Picking Strawberries

By | Posted April 24, 2012

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I took the boys strawberry picking today.  In Alvin.  I didn’t realize where Alvin was.  I’ve been blueberry picking and peach picking with my kids.  And while Porter isn’t a scenic town, it is close to Kingwood so I can justify a trip there to pick blueberries.  We picked peaches off of 290 close to Chappell Hill.  Easy to drive that area.

I had no idea just how far I’d be driving today.  And that there was nothing else there.  I’m posting tons of pictures to justify the fact that I wasted a ton of gas and spent $25 on strawberries.  I am wondering if the kids would have enjoyed a trip to Costco just as much.


Comments on Picking Strawberries

  1. From Jenn:

    So…. did they like it? W wasn’t so much into picking strawberries. He was done after 3.5 minutes or so but I managed to get a few more out of him. At least he didn’t have a meltdown and he did get to see tractors–a win in everyone’s book.

    Yea, it’s pretty far out there, more so for you than me I suppose. Did y’all stick around after? Tell me you tried one of the fried pies from the little store! They were fantastic! We hung around and did the lunch thing and played at that mini park afterwards.

    What are you making with all of those berries?

    • From Nicole:

      THe boys lasted about 40 minutes. It was hot too. They were troopers though. They heard me talking about picking blueberries and peaches and were excited. More so than me! I have to admit it’s kind of boring. We didn’t stay, we paid and went straight to the car. (We had been out the entire day.)

      We have one bucket left. That’s it. I was going to make strawberry cupcakes, but now I’m doing a lime tart topped with strawberries, assuming I can save some for Saturday.

  2. From Jaclyn:

    Fun! Did you freeze them? We did that w/ blueberries one year and had them literally for a year. (No deep freezer either!) I put them in the bottom of hot oatmeal in the morning while they were still frozen. It was great b/c while they melted it cooled off the hot oatmeal!

    • From Nicole:

      They didn’t even last the week. You know my boys eat. A lot!

  3. From Lisa Z:

    Hey Nic!
    I just discovered that farm, too! I didn’t pick as many strawberries as that I’m the only one that eats them, but we LOVED all the fresh veggies! If you ever come this way again, call me and I’ll join you.

    Love and miss ya’ll!

    • From Nicole:

      The berries were gone in one week. We don’t do portion control well over here!

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