Five For Friday~ The School Edition

By | Posted September 21, 2012

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You know the saying, “if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all.”  My mom taught me that phrase many years ago.  I’ve had varying degrees of success following it.

I teach my children a better version of it: is it kind? is it true?  is it necessary?  Generally, wonderful words to live by.

I’ve been silent for a while because really, I have nothing positive to share.

Silence can be golden.

Now is not a golden time for me.

Five for Friday…when your heart is breaking and you just want your kids home because you know, deep within your soul, that you are supposed to be educating your own children.  The only problem, God failed to make that clear to your spouse.

:: I will never, ever understand what the hell Baby Hulk is doing in school all day long.  Do you know most K classes are released an hour before the rest of elementary students are released?  Not at Rogers.

:: I will never, ever understand the point of homework in Kindergarten.  It is stupid, pointless.  It will do one thing: teach a child to think of learning as work.

:: I swear, and I know I heard correctly, that reading groups might not be set according to level.  If this happened, the reader could mentor the non reader.  Yes, that’s right.  Please tell me who thinks a Kindergarten child should mentor a classmate?

:: Clearly, I’ve already had a conference.  The teacher said she might not have explained it properly.  You think????  Considering the fact that another parent asked about this at open house and that is where she made her “mentor” statement, I don’t know how WE were confused.  At my conference, armed with information from my friend with a Phd in elementary math education as well as general knowledge and research that comes from assuming I was going to homeschool for the past 6 years, I was more than ready for the meeting.

:: The conference ended with her asking if I was a certified teacher to which I responded “no, a lawyer”.  And a parent that expects 9 months improvement in all areas especially reading.  I questioned her on exactly how we were going to find BH’s starting point because clearly a K test isn’t going to cut it.

It’s going to be a LONG year.  And the kicker????  I was appointed to FREAKING TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK.


I am not kidding.  Someone really likes to kick me when I’m down, don’t they?

(And to be clear, even if I didn’t want to homeschool, I would think teacher appreciation week was stupid.  One day, fine, a week?!  It’s not happening.)

Comments on Five For Friday~ The School Edition

  1. From Fidoz:

    I’m not supposed to tell you this but Lance volunteered you for the teacher appreciation chair.

    Ok. maybe I made that up.

  2. From Denise:

    Make Lance do the stupid teacher appreciation week! I agree a day yes but a whole week is crazy!

  3. From Nikki Andrews:

    How the hell do you keep getting on the teacher appreciation committees??? And why the hell are you saying YES to it?
    And the “mentor” comment came from an LSU grad…..surprised???

    I know you have had a rough couple of weeks since the last time I saw you. Just know that I think and pray for you and your family every chance I get. It will get better honey.

    • From Nicole:

      No idea why this happens…Although really since Lance is off in the mornings, he can do it.

      Keep praying, I have a feeling this is going to be a LONG year. Really long.

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