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By | Posted March 29, 2014

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:: The countdown is on!  EIGHT WEEKS!  That’s it!  And when you take into account that the kids have Stanford, it’s kind of like there’s only seven weeks of school left.  Poor BH, he’s ready to be done.  I can’t say I blame him.

:: So I’ve been trying to hit confession for two weeks now and each time I go, there is a huge line and only one priest.  I wait and wait with several kids by my side and I leave without the sacrament.  I have to say, it pisses me off.  Here I am ready to confess and work on improvement and there’s only one priest.  Here’s hoping tomorrow I make it to the front of the line so I can start over.

:: I mentioned this story to someone who happened to be Catholic, unknown to me.  She wasn’t a fan of confession and doesn’t go to mass.  I have to admit I was little bit bummed.  (Maybe because Lance had just told me a story about someone leaving the church, becoming Lutheran for ten years only to be “done with that” and now Baptist.  I don’t get that.  I just never understand why someone doesn’t appreciate Catholicism.  Not being judgmental, it just makes me sad.)   Then today, I got an email from that person asking how I liked my church because she wanted to get back to the church!  So I bitch way more than anything and I’m not a “praise be the Lord” type person, I mean, I praise Him, just not like that.  And maybe that’s a problem I should be looking into, but anyway…God really does have a plan.  And sometimes we’re helping even when we don’t know it.  So yay!

:: Sweet quotes of the week…“Mom, we can’t go to bed, it’s Friday and we have to pray Stations”~ Snax.  “Mom, you’re the most specialist mom in the world”~ Sunshine.  “I’m proud of you”~ dear friend to me.

:: Baseball started tonight.  After practice this week, I was pretty sure this was going to be a long season.  It seems I was being a bit negative because  BH managed to make contact with the ball.  His first machine pitch game and he got a single.  During his first practice, he had at least 12 chances at bat and never made contact.  Snax is playing a hybrid of coach pitch ball, he also failed to make contact with the ball at his practice.  Then there’s Goose who hasn’t grown in the past year, and didn’t make contact either.  Would be nice for all my boys to do well tomorrow.  Especially since I have four games tomorrow.  That after running 12 miles at 645 in the morning.  On a Saturday.  Yes, I have to brag that I am running 12 miles tomorrow.

:: Oh and one more…I got favorited by one of my favorite online people the other day.  She doesn’t follow me on Twitter, but I responded to something she wrote.  She’s a star as far as I’m concerned, so now I’m kind of a star too, right?

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