The 3 Year Old

By | Posted March 1, 2012

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:: Lately, No David has found his way into my room.  I feel bad for him, but honestly, I don’t want him sleeping with me.  He goes through phases, one week on, one week off.  This is an “on” week.  So I am trying what any normal mother would do: bribery.  You sleep in your bed, you get a piece of gum.  Now every night before he goes to sleep, he tells me he wants gum tomorrow.  I remind him about our little deal and he puts a smile on his face and closes his eyes.  (This is where I add that we now let him sleep with the light on rather than turning it off like most people would do.  This has been most beneficial to Lance who used to have to sleep on the floor until No David fell asleep.)

Last night, I heard the thump thump that is a sure sign of No David coming to my room.  He stopped outside my door and whispered “mom, I don’t want gum tomorrow.”  Then he proceeded to make room for himself in MY bed.

:: No David found a cough drop in a drawer last week.  Sensing some type of food, he asked what it was.  I explained and he pressed further, “for me?”.   I let him know that only people with coughs took cough drops.  He waited about ten seconds, coughed a tiny bit, then said he needed one.

:: I took the older boys to the King Tut exhibit.  I would have paid a stranger just so I dind’t have to take No David.  Thankfully, Lance came home and I didn’t have to risk losing him to a random person because I was coming up short on a babysitter.  I told him that he wasn’t going and he said fine, “I get to watch tv.”  To which I responded, “fine, as long as it is educational.”  He chose Power Rangers because “it teaches you how to kill the bad guys”.  He has a point.  (Interesting side note: Goose did not watch television until he was 3, and that was only Word World or Little Einsteins, not Power Rangers.)

:: Yesterday, I was working with Baby Hulk and No David wanted lunch.  He had already had a snack at 9:15, a mere two hours after he had finished breakfast.  Finally, I told him it was only 10 o’clock.  He proceeded to get the magnetic clock off the fridge and moved the time to show me that it wasn’t 10 any longer, and indeed, time for lunch.

:: Then there is the incident from last Friday.  It’s not going in print, but a few of my friends got the urgent DM about it.  I’m still recovering.

Three is where it’s at as far as Lance is concerned.  I tend to agree with him.  But this little kid, it’s hard to put into words.  He is more everything than the others have been. Sometimes that is good, often it’s bad.  Regardless, he is all personality and his own little person.  And I love him.

Comments on The 3 Year Old

  1. From Fidoz:

    Cash came to me this morning at 9:45 and said “Can you make me dinner?” After I told him it was the morning and he just had breakfast he says “can i have desert?”

    Those two would wreck a buffet.

    Cash is getting broken of us having to lay in his room until he falls asleep this weekend.

    • From Nicole:

      I had to laugh a little at “Cash being broken”…let me know how it works! God knows, I need some help in this area. S is getting worse and worse.

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    I still love this kid!!! Even after seeing him trample the flowers at the church, I still thought it was charming. He is wise beyond his years.

    • From Nicole:

      This kid is the one I worry about…Hands down, it is him!

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