Daybook~ Feeling Refreshed for 2013

By | Posted January 7, 2013

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For today:: Monday, January 7, 2013

Outside my window:: it’s a beautiful day.  I can’t believe just how nice it is right now.  I plan to take advantage of it.

I am listening to:: a homemade band.  I love when the kids have performances for me. Next up is the puppet show.


I am grateful for:: an amazing break.  We didn’t do much, and for someone who likes to get out and do, that’s strange.  But it was great.  We celebrated, we saw a movie, we had a couple of pajama days, we read, went skating, met friends for lunch, had the best burger ever, and just had time together.  I did a puzzle on my own.  I even blogged because I wasn’t frantic about my time with the kids.  I’m grateful for the wonderful gifts we were able to buy for our family and friends as well as those we received.

I am praying:: for peace as my children head back to school, (stay calm, be normal like other parents), my pregnant friend, a dear friend who has cancer, a broken leg and other complications but had a wonderful breakthrough this week.  I know this is the work of my children praying each evening for him.  My aunt who fell this week.  And that special intention.


My Saint for the year:: Saint Leopold III.  Using this Saint Name Generator, that is who I got for 2013.  A little worrisome as he is the patron Against Death of Children, but also Large Families and Step Parents.  Some might say we’re a large family, not really considering the Catholics I follow online, but I can see that fit.  And about that next part…We don’t use the term “step” in our home.  Ever.  Side note- there have been many blog entries started and deleted explaining my feelings, but it’s just not worth it.  Although now might be the time to add how much it pisses me off when people say I have 4 kids.  As if the one who has lived with me nonstop doesn’t count since he didn’t reside in my uterus first.  It’s super annoying when they say it in front of my son too, makes him feel really great.  Anyway…It’s gotten to the point that new people I meet don’t know anything, they may fish around and say something like “that sure was a long time before you had another kid”.  I just stay silent.  People think what they think and I could explain away, except what can I say?  My husband had a big lapse in judgement early on, because that’s what I would say first, before adding that this kid is mine.  Period.  (Lapses in judgement, yes, we all have them, I just didn’t marry mine.)  The fact is I have five kids, four boys and one girl.  They all call me mom.  I love them with all my heart, and they all equally drive me insane at times.  I am an equal opportunity yeller, (except with Sunshine).  And I get super defensive and mad when people imply otherwise.  But back to the Saint…I’ll admit my heart sank a bit when I read about him, thinking “clearly, Leopold and I are going to become close as I’m sitting in another ER.”  I realize I’m overreacting just a bit, but could anything sound worse to be a ‘patron of’?   Especially when the other two points seem to fit in your family, regardless of whether or not you use the word step.  But I took a deep breath and prayed.   Then I introduced myself to my new Saint.  The point of the Saints is to bring us closer to God and to storm heaven on our behalf.  After I prayed I realized that I have a son who is more than likely joining the Marines this summer, so this just makes so much sense!!  He could potentially be in dangerous places and how comforted I feel knowing we already have this saint praying for us.  Crazy how things work sometimes.


Around the house:: Christmas is officially over.  Yesterday BH was so cute, “Happy Epiphany and Happy End of Christmas”.  We left our decorations up and Tuesday I’ll start packing them.  I don’t want to spoil today by working when the kids are around.  Things should be back to normal by Friday with a spotless, super dusted house.  Is anything worse than dusting during the holidays?

On the menu:: nothing planned.  What is wrong with me?  I’m usually really good about this, but I just can’t get into planning a good menu.

To be fit and happy:: isn’t everyone’s goal to lose 15 pounds?  So I haven’t started a diet yet.  In fact, yesterday I made two kinds of cookies.  I usually bake at least 8 kinds of cookies for Christmas.  This year I didn’t do a thing until this week.  Some cookie bars that I didn’t even like which meant I had to make something else.  I had promised Squirt his favorite cookies~ white trash peanut butter sandwiches so I had to come through for him.  I also planned on making Peanut Butter Blossoms.  I finally did and they are perfection.  Diet starts Wednesday…


I have spent:: a ridiculous amount of time thinking about my planner for this year.  What is wrong with me?  I mean like hours worth of my time.  And still, I have no set decision.

I do however:: have my Christmas planner almost finished.  I have been wanting all my ideas down on paper for years and it’s finally coming together.  I have a notebook where I have recipes and gifts, but nothing where all the books, ideas, and so on are all together.  After seeing numerous things online and my friend Shea’s book, I got inspired.  I even have book ideas for next year written down already.

I am creating:: a liturgical notebook.  Another organization project, I guess.  We have some nice books, which generally come out monthly, but some of the ideas I have bookmarked to celebrate feast days get lost.  Some are still on Lance’s computer, some are pinned…Enough is enough so now I have a notebook with monthly tabs.  I’ll probably do something similar with seasonal ideas as well.  This way, I don’t look back and lament missing a craft, book or lesson.

Snax:: has broken three of his Christmas gifts and declared his hatred of Toy Story now.  That’s pretty much all you need to know about this kid.


One of my favorite things:: this sippy cup.  I show this cup to anyone who will listen, even friends who have kids long past the age of sippy cups.  But let me tell you, they are the best cups ever.

A few plans for today:: gym, I have 20 books to read to the boys, handprint art I want the boys to make, take a walk and get the boys ready for tomorrow.  Then watch some football.

A few plans for the week:: take down decorations, clean this house, basketball practice, ease back into school with everyone.


Best gift of the season:: this marble mat, playsilks (finally, finally, finally!!) and tennis rackets.  Dad got those rackets all on his own, great gift idea, not only do I approve, but boys are having a blast.

A picture to share:: 


Blessings upon our home this new year

***Sorry about the rant at the beginning…

Comments on Daybook~ Feeling Refreshed for 2013

  1. From Jenn:

    I just put those cups on my amazon wish list. 🙂

    So glad that y’all had a restful break from school. Hope we can visit soon. I want to see more about these organization notebooks!

    • From Nicole:

      LOVE these cups!!! Finally, someone that can appreciate them! 🙂 Get this though…Had the same cups for all the boys, got one new for Snax, Toy Story, but overall, same three cups. And then lost all of them. Got Sunshine new cups for her stocking at one, lost both. (NOT KIDDING.) Got these and now can’t find one. What is happening over here??

      I love my Christmas book and my other one will be awesome. Super excited about it.

  2. From Shea:

    So you are obsessing about how to organize what you need to do (planner), while I’m obsessing about how to best organize what we have done (photo album/scrapbook). I don’t print photos anymore, and do a photo ‘yearbook’ at the end of each year, but it doesn’t capture anything NOT in a photo (ticket stub to the last A&M/UT game, for example :-)). Ideas?

    • From Nicole:

      That’s a hard one. I’m getting to the same point where you are with photos. I definitely still print some to carry around in my purse or put in frames, give to the girls and parents, but haven’t done a photo album in years. (Or scrapbook for S or M.)

      I finally used the refill pages I purchased. And I don’t like them. The reason I didn’t go with homemade was the pen. I like to carry a pen and pencil in my planner b/c most days I don’t have my purse with me. I couldn’t figure out how to attach the pen. I had already purchased 3 moleskines. SO…I did a planner for Snax’s school, the Christmas notebook, and ended up with a journal where I making notes about each week, stuff that might not go on blog, I also glued some pictures in it to make me happy. I have a feeling I will be switching over to a homemade one by summer though.

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