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By | Posted August 17, 2015

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I’m not a FBer except in the stalking sense.  I sometimes like a picture, rarely comment and never post.  FB just isn’t for me.  Truthfully, I don’t care about most of the shit people post, I don’t want to see millions of their pictures and mainly I don’t care about people’s opinions.  Reading their rantings makes me realize how few people I really like on this earth.  It also makes me really sad for mankind.

I definitely have my own ideas about this president and certainly past presidents.  Some of my thoughts aren’t nice.  But never would I write them for the entire world to see.  (In fact, I don’t tell my kids the bad thoughts I have about certain presidents because it’s the office of the president, I want them to respect that and not be jaded.)  I don’t understand how so many people can say the shit they do about the president.  It’s just so disrespectful.  And it’s not that I expect people to line up and agree.  It’s about not being a hateful piece of shit on FB about the president.  Or really, anyone else.

This social media thing is amazing to me.  It makes people a lot more brazen than they would ever be in real life.  Maybe it makes them feel important.  I think it just makes them assholes.

Recently, the mob of FB had a new demon- the hunter who killed Cecil the Lion.  To be clear, I don’t like hunting of any form.  I don’t understand it at all and I certainly don’t understand hunting wildlife like lions, rhinos and elephants.  Seeing the images makes me sick.  Knowing how there are only a certain number of rhinos left is heartbreaking.  And hearing the details of this particular hunt were hard because this lion was lured out of the park for the kill.  Here’s my issue- the mob who thinks it okay to close down a business.  The mob who thinks its okay to give out a home address online and send death threats.  People, he killed a lion.  The government of the country where the lion was killed actually allows this to happen.  Yes, it sounds like this kill was illegal, but how the hell does that warrant this kind of response?  It’s not okay to create this type of frenzy and shut down a business and force people into hiding.

What this man did was awful to me.   Zimbabwe has laws and a justice system to deal with him.  We actually have laws as well in this country.  Why can’t we let the justice system actually deal with him instead of the mob?

This isn’t the first time it’s happened.  Somebody says something dumb and everybody wants vengeance.  Right. This. Second.

It makes me sad that people can line up and behave this way.  That they literally have no problem with this type of behavior.  It’s sad because one day they could be on the receiving end of the mob.  Then what?

Comments on Mob Mentaility

  1. From Reagan:

    I completely agree. Read a news or sports story, and the following comments are mostly hate-filled slurs. Very disturbing to read what goes thru the minds of fellow humans…..

    • From Nicole:

      It really makes me sick. And being a mom, I really worry about how bad things will become. One wrong word and you are slaughtered over the internet. You should see the crap people send Lance. It makes me so ashamed.

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