Pink Blues

By | Posted July 30, 2010

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I think I have the baby blues regarding the explosion of pink that is about to become my home. The more people get excited, the more annoyed I am getting. I can’t explain it. I am sure it has to do with me being defensive about having all boys. You have no idea how tired I get of people “feeling sorry for me for having four boys”, asking “will you just die if you have another boy”. It drives me insane. I love my boys and think they are almost perfect. Basically, I have become the person I was worried Lance would be if we had another boy. And I kind of feel bad, not much, but a little. I mean, how sweet was it today when I ran to the gym to tell the caretakers about the baby and they all asked if they could hug me and one had tears in her eyes. And then there is my doctor who everyone knows I adore, who also started crying.

The reality is that having more than the “normal” amount of children is special to begin with, but to have four children all the same gender is really special and different and I liked it. Come December, I won’t be part of that club anymore. I am sure I’ll be ready for the little girl that will join our family, but a part of me will feel bittersweet to leave this club I’ve been fortunate to be a part of for the last several years.

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  1. From Lance:

    Too bad, so sad. Bring on the girl!

  2. From Anonymous:

    we are like you, but in reverse. we have 4 girls. i agree with your comment about the special 'club.' having four of the same genger is very special. if we don't have more, you can have all of our 'girly' stuff. good luck, girls are great!


    p.s. the encrypted word i had to type to post this was 'mating.' i had to laugh.

  3. From Gloria:

    Congratulations!! What a blessing she will be, but then her poor boyfriends to have to get by four older brothers and Lance!!! Shopping is so much fun for a little girl.

  4. From Nicole:

    Too funny about 'mating'! I am excited about having a girl around. I am not one of the psycho people that only wants a certain gender. I just love my boys and get so tired of everyone implying and outright saying only boys is so sad. Like we aren't complete without having a girl.

    I will say that I am going to be way more strict than even Lance. I am the one who prety much sets the rules on when the kids can go on real dates and such. Plus, I know everything I did. This girl won't be out of my sight!!!

    And I am so excited about shopping for clothes. No matter how hard you try, shopping for boys isn't really that much fun unless you want to pretend you're European and we don't play that game in this house! Trip this week, girl shopping as soon as I return home!

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