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I have been talking with a friend about having more kids, telling her about my most recent miscarriage and how that made me want another child even more. And she was totally against it. She thinks four is enough. I’m fine with people thinking four is a lot of kids. I know people with a lot more, (not all Catholic!) so four doesn’t seem large to me. What was interesting to me was the “why” I shouldn’t have more kids. It wasn’t the usual “how are you going to support them” argument. It was how can you love that many kids?

It’s an answer you can’t explain, you just know you can. Maybe when you have your first kid, you don’t think you can ever love another child more. But as you have more children, you realize just how much your heart grows. I only have four kids, but I have two others that I love and think about and worry about as if I had given birth to them. I think my kids would agree that they all feel loved. I don’t think your heart stays the same size your entire life. If it did, how can you explain the love grandparents have for their grandkids. I NEVER thought someone could take my place and boy was I wrong!

So, yes, I think there is room in our hearts for another, if that is what God wants for us.

HOWEVER, Lance has had the kids alone for less than 24 hours, and he has already told me he may get a vasectomy before I get home.

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  1. From Shea:

    If money was no object (meaning I could not work and send them all to college) I'd have had six. That seems like a good number to me. I want the family in Brothers and Sisters, or The Family Stone.

  2. From KatyStrattons:

    I totally agree with Shea. I would love to have more kids if money were no object. Except now I'm too old. Plus, if you have a lot…then when you have to kill one, you still have lots.

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