The Spirit of Christmas

By | Posted December 27, 2012

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I don’t know a more generous person than my father.  As a child I remember shopping sprees at the toy store so we could deliver the gifts to the child’s wing at MD Anderson.  He still does it.  He spends a lot of money to buy bikes and gifts to those that don’t have money for extras like Christmas gifts.  And today, he invites the grandchildren to go along so that they too can remember that we always help those in need.  I often wonder how much he would spend if he were a millionaire.  I think he would put people to shame.

This year, Snax and I helped pick out gifts.  Snax was pretty sweet about it showing my dad which gifts were best.  We all went last Sunday to buy bikes and drop them off at a church.  Even Sunshine got into the act.

Later, I read Marta and the Manger Straw, a new find this year and a sweet, sweet book.  I talked to Baby Hulk and asked him to tell me what he thought about the day.  He decided grandpa was like Marta.  And he is.  I told him I hoped he always remembered this tradition.  To remember that we always help others even when its hard for us because we can never outdo God in generosity.

We also took the kids caroling at my friend Ray’s house on Christmas Eve.  My friend has cancer, a spiral break from a broken leg the week of Thanksgiving and his liver doesn’t seem to be working properly.  It breaks my heart to see him.  The kids were surprised at his appearance.  He loved their singing, and we were able to bring hope to what has been a difficult year for him.

When Lance prayed at Christmas dinner, he spoke of hope that came from the newborn child.  I can think of so many people that need hope in their lives.  I pray that our actions bring hope alive for them.

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