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By | Posted October 19, 2012

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:: What is it about 3rd grade?  For a child that has never had a problem with school, 3rd grade seems to be kicking some ass.  And by kicking ass, I mean we’re not making easy A’s.  We have 100’s and then we have a 50 coming home.  My favorite, the 56 in science lab because he was farting around instead of working.  I mean, wth???

And not to put our business out there…but how is it that Lamar High School doesn’t give lower than a 50 in high school even when there is literally no work to grade, but Goose gets what he earns.  So that 42 on a ridiculous worksheet?  No corrections allowed, no grade adjustments, no nothing.  It brought him down to an 89 in language arts.  He’s never had anything below a 97 in language arts.

This morning, I tell him he must get a 100 to bump that grade back up to an A.  He can do it, it’s a spelling test, Mr. Spelling Bee has never made anything below a 100 except for that one time in first grade when his teacher took off 2 points the first month of school for the wrong heading.  So a 100 was in the basket.  Except he made a 95.  Why?  Because he decided to write in cursive instead of print.  His teacher couldn’t read his writing.  And to be honest, he could have failed the test because his cursive is extremely questionable.  And I know, I know, it’s 3rd grade.  But let’s be real, when he brings home a low grade it’s because he isn’t paying attention not because it’s difficult, and that is what makes me so frustrated.  Sometimes math is difficult, but he has a 95.  So again, wth???

:: I’ve been going to boot camp for a few weeks.  It’s great.  I’m working out in a much different way.  Generally, I like it except for the whole people cheering you on bit.  In fact, I hate that part and would much rather everyone just not worry about me.  It doesn’t help me or inspire me one bit.  Despite that, I’ve been excited about it and the other day thought I might have lost a bit of weight.  Nope.   Then someone from boot camp said something about my legs.  It took all my might not to be a witch and say my legs were never the problem.

:: Sunshine has learned to climb~ the other day I was putting away clothes and heard something.  It was just her on the top freaking bunk.  So scary.  And just now, I caught Goose teaching her to climb the playhouse in the backyard.  You have to love those big brothers.  I’ll have to remember this when people tell me how helpful older siblings are.  Sunshine loves the outside, and I do too, but I wasn’t ready to be outside with her the entire time.  Now I have no choice.  She climbs.  And she’s fast.

She also made a little girl cry today.  Not her finest hour.

:: Baby Hulk has been in school for 9 weeks.  He has not come home with one piece of paper I have kept.  Now I know I’m all about throwing things away, but I’m the person who framed Goose’s stick figure drawing of the family.  The mom who has all of the lunch notes she has written to her sons, (because now Squirt will bring them home too) and wouldn’t it be really shitty to just throw these notes away?!  Seriously, what do I do with them???  And seriously, how is there not one. single. thing. to save from Kindergarten.  Oh, I know, because it is useless.

:: And lastly: My dear husband, he is heading to college station this weekend for the LSU game.  He’s going with an Aggie.  Some of our closest friends are Aggies.  I have a separated at birth sister who is an Aggie.  So I have a love for them despite their choice of school.  That said, if my husband wears an Aggie shirt to the game, even a white one, I can guarantee there will be no more Zierleins coming from this marriage. Not even the slightest hint, not a twinkle in his eye…nothing.

Have a good weekend.  I’d like to say it can’t get worse than last weekend.  But I know I just jinxed myself.

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  1. From Shea:

    I appreciate the “some of my closest friends are Aggies” comment, but now you’ve challenged me to get some maroon on him when I see him tomorrow.

    OK, I actually had a rant about a teacher’s grading in front of Will yesterday. I try to stay supportive of the teachers in front of the kids, and save my bitching for behind closed doors. But I was PISSED, and I even like this teacher. A lot.

    He had to do a Culture Pizza. Don’t worry about what that is because it’s irrelevant. But it involved making a decently complicated poster with photos, small pictures and glue. Will worked really, really hard on it. He got a 90. That’s OK, but when he got home I asked to see the rubric because I was curious about what he lost 10 points for. He lost 10 points, a full letter grade, for, no shit, “neatness and attractiveness.”

    Now this poster didn’t have glitter, or tons of color. But it was NEAT. And that’s a HUGE HUGE feat for Will. So he essentially lost a full letter grade for “I did this myself instead of having my mom do it.” Or for “I’m a boy that cares more about the academic content than decorating my poster with glue.”

    All of which I said, loudly, right in front of Will. Then I turned around and told him I thought his poster was awesome, that he should have gotten a 100, and that he should be proud of the work he did on it.

    • From Nicole:

      You wouldn’t dare!

      I forgot to add that BH received a 90 on a spelling test because he capitalized all his words: Little, Is and so on. Yes, he spelled everything correctly. They don’t get grades on anything, just a check or a star. But this one, they made sure to let us know on the first spelling test of the year, he got a 90.

      I have no words for Will’s 90. I am pretty disgusted. Lance read the comment as well and was pretty annoyed. We’re firm believers in letting kids do their own work, and it infuriates me for kids to get credit for their parents’ work.

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    Don’t worry, my long lost sister. Third grade is kicking our ass in this house too. You and I have been texting about it all week. I think you and I have decided that not only is it the grade, but the similar names.

    If I were you, I would spend less time looking at the scale and think about how you feel and look. You’ve been busting ass in boot camp. You might be gaining more muscle which means weight gain or no loss at all. Must I remind you of the guy at Grand Lux???

    And as for the game tomorrow….
    First, I love how you called it the “LSU game in college station”. Hmtp! Kind of like the Baylor game in austin???? The OU game in Dallas??
    Second, I’d do the same thing. So even though I might want to sneak a maroon shirt on LZ (because the whole world looks AWESOME in that color), I won’t. I wouldn’t do that to my girl….or to LZ. I was there. I heard the threat. It was real and serious. Lol! But I have to say, TA would not only be cut off, he’d be out of my bed!
    Third – tell LZ to come by our tent if he gets tired of hanging with the big wigs and feels like slumming it with the little people. He’ll probably find me easily…just tell him to follow the cussing.

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