week anyway.  This morning I told you I couldn’t go, and you were so upset.  Kind of rude about it.  Tonight, you were so sweet.  You asked me to call the Audubon and tell them we wouldn’t be there because you wanted me to come to lunch.  It makes my heart so happy to know you want me around.

Then today when you saw me after school and jumped into my arms…oh how I miss you, sweet boy.  Miss you so much.

It really is hard to imagine you at school but so far you’re doing okay.  Your biggest concern is getting in the correct line in the morning.  I don’t know what the problem is because the school doesn’t let us walk you inside anymore.  Super frustrating to me.  Instead, you walk inside with Goose and Baby Hulk.  It’s sweet watching you three walk off together.

You have some things to learn, small stuff like how to complete a worksheet.  But in just two weeks, your writing has improved.  Still slow, but improving.  I had to laugh when the teacher said you sometimes just walk off while everyone else is sitting.  I guess you need to work on that too.


I can honestly say I hate taking you to school, but that’s what I’m required to do.  I hope this year is great for you.  I am sure you are going to keep your teachers on their toes.

One person who is going to miss you as much as me, your little sister.  I can’t believe the two of you.  When I look at this picture of you two, it just makes me smile.  I was trying to get a shot of you, but she had to be in the picture with you.  And this is what I got.  I love how close you two are.  I hope school doesn’t change that.  She still gets mad when she realizes that you are not in the car.


On the first day of school, your poor little sister.  We dropped you off, and she looked over at your seat and asked where you were.  Then after seeing you for lunch, she started crying when you weren’t in the car.  She told me you belonged in the seat.  And you do.  She has kept up with that routine since you started school.  Some days there are tears and other screams about it.  I know just how she feels.

Here’s to a great year, Snax!  I promise lots of lunches and field trips with mom and Sunshine!  I love you so much and miss you all day long!!!

I know Jesus and Our Lady and Saint Sebastian and Saint Monica are all watching over you when you are away from me.  And that is a very good thing!

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  1. From Reagan:

    I swear, it is amazing how the love you have for your children just oozes out thru my computer….lucky kids.
    Long time Lance fan.

    • From Nicole:

      That is the nicest thing someone has said to me in a while! Thank you. I do love them so much and feel really blessed to be able to call myself a mom.

      And thanks for listening to LZ.

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