Traveling Nightmare

By | Posted May 19, 2014

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Lance went to New York for the draft a couple of weeks ago.  The travel was stressful.  For me, and I wasn’t even on the plane.  I was just stuck at home with five kids.

I dropped him off at the airport.  Early.

About 70 minutes later, I received a frantic call from him that he was missing his flight.  I couldn’t even comprehend.  He was there early, had already walked to the wrong gate and made it back to the correct gate with over an hour to spare.  How could he miss his flight?

He had gone to the restroom and when he came back all his stuff was missing.  By stuff, I mean his hanging clothes and computer.

Yes, he just left it sitting out there while he went to the bathroom.

All those warnings you hear every five minutes when you are at the airport~ they are true.  Don’t leave your shit alone.  Because if you do, somebody on a segway is going to take it.

I admit, I’ve always been tempted to leave my stuff for just a second, and being a rule breaker, I’m surprised I haven’t.  In the end, I figured, it wasn’t worth finding out.  I’ve never heard any stories about people leaving their stuff behind because in this day and age, WHO leaves their stuff alone anymore?

M husband.  That’s who.

He ran around the airport trying to find who took his stuff.  In the end, his belongings were in terminal A.

He missed his flight.

But you know what?  He got his stuff, managed to find a seat on another flight and even apologized to the gate attendants  for losing his temper.  Karma should have been on his side.

Once he landed, I got a call when he was in the cab.  He was relaxed and had caught a ride with Coach Sumlin into the city.  He figured missing his flight was okay since he was able to catch up with him.

An hour later I got a text.

He left his hanging clothes on the airplane.

The texts kept coming in: he didn’t know what he was going to do, what was wrong with him, the trip was ruined and so on.

I called and tried to get his flight number, but he was so distraught.  Finally, I lost it and asked, “what is wrong with you???”

I mean, WHAT THE HELL???

I sent him to dinner and spent most of my evening on the phone with United.  When someone didn’t answer my call the way I needed, I hung up and got another rep.  Someone finally told me the plane was grounded, called lost baggage and let me know his stuff wasn’t there, and that he needed to get to the airport that evening to locate his stuff.

When I let him know this, he was still confused…

In the end it worked out.  He got his bag around midnight.

So it’s all fine, right?

The following evening, he left his recording equipment at the hotel instead of taking it with him to Radio City.

I also found out he left his chargers on the flight he had taken just two days earlier.

Either he can’t travel alone, or I need to make a check list for him every single time he travels.

And me?  Oh, I was just finding out that the pipe for my kitchen sink was busted and would need to be repaired, a 3-4 day job that would consist of my concrete being busted and my yard torn up again.  Oh and don’t use your sink.

Anyone remember last time this happened??


Comments on Traveling Nightmare

  1. From Reagan:

    I’m still laughing as I write this…I can remember Lance talking on radio about driving off from home to go to 610 or 1560 with his shoes on the roof of the car.
    I think you may need to travel with him….actually, it sounds like one of my trips to Europe….geez.

  2. From Jilly:

    I almost had a panic attack just reading this. *sigh*

    • From Nicole:

      Being on the other end was pretty stressful!

  3. From Adelaide:

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