Of Course He Did

By | Posted February 18, 2013

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Snax came up to me tonight with a very serious look on his face.  He said he didn’t know where his new penny went.

His new penny he got at the dinosaur museum.  You know the ones that flatten out.

It had been in his mouth, but somehow it went down his throat.

He was so serious that I didn’t doubt him much.  I did perform a quick search for the penny and came up empty handed.

I asked if it hurt, and his response was “no, I’m fine except for a little choke.”

A little choke?!!!

We called the nurse line and she didn’t sound too worried.  I guess a lot of kids do this type of thing  She asked if the penny was larger than an inch.  I assumed yes, how could I measure?  She said that if so, I would have to verify it came out.

Her suggestion: have Snax poop on a newspaper and slice the poop with a knife.

Yes, have my son poop like a puppy in training.  I can think of nothing that would constipate a kid more than having to poop on a newspaper.

Lance started gagging when he heard slice the poop and left the room.  So typical of him.

Tomorrow, I get to take Snax into the doctor, for what, I’m not sure.  Then I get to wade through his crap.  Literally, until I find that damn penny.

Lance says that is a hazard of being the kids’ favorite in this house.

Snax can be a pretty obnoxious child.  I have never seen him so mellow in my life.  The weird thing is that he has never been the kid that puts stuff into his mouth.

Comments on Of Course He Did

  1. From Jenn:


    Did y’all go get it checked out yet? What’s the verdict? Seriously, we were just talking about this when y’all were at the house!!!!

  2. From emily:

    poor sebastian. i was really hoping he was just messing with you and he had it in his pocket or something. sorry you had to wait all day in the ER too. what happens if he doesn’t pass the penny?

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