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By | Posted April 8, 2011

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If I were doing ApeDonkey’s power ratings, I would have a lot in the bottom five…When you start the week with your orthodontist hanging up on you, your son’s favorite (for now) College basketball team playing so badly it goes down in the history books for worst performance in the NCAA championship game, things can only go up.  Right?


There was also that argument with Lance, not to post our business, but I wanted to go to the game, he didn’t.  I do find it funny that my dad knew I was slightly upset and sent a text saying “be nice”.  I wanted to write back, “I’m your daughter!”

Then there was the fourth round of lice found in Goose’s first grade class.  And the best part: the school did nothing to notify any parents.  AGAIN.  The nurse checked the class yesterday and one kid went sprinting down the hall telling everyone he could leave because he had lice.  Nice.  I know lice isn’t dangerous, just super icky and really difficult to get rid of.  As I’ve said before, I have a nightmare about getting lice and having to shave my head.  Then add the fact that I have five kids, and I’m freaking out.  I wouldn’t even know about the lice if not for the fact that my friend told me after complaining that her daughter caught it.  Her daughter also told her about yesterday’s lice check.  Thank goodness for little girls because it would have never occurred to Goose to tell me.  And why should he?  Shouldn’t the school be the ones to tell us???

This morning, I went and complained, and my friend complained again.  And then a couple of others complained.  And finally, they decided to clean the carpets, remove the beanbags and take other precautions in the classroom.  The note I wrote to the teacher about the situation, well, her response was as useful as always.  She told me to discuss it with the Assistant Principal.  So march over to her I did.  She says she hadn’t been informed about any of this until today.  Except that the room was cleaned again for lice over Spring Break, so how did that happen?  And what about the fact that my friend called and a meeting was set up to discuss the situation?  Now it’s the nurses fault and again, the only reason I know anything is because a few of us complained and they answered our direct questions today.  Nothing came home in their folders and no, they aren’t trying to Be Green, there weren’t any emails either.  This is utterly frustrating.

Then there is the Baby Hulk.  I love this kid with all my heart, truly I do.  The look in his eyes makes my heart melt, his smile is infectious, when I hear him read, my heart swells with pride and joy and he cares so much about his siblings.  But, he can make me go mad like no other child.  Well, maybe one, he is much like Squirt in some respects.  Interesting that the things Squirt did to annoy me are things that BH does to annoy me.  It’s kind of like God said, “you had your chance, you blew it and weren’t patient, so here you go, try again.”

He is the sweetest kid, but so overly emotional, and I just don’t do emotional well.  AT. ALL.  Or whiny, and whiny he is.  He is the kid that doesn’t get his way and starts tap dancing or running in place and wailing.  (I hear him now brushing his teeth and wailing because his brothers left the room.)  Tuesday, he got in trouble for scratching Goose in the face and leaving a scar.  Wednesday he got in trouble for losing his shit over a banana breaking in half.  I already had lunch plans and told him that he had better behave or he would lose his playdate for the following afternoon.  What happened?  He got mad because he didn’t have a basket of chips to himself at Pappasitos and then took it a step further by throwing a tortilla across the restaurant when No David touched it.  You can laugh all you want, but I’d like to point out that once Squirt got so mad that he threw a book across the room in class.  That was in 8th grade.  The Baby Hulk HAS to learn to control himself.  Or I might find him a daycare.

I also got a form letter from my OB this week.  She is leaving Houston.  I can’t explain how sad this makes me.  I’ve been through a lot with my OB…all my births and miscarriages.  Anyone in my shoes would be obsessed.  I talked to her nurse who told me to call my doctor soon to try and make plans.  SO, I am sending a text to ask if she wants to get together for lunch.  I figure a text won’t be as awkward as a phone call.  It’s my last chance to have a date with my doctor.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So enough bitching…the good…

I have prayed more this week than ever and read some amazing quotes from the Saints.  If only I were so smart all the time!  Seriously, I am truly blessed and despite getting frustrated at times, okay, a lot, my family is just incredible.  Even when tossing tortillas across the room.

