Bon Voyage

By | Posted June 28, 2011

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Another one of my girls is heading to Europe.  This time it’s Jessica, and she is heading to maybe my favorite place on earth, Spain.  I was going through her itinerary last night remembering all the fun I had in Spain.  I am so excited for her, but so sad for us that our sweet girl is leaving for a month.  This is how sweet she is: she came over last night to say good-bye to the boys and when they acted shy, she came back again this morning for a real good-bye that included hugs and kisses.  The BH wrote her a good-bye letter, she took it with her.  Squirt’s face was swollen last night so he wouldn’t go see her so she went to see him today before leaving.  With lunch too. She was encouraged to bring photos of her family, she brought pictures of all of us.  And not just the cute little ones, me, Lance and Squirt as well.  There were lots of pictures in her photo book of all of us.  She made sure we had a last supper before she left town.

We love our Jessica so much.  I hope she has a great trip!  We can’t wait until she comes home!  Be careful, Jessica!!!  And have fun!

The last good-bye! 🙁

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