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Hi, my name is Nicole, I also go by Nikki, Mom, and Nik.  And I have a serious addiction to children’s books. Serious.  Easter was just four weeks ago, and the kids all received new books in their baskets.  I only got two books a piece because I was trying to be good.  Right now my Amazon cart stands at 96 bucks for 8 books.  That amount is after I moved some to the ‘saved for later’ section.  It all started with Hamilton, yes, the musical.  The kids and I are so into it, we listen daily, our favorites change constantly and we want to know more about Alexander Hamilton.  So in my quest for more knowledge, I decided to search for some children’s books on Hamilton.  I found two fabulous ones, one about the duel!  Another just about Hamilton, the man.  Add to cart.  It got worse when I started texting a friend and she randomly mentioned a cool book about the white house.  (I cannot wait to get that one!)  And then I found one about Thomas Jefferson’s library.  I literally can’t stop myself.  From then on, well, I just kept clicking and clicking.

Today the kids got into the car and immediately requested Hamilton.  I told them no, today we were listening to Prince.  We were stuck listening to the radio because I only have a few Prince songs on my phone.  It was random because I was just telling the kids about Prince yesterday.  I liked Prince, he wasn’t my favorite.  I’m not devastated by his death like some people, but I definitely enjoyed his music.  So much so that I went to a concert of his on New Year’s Eve once.  At least, I think I did.  I can’t recall who I went with or what year, but I’m convinced that I went down to the detail of him leaving the stage at midnight and that totally annoying me.  It’s driving me crazy not to remember, mainly because I want to know who I went with and two, because I always remember random things.  Does this mean I’m losing that ability???

Next week is teacher appreciation week at our school.  I was talking with a friend on how we think it should be done.  I can only say that our way makes so much more sense.  But alas, nobody wants to change anything so daily food it is.

Next week I leave for Chicago to visit Paul and Brian while Lance works on the draft.  Apparently, we are hitting some three star Michelin restaurant our first night, then I’m a tourist the rest of the time.  I’m really excited.  There is a VanGogh exhibit at the Art Institute and I’ll hit the Robie House and the Botanical Gardens, as well as see a play and eat whatever I desire.  I cannot wait.  It’s just me and Paul on Thursday and Friday, just like old times.  I can’t say how excited I am for this.  I am so grateful for my mom who is taking care of the kids again.  I’m trying to plan something fun for her and I during the summer. I have a few ideas, I just need the time.

Today Alec got into the car and asked about OJ Simpson.  It was so random.  He had no clue about him.  I just realized that I never even asked why he brought him up.  He didn’t realize what a great football player he was, and how everyone adored him.  I loved giving him the details of what happened, remembering being at law school, watching Rockets in the playoffs and how the game was sent to the corner of the screen so we could watch the white bronco.  We had a great talk about our sports heroes and how they can disappoint us.  Lately, Alec asks some good questions.  I love how curious he is and often its something from my past that he wants to talk about which makes me happy.

Yesterday Snax had his First Communion interview.  The guy interviewing him was a seminarian.  Snax was super hyper the entire time, couldn’t sit still and shut up.  He would answer questions, then randomly start talking math.  The guy was great.  I think he really liked Snax and ended the interview by asking Snax to pray for his vocation.  Actually, both of their vocations- that he be a holy priest and that Snax do whatever God called him to do.  My favorite part of the interview was when Snax told him that the gospel from Sunday about the shepherd and the sheep was a metaphor because clearly we aren’t sheep.  But that when Jesus said you must eat my body and drink my blood…that was NOT a metaphor.  He meant it.  Talk about getting the True Presence.  I loved it and the seminarian liked it too.  I guess that kid is ready for his first communion despite acting like a little stinker most of the time.

I’m registered for the Chicago marathon in October and am so thrilled that I know three other people running also.  It’s going to be a fabulous weekend!

Alec is doing a kids’ trialthon Sunday.  I’m really nervous for him.  We haven’t even bought him a helmet for the bike ride, and I’m not sure of the rules.  He swims really slow, but he wants to do this.  So Sunday morning we’ll be out there cheering him on in what I hope will be the first of many races for him.

NYC?  It was amazing.  How can it not be?  But really, that trip was just great.  Maybe it gets it’s own post.  Hamilton?  So glad we spent the money and went.  Now if only I could take my kids.

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  1. From Eric:

    If you saw Prince here in Houston on NYE, it was 12/31/97. At The Summit. I went to it and was also annoyed he left at midnight. But still a heck of a show.

    • From Nicole:

      Yes! I’m not losing it and based on the year, I know who was with me at the concert. It was a great show, and I’m glad I went! Also, wasn’t he gone for a long time? So glad I’m not the one annoyed by that!

  2. From Eric:

    No you aren’t losing it! I think he was gone for a good 15 minutes at least. We almost left, but they never turned on the lights.

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