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By | Posted October 31, 2012

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You know, I really am enjoying Lance and Charlie together. We all had our doubts, but they are good.  The show does interfere with life as I knew it.  And today was another example…only one Zierlein child was able to dress up properly.

This year it was Baby Hulk, or Big Hulk as he wants to be called now because he isn’t a baby.  Just a quick note to the moms that read the Today article and were horrified with Lance’s (and my) decision to dress up our kids the way we do.  I maybe get that, but there is no pressure.  Snax had no interest in being Tyrion Lannister despite being perfect.  I did however make him go as Darth Vadar.  No way I buy that many Star Wars t-shirts for him only to have him decide Darth Vadar is a bad guy.  When Goose found out Lance just couldn’t pull off Larry David, he was upset.  I think he really liked the attention he got last year.

Ron Swanson from Parks And Rec

Baby Hulk had to join us after we started and was so freaking excited.  Really proud and when someone recognized him, he was all smiles.  Jessica went with us which was really nice because we just don’t see enough of her.  Sunshine had her moments, but overall is not ready for tricks or treats.

Comments on Another Winner

  1. From Jenn:

    Everybody looks great! We don’t watch parks and rec…wish we did. I so wish S would have been Tyrion. It might have made my year! But we will love him in all of his Darth Vadar glory. W did awesome this year. Last year we didn’t really try anyway but rode him around in the wagon for a bit. He had no clue. This year, he was all about telling strangers “Trick or Treat” for the candy they gave him!

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    He was the perfect Ron Swanson and I am just amazed at how he even makes the same face as the dude on the show! Love that show so I have much love for this costume.

    Sucks about LD but maybe next year. I still really want to see him as LD. Or maybe as Gob Blueth next year. He can play him when he is a magician and you guys can play “The Final Countdown” behind him while he walks. OR….Tobias Fünke! He can halfway color himself blue and wear jean shorts. Did you ever watch that show? I don’t know if I have ever laughed so hard as when he came out of the room and said “I just blue myself.”

    On our side, I felt like I was walking around with a superstar because we got stopped to take pics every half block. Not of my kids….but of the 6’5″ Super Mario! He took a ton of pictures with random people all night. Go figure!

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