Ready For Battle

By | Posted July 15, 2011

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Watching your kids play together is a dream for any parent, I’m sure.  What I have loved watching is the creativity.

What I found upon walking into the room.

I admit that for half a second my first thought was “who is going to clean up this mess.”  Thankfully, I kept my mouth shut and just ran for the camera.

And they're ready!

The best part of this was that the three older boys made this.  When Goose and the Baby Hulk were concerned about the size of the fighters, Squirt came through with his trusty Bionicles.  He’s been saving them for the boys.


Comments on Ready For Battle

  1. From Jenn:

    I can’t wait to see Baby Z’s dolls in the mix! 🙂
    Someone’s got to protect them of course!

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