Wordless Wednesday~ Oldest to Youngest

By | Posted August 22, 2012

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  1. From Dad:

    Nikki – Do not think that my aunt will forget the kids – particularly the one
    with Mari. Even at 99 years of age, she has a great memory. She will tell
    me about the visit as soon as I return. God Bless You All- Dad

    • From Torie:

      At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prlmeob!

    • From autoversicherung lkw günstig:

      Estou certo de que o nosso Presidente logo vai apoiar, precisamos de quadros preparados, para não fazermos como Sr. Leonardo Cumbe que até bandeiras pede aos compatriotas!

    • From http://www./:

      "It doesn't matter how important railroads (or steel,* or electricity) are (or were) to the American economy. They're not glamorous"And neither are industrialists, even though Richard Florida's 'creative class' would starve and freeze without all the boring industrial stuff like coal, rail, etc. One of Rand's goals was to glorify the prime movers of the economy, who Hollywood usually ignores in favor of cops, district attorneys, writers, gay cowboys, costume-wearing super heroes, karate-teaching janitors, etc.

    • From http://sitesdatadepot.us/bbvanet.com.mx:

      Jaz ponavadi že veko navlažim z vodo, da se senčka lepo kože oprime..kdaj tudi čopič. Ni nekega postopka. Tako poizkusi, kot ti najbolj ustreza, potem boš pa že videla  Sem pa drugače malo večja pričakovanja imela glede teh senčk. Vse mi grejo v gubo. Kako je s tem pri tebi?

    • From http://www./:

      My first impression of the new lay-out is good. I like it, no big changes.. the only this i don't like is the language settings being moved to the footer. Since im in the Netherlands i often find my language or location changed into Dutch or The Netherlands. So i have to change it quiet often, and now i have to scroll down all the way to do that..

    • From schnellkredit hartz bescheid ändern:

      Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

    • From sofortkredit ohne schufa auch arbeitslos hartz 4 quadratmeter:

      Hola Patty, pero QUE BONITOS!!! te consulto algo, las letras "tu silencio es de estrella" está hecho con maquina electrica? Si es manual me decis que alfabeto es? Me encanta el tamaño! Patricia (Argentina)

    • From florida diminished value:

      I do know this isn’t precisely on topic, but i have a site using the identical program as well and i get troubles with my comments displaying. is there a setting i’m lacking? it’s potential you might assist me out? thanx.VA:F [1.6.5_908]please wait…VA:F [1.6.5_908](from 0 votes)

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    This is the sweetest picture ever! You need to frame this one in her room.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks. Getting copies made for my dad and Baby. It was just so sweet.

      • From Stevie:

        If not for your writing this topic could be very couvolnted and oblique.

      • From http://www./:

        Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

  3. From Jenn:

    Beautiful, and a memory not only for the two in the picture but for you all.

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