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By | Posted January 19, 2015

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WOW!  That’s just about all I can say.  WOW!

Yesterday was pretty incredible.  I remember when I decided to run the marathon and somebody asked if I had ever run a marathon before, and I answered no, only the half, once.  She said, a marathon was really different.  Honestly, I thought she was being kind of a bitch with that comment, but now that I am finished, I realize what she meant.  It’s just freaking far.  Really far.


But I finished!  Never walked except through the last water station.  Towards the last three miles, you saw a lot of people walking.  People even walked through the finish line.  First, I wasn’t going to walk unless I had an injury, but second, what the heck?  Even if you did walk some, why wouldn’t you run through the finish?  Seems weird to me.  But not my business, I guess.


The excitement of seeing 25,000 people in one place to run is overwhelming.  I didn’t arrive until 6 am and the time just flew.  A friend had told me that it does.  As I walking around in a daze, I ran into Carl and it just made my morning.  Carl is a friend of ours who lives in New York, but was in town to run the half.  He had come over Saturday to catch up and wish me well for the marathon.  Carl is one of those people who is just genuine and has an infectiously happy personality.  So seeing him before the start was what I needed.

The time flew, I walked out with a friend and saw my parents.  They drove in from Kingwood to see me!  They left before 6 am!  I am so grateful.  Since I’ve had children, everything is about the kids so it was awesome to see the pride in their eyes about me!


Right before I started, I sent Emily a text saying, “For Sam”.  Because that’s what it was about – doing something to help someone who needs it.  With that thought and seeing those crowds, I got a bit emotional before I crossed the starting line.

And then I ran easy for a while.  Within ten minutes, I knew it would be too hot.  Everyone was tossing their clothes and gloves.  My friend said she sent her husband a text saying bring me a tank within the first mile.  I saw Lance and the kids at mile 9 along with Laura and her family.  The kids were hilarious, running on the sidewalk with me.  Except Mari who couldn’t keep up, she cried so I had to stop and hug her.


West U is where it’s at, those people get into the marathon offering food for runners.  It’s a party for them.

Then I saw Nicole and her kids at 13.5.  Homemade poster for me!


My parents were waiting at 15ish and then all of a sudden I see Lance and kids and Laura’s family again!  Was perfect!  Jessica was waiting at Chimney Rock and Woodway.  And then nothing for what seemed like forever.  Memorial Drive was about the worst part of the route.  There were people cheering, but not a ton, and it was just long and lonely.  I had received several encouraging texts from people during the run and one was from Nikki.  I sent a frantic text asking where the eff was she!  I thought I had missed her.  Thankfully, I saw her and ran over for a big hug then she shoved me off with promises of being at the finish!  I needed that hug. Lance surprised me at Shepherd with the kids and my parents.  A last pick me up before the final stretch.


Allen Parkway- sucked.  I think I was running at a crawl, but I never walked.  Just kept going, going.  Once I got downtown, I kept trying to remember how many blocks, I changed music and found something to keep me pumped for that last mile.


The second I crossed the finish line, texts came in from Chelsea, Paul and Jill!  Chelsea and Jill saw me cross the line and Paul and Brian had been tracking me from Chicago.  I got my medal and saw Nikki and my brother and his family.  Then a text from Laura with a picture of me crossing the finish. And more texts…Nicole telling me I could go eat and drink now, my in-laws who were tracking me, sending congratulations and love, I had 27 text messages and a dying phone.  And a husband who couldn’t find me!


It couldn’t get much better!  4 hours and 18 minutes!  26.2 miles!

Mom of five does it!

And then came the family!  My dad bought flowers, Alec asked for a Gatorade- really???, Just a proud family standing all around me.  And friends who took time out of their Sunday to watch.  It couldn’t get much better.  Well, walking to the car…I could have done without that.


Seriously, I have the best family.  I was thinking that I hoped the kids enjoyed themselves seeing their mom train and follow through.  We always watch our kids, but rarely do they watch us.  I hope they learned something.  Lance made it with the kids to see me three different times before the finish despite road closures and traffic.  That was another marathon in and of itself!


Last April, I told my brother I might want to run the whole marathon this January instead of just the half.  He said he had no doubt I could do it.  I had doubts.  But I ran all summer, getting up early while Drake stayed home with the kids.  He continued to keep Mari every Wednesday morning so I could run the park instead of at the gym.  Lance was the best cheerleader encouraging me as my runs got longer and longer and not letting me give up when my knee sidelined me for two weeks.  And each Saturday my dad called checking the progress of my long runs, remembering what it was like to love running.  I couldn’t have done it without these three.


I came home to a goodie box from my friend Sarah who has also been cheering me on all fall.  She sent Snoopy pants, a quote her father used to have in his office about being a fighter and cookies.  With coconut.  Then Desiree made me an Coconut Cream Pie.  Amazing.  Less than 24 hours and half the pie is gone.

I am still basking in the glow of it all.  I asked Jill this morning how long I could milk this thing.  She said a month!


What a day!  Could I have run faster?  Maybe.  The weather could have been colder for the runners.  But really, overall it was a fabulous day!  I raised a little over $7000 to help fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy! Overall, our team raised $88,000!  It’s a start to help fight DMD.  There’s still time to donate if you haven’t!  Once again, my fundraising page is here.

First marathon is in the books!

Will I do it again?  I’m thinking yes.

Comments on Marathon 2015

  1. From Rdc:

    Great job Nik! I’m impressed. I’m going to try and call you this week or next.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks, Bob!! I am so glad you heard about this! I am still on a high from Sunday! Oh and they have Catholic mass before the race!!! Awesome, right?!

  2. From DAD:

    Nikki – Your first marathon was really great – your cause pushed you to finish in really great time. Now in the future you will finish in less than four hours!! All of the family is really proud of you and your accomplishment. Relax a lot this week and even run a bit! Love you lots


    • From Nicole:

      Thanks, Dad!!! I loved it! I am hooked and with my cause, I can keep doing this for as long as my body can take it! Like, I said, your encouragement was what I needed! During training and day of! So thank you! And for your generous donation to a cause that is dear to my heart. I am already planning for the next one! I love you!!!!

  3. From Stacy:

    I’m so proud of you! I love all your pics, and you know you’re my rockstar! Xoxo Stacy

  4. From Denise Gilmore:

    You are one amazing woman & proud to call you a friend. Love this post & your pictures & most of all how strong you are & how much money you raised for Sam!

    • From Nicole:

      Awww, thanks, Denise! You are such a supporter for me, and Lance, and I really appreciate it. This day was amazing, and to raise that money for Sam…remarkable.

  5. From The Other Nikki:

    I could not be more proud of you! You are an inspiration not only to your family but to everyone who wants to try something but is afraid. You face things head on and keep going. That’s why you are my twin. 🙂

    Best part, being around your adoring family afterwards. All of them had a huge smile on their face because they were all beaming with pride. It was a great thing to see.

    I cried a little when you ran over to me to hug me. I didn’t want to let go but I didn’t want to mess up your time! That is why I shoved you. HEHE.

    • From Nicole:

      Love you!!! Seriously was so awesome for you to be there. I am not sure I would have kept going had you not been there. And like my dad said, you’re part of the family. Just don’t piss him off now. Ha!!!

      • From The Other Nikki:

        Well then I will never talk about football or him going to the doctor regularly with him ever again. Well…..maybe I will. 😉

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