All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

By | Posted June 7, 2009

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Flexibility has never been easy for me. I make lists and adhere to them. I love making plans and crossing things off, one by one. Despite having four children, things usually go the way I plan so I don’t often have the chance to practice being flexible.

My dinner plans to celebrate Terese’s birthday- cancelled. Squirt came down with a fever and I really couldn’t justify leaving Lance home with a sick kid. My cousin got sick in the middle of the night, so her parents had to come pick her up. No problem, I thought, at least I’m going to a wedding tonight at a really nice venue. Plus, several athletes will be in attendance. Despite not feeling well, I was really looking forward to the wedding. Lance and I made it to the wedding only to be told that the wedding was LAST NIGHT. After retrieving our car from the valet, we sat on a side street trying to decide where to go. We couldn’t agree on a restaurant so we decided to pick up dessert first. The only problem with that plan was that we didn’t bring our debit card or any cash. I searched for any type of credit card in my purse and came up with a check card from our savings account. Too bad it didn’t work.

Defeated, we drove home and changed. Since we had a babysitter, we went out again and had a nice dinner. We had fun being together, but it certainly wasn’t what we planned. After declaring our evening a success, Lance let me know that Charles Barkley would have been at the wedding too. A chance to meet a basketball legend and we get the date wrong.

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Better Late Than Never Daybook

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For Today…June 5, 2009

Outside my window…sunshine. It is a beautiful day with low humidity.
I am thinking…of how cute Goose was at his first swim meet. He swam freestyle and backstroke and received two 4th place ribbons. Mr. Tony, his swim teacher, would be proud.
From the learning room…Reading and Art. Goose has been sick most of the week so we haven’t been on a schedule. He loves to read so we’ve read a few books. I found this book by Tomie DePaola. The book shows the different art of Pablo and Henri, two artists most of us will recognize. I found some pictures online of Picasso and Matisse to see if Alec could distinguish between the artists, then Alec picked his favorite style and we tried to create our own picture.

I am thankful for…my family. I am so blessed to have these people with me daily. I truly believe they are gifts and I hope that I show them how special they are each and every day.
I am wearing…a cute little outfit that I just spilled Diet Coke all over.
I am hoping…that I get rid of this cold I have had all week. I feel horrible!
I am praying…with my husband a few times a day and it is bringing us even closer. I love that he initiates most of these prayers.

Around the house…the three little ones are happily playing. We’re waiting for Dad and Squirt to come home.

One of my favorite things…puzzles. I have been working on a 1000 piece puzzle this week and I’m almost done. The puzzