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A Day at the Zoo

By | Posted October 27, 2009

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Last week, the boys and I were finally all well enough for our long awaited trip to the zoo with the twins. We have had to cancel this outing for three straight weeks. Each week, Baby Hulk would ask about the twins and our plans. I hated telling him that once again they had been […]

First Words

By | Posted September 25, 2009

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I know people won’t believe me, but it’s true. Sebastian’s first clear word is Squirt. Okay, really it’s Squirt’s name. It is clear as day to me and Squirt! What I love about this is that one of Goose’s first words was the same thing. It was said with less clarity than Kobra’s, but still […]

If I’m Cranky

By | Posted August 15, 2009

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Let’s count the reasons I’m cranky these days…could it be the surly teenager in my house? Could it be the fact that I have to send my five year to school for almost eight hours a day and I don’t want to? Could it be the cute but whiny two year old who constantly tells […]


By | Posted July 13, 2009

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Notice the sidebar…We’ve had a couple of birthdays around here. I’ll write more about it this week, but I wanted to point out that both Goose and Kobra celebrated their birthdays last week. Now I have a five year old and a one year old. Baby Hulk so wanted to celebrate his birthday too and […]