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By | Posted February 19, 2011

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Random thoughts and weekend plans

I power watched almost all the Oscar contenders, then fell flat. I’ve made it through one Documentary. Kind of, enough to say I hope it doesn’t win. I have one week left to finish up.

Just now realizing that I won’t be watching the Oscars with Paul and Brian.

Gave my kids fish sticks from the freezer section for dinner tonight. I felt like it was the 70’s. My young boys wondered what was on their plate. Squirt had the sense to appreciate the meal.

Bad week for me and the Baby Hulk. I had planned to take him to the symphony tomorrow, but am graciously allowing my dad to take him without me. It’s not that I don’t trust my dad or mom, I just honestly hate for my kids to be away from me. I am kind of psycho like that. MAYBE that is why I’m having such a hard time with BH this week. I think we need some space. I say this with a really heavy heart because he is truly the sweetest boy ever, but him being away from me for a few hours is a really good thing. Especially since during those few hours Lance will be gone.

I sometimes ask my kids why they are crying. Their response is usually, “I don’t know.” Even Squirt has taken several years to tell me exactly why he is crying. (Not that he has screaming crying fits anymore!) Today when No David was screaming hysterically, I asked him expecting the same response. Nope, he stopped crying, pointed at Lance and said “Daddy put me to bed.” Glad he was clear on that.

Taking my girl on a shopping spree tomorrow. The joy of girls!

Tomorrow night: dinner at Reef with Travis Rodgers and the wife. Excited to meet her.

Lance finally bought me tickets to the Old 97’s! Cannot wait. Super excited to see one of my favorite bands and Internet friends.

I want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Seeing that I lost ONE pound in ONE week, I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I can dream, right? What does Lance do: bring home cupcakes. He knew I was having a hard time with the BH. I didn’t want to make him feel bad, so I immediately ate two cupcakes.

I got a call from a friend at Goose’s school today. Her daughter has lice. Turns out the kid who had it two weeks ago passed it around. It’s not dangerous, but lice just sounds GROSS. Never had it as a kid, don’t want it. And selfishly, all I can think is: I have five kids, four who end up in my room at various times during the week. I can’t get lice. My hair is way too thick to have lice. I have this image of getting lice and having to shave off my hair to get rid of it. Every time my head itched today, I was convinced I had it. I came home, made Lance promise not to even joke about it and search my head. Anybody scratch their head while reading this?

Tuesday night four different children woke me up. No David cried because he didn’t feel well and finally came to sleep at the foot of my bed at midnight. The Baby Hulk arrived around 1 am to tell me he needed to use the restroom. Thankfully, he went back to his bed. Baby Z had her usual feedings during the night. Then Goose came in around 5 in the morning to sleep with us. Lance left that morning assuring me that we would never get pregnant again. I think he might be right.

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