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By | Posted January 13, 2012

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Highlights from what seemed to be the longest week in history.

::I didn’t get stuck in the rain on Monday.  Considering my normal routine, I have no idea how that happened.  I even kicked my cousin out of the house Monday so that I could leave in time to make a 9:30 class at the gym.  Then I decided I didn’t feel like dealing with the rain, which wasn’t even bad at that point.  I would have been stuck at the gym with no food for anyone for a long time.

::I went to the zoo today assuming the worst.  The last time I went to the zoo in January (when it was cold) the animals refused to come out.  It’s like they were mocking us for even being there.  On the way there, I was telling a friend what a waste the zoo was going to be today.  I was more than wrong.  The young female lions were jumping in the water, the male was roaring nonstop.  Turns out there was a turtle in the water the lions were trying to capture.  We sat there watching them for almost an hour.  We were able to see the turtle get rescued as well.  He had some nasty scratches on his shell, but was going to be fine.  The rest of the animals were out and close to the windows which made for a fun trip.

::A friend came over this afternoon with her son.  Goose was playing with him and all of a sudden the kid runs out crying.  When I asked Goose what happened, this was his response: “we were playing football, the score was 28-14, I was winning,”  I interrupted him at this point, “what happened???”  He started over again with the 28-14 bit instead of just saying the kid fell on his back.

::My friend made homemade kolaches for our family.  I made some comment about how we would have them over the weekend since they were fruit filled.  Every day I’ve been having one right after my workout.  Tonight the Baby Hulk totally busted me in front of Lance about my actions.

::Speaking of food, my kids literally ask to eat nonstop.  It is starting to get embarrassing.  Nobody else has this problem with their kids.  It’s like I don’t feed them.  When everyone else is trying to get their kids to eat their lunch, mine are done and asking what else they can have.  This afternoon, both Baby Hulk and No David threw huge fits when they could only have one snack before dinner.

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  1. From Shea:

    Not just you. I have the same problem with Kate. In fact, even if she doesn’t want to eat that minute, she has to know she CAN. Our trip to see the Rockettes was almost ruined because even though she didn’t want anything right then, she figured out just before the show that I’d forgotten a snack. She all but wailed, “But I’ll be HUNGRY! It’s a whole 90 minutes!”

    • From Nicole:

      Makes me feel better I’m not alone. It is just getting so bad. People think I don’t feed them. And I do, healthy and snacky stuff. Doesn’t matter, they are always wanting something.

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