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By | Posted January 31, 2015

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I love listening to music.  Most especially while I run.  In fact, I can’t imagine working out without music and if I happen to go to the gym without my headphones, I leave.

I have friends who run marathons without music.

I can’t even imagine.

Seriously, I couldn’t make it to the first mile.

Generally, my playlists are carefully selected and my marathon mix was no exception.  I have some other workout mixes that include songs not on here.  There are a few songs that  make any mix I make no matter what the occasion.  (Jessie’s Girl and Somebody’s Baby- always.)  Some random older songs and songs that might not seem like running songs (Liz Phair Never Said).  But they are all songs that make me happy.

Jill asked for my list in hopes of finding something new.  I’m not sure this will do it, since some songs are 20 years old.  Man, that just made me feel old.  Regardless, I love them.  And they got me through four hours and eighteen minutes.

  1. The Seed-The Roots
  2. S-Express-S Express, long ago clubbing days
  3. The One-Foo Fighters, favorite FF’s song
  4. Satisfy You-Cracker, long ago favorite song of mine
  5. Seven Days-Cracker, love the beat of this one
  6. Ten Minutes- The Get Up Kids, listened to this before every game the year Texas won the National Championship
  7. Bird In A Cage-Old 97’s, totally random song that probably nobody else likes but I. love. it.
  8. World Class Far-Paul Westerberg
  9. Don’t Hate Me- The Get Up Kids
  10. Daft Punk Is Playing At my House- LCD Soundsystem, how could this not be on a workout mix
  11. Where Are We Runnin?-Lenny Kravitz, Lance put on for me and I love it
  12. No Love-The Get Up Kids
  13. Head Like A Hole-Nine Inch Nails
  14. Holiday-The Get Up Kids, clearly I love this band.  I have great memories seeing them (b/c I never ever got concert tickets beforehand yet managed to sneak in, pay my way in or beg my way in) and they just pump me up
  15. Sit On my Face-Lords Of Acid- always a pump me up song
  16. Enough-Gravity Kills
  17. Celebrity Skin-Hole
  18. Somebody’s Baby-Jackson Browne, I can’t explain it, but I guess this is one of my all time favorite songs
  19. Swan Song-Juliana Hatfield, I love her and this song is just so good for many reasons
  20. North American Scum-LCD Soundsystem
  21. Walk-Foo Fighters, I picture my kids during this song
  22. Here and Now-Letters to Cleo
  23. The Good Life-Cracker, another old band I just like a lot
  24. Never Said-Liz Phair, I can’t emphasize just how much I used to love her and this particular album.  This song doesn’t deserve to be on a running mix, much less a marathon mix, but I can’t make a mix without it.
  25. Supernova-Liz Phair
  26. The Way She Dances-N*E*R*D
  27. Johnny Feelgood-Liz Phair
  28. Rough Sex-Lords of Acid
  29. What Girls Want-Material Issue, I love this song, but can’t listen with my kids in the car
  30. Uprising-Muse
  31. Kinda I Want To-Nine Inch Nails, probably my favorite NIN songs
  32. Big Brown Eyes-Old 97’s
  33. She Showed Up-Pamper The Madman
  34. You’ve Had It With You-Paul Westerberg
  35. Cut Your Hair-Pavement, another song that’s not really a running song, but it makes me smile
  36. Renegade of Funk-Rage Against the Machine, perfect marathon song
  37. Jessie’s Girl-Rick Springfield, always, always
  38. Only Girl-Rihanna, don’t judge me, such a peppy workout song
  39. Brand New Baby-Semisonic
  40. Pictures-Sneaky Sound System
  41. Seether-Veruca Salt
  42. Buddy Holly-Weezer, another song that makes me happy
  43. Love Machine-Junkie XL, spin song for climbs and reminds me to push harder
  44. The Walker-Fitz & The Tantrums
  45. Fever-The Black Keys
  46. Love Runs Out-One Republic
  47. Time-David Guetta
  48. Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  49. The Hand That Feeds-Nine Inch Nails
  50. Sanctified-Nine Inch Nails
  51. Pretty Fly-The Offspring
  52. Mudshovel-Staind
  53. Self-Estreem-The Offspring
  54. Enter Sandman-Metallica
  55. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom-Everclear
  56. Anyway-Dynamite Hack
  57. Tainted Love-Marilyn Manson
  58. She Wants to move-N*E*R*D
  59. Impressed-The Glitter Kicks
  60. Let’s Groove-Earth Wind & Fire
  61. Unbelievable-EMF
  62. Never Win-Fisherspooner, Colorado Road trip song from 2007, reminds me of Drake
  63. Pumped Up Kicks-Foster The People, the boys loved this song
  64. Long View-Green Day
  65. The Movement-Kid Ink, Lance put this on the playlist saying I must have it b/c it’s his and Peter’s song.  That really came out of his mouth.  I put up with Peter b/c he lives in another state.  HA!
  66. Calling Dr. Love-Kiss, I love Kiss
  67. Battleflag-Lo Fidelity All Stars
  68. Lithium-Nirvana

Typing this list, I really wonder how helpful this will be…mot of my playlist is so old.  I should be embarrassed, but these songs make me happy.  And most importantly, they got me through the marathon.  I’m such a creature of habit, I wonder how much I will change for next year.  I also noticed while typing it out that my order is not very good.  I had a boyfriend that used to make mix tapes for me.  He agonized over song placement.  I think he would be pretty disappointed in my lazy placement!

I didn’t start the mix from the beginning but instead with The Walker.  Not unusual for me to start at a random place when I run.  I only skipped a few songs during the marathon and at the end, I went towards the end again to find something that would keep me going that last mile.  I wanted to cross the line listening to something I really, really liked.  Now?  I can’t even remember what I was listening to as I crossed the finish line.

Comments on Marathon Mix 2015

  1. From Jilly:

    I love this. I know many of these songs,but I never would have remembered them for my new running list!~ SO HELPFUL. 🙂 Thank you!

    • From Nicole:

      Really??? I can’t believe how old most of them are! Ran 12.34 this morning listening to my mix!

      • From Jilly:

        Girl, I turn 35 on Friday! So Im not too young for this music. 😉 Lol!!

        • From Nicole:

          Shit! I missed this! Happy birthday!!! I loved 35.

  2. From The Other Nikki:

    I would maybe use 10 of these songs in my mix. Most of my mix is rap/hip hop but also old. HAHA!

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