1560 Oscar Party

By | Posted March 1, 2011

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Lance and I had a blast meeting friends of 1560 at the Tasting Room last night. The station hosted an Oscar Party for six couples. The food was good, the company even better and the show, well, the company was awesome.

Double Rods

Comments on 1560 Oscar Party

  1. From David:

    Loved it! Now let me re-do this blog 😉

  2. From David:

    By the way, you need captions for Barry making it rain ballots as LZ realizes he's lost to him in that picture. Classic!

  3. From bcstagg:

    Yeah, the moment of glory was perfectly encapsulated.

  4. From Nicole:

    You're hired, David! Seriously.

    In my haste to post pictures, I was lazy. Will correct. The picture was perfect. Great photographer, only minor deletions (all of me)once I got home.

  5. From Denise:

    Wally & I had a GREAT TIME last night! Was so nice to put faces to some of our fellow 1560 listeners/Tweeters. Thanks again for a great dinner & many laughs.

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