To give examples of how awesome they are: Squirt came to me last night to talk about girls.  (Another post coming.)  Goose told me he missed our reading time.  The Baby Hulk and No David are bursting with smiles today.  They’ve not been perfect, but when corrected, they listen and move on.  Which allows me to move on.  And Baby Z, she is an angel, the best dressed angel around.

I met Jenn from When in Doubt, Add More Salt.  This was great, except for the cake balls.  Okay, they were great too, I just have a big problem with a lack of control!  Dare I admit how many are left?  I’ve never had cake balls before yesterday and they were so awesome.  Red Velvet cake balls.  So. Flipping. Good.  I had a great lunch and was able to meet an Internet friend in real life.  Plus, she has the most adorable little boy.  I see more cake balls in my future with playdates for the kids!

I like wine, but I don’t know anything about it.  Generally speaking, I wouldn’t know a $15 bottle from a $50 bottle.  Until now.  I blame Frank for this.  He even has Lance sipping a red wine.  ZD’s Cabernet is unreal.  And forty bucks at Specs.  Last week, Lance also purchased their Chardonnay. Again, unreal.  There is a bottle in the kitchen right now.  Lance is out of town, I feel like I should be able to drown my sorrows tonight and drink some forty dollar wine.

I went to Costco today and spent way more than I wanted to spend.  Our family is the size of family that needs Costco, but since we all seem to have a problem with portion control, Costco doesn’t always work to my financial advantage.  After finding a cheap bottle of wine for tonight, I also grabbed a cake I’ve been eying for some time.  Since the cake balls are long gone, I need something new.  I thought I would treat the boys, then freeze the rest.  Except when I ate a piece, in the store parking lot while telling the kids to SIT in their car seats, I decided I didn’t like it because it was dry.  That was fine though because I also bought two loaves of bread while there.  And some goat cheese covered in blueberries.  I have literally gone to heaven.  I did wait to try the goat cheese at home, not the bread.  Seriously, this stuff is like crack.  (I highly recommend the one covered in cranberries as well.)  I finally had to put it away because I had already told Lance about it and he would be expecting some tomorrow night.

And last for the week…a photo!

I admit Baby Z doesn't look the greatest, and I so need to pump some milk, BUT...the outfit! Cute! And my beautiful painting is in the background. She really is the light!


Comments on Five For Friday

  1. From Jenn:

    So glad we met you guys AND there is a tray of cake balls awaiting icing which I ran out of, sooooo if you get bored next week….
    Y’all have a super weekend!

    • From Nicole:

      Let’s plan another day. It was so great meeting you and getting sweets too. Have awesome is that?!

  2. From Shea:

    OK, first, you never did tell me where Lance got that painting. Second, she leaving Houston? So now I’ll REALLY have to share my dr. with you????? Boo. Third, I MUST SQUISH THAT BABY!!!

    • From Nicole:

      First…get over here and meet her!!! Didn’t you get my message, wasn’t there enough guilt for you?!

      Totally devastated about her leaving.

      Liz Tuckwell is the artist. We have her info. She is really nice and was so sweet when she heard Baby Z was born.

  3. From Denise:

    LOVE the outfit on baby Z and the picture too CUTE! Plus your painting is amazing I really really like it.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks, Denise. My dad took us shopping again. You are going to love her new stuff. Have to come over and see it.

  4. From Lisa:

    That picture is awsome. Someone gave me some red velvet cake balls around Christmas time and I had the same problem… I couldn’t stop eating them…. not good.
    Sorry to hear about your OB. I know how much you admire her. Hope next week is better. Remember, without Good Friday, there is no Easter Sunday. These trials are making you stronger!

    • From Nicole:

      You know, it’s funny b/c sometimes, I do feel stronger. Even after a difficult week. Does that sound silly? Reading from the saints makes it all seem possible. And my favorite thing from this week…during Stations, BH told me that his favorite station was Jesus meeting his Mary b/c he would want to be with me if he was having a hard time. So sweet.

      Cake calls might be the end of me!

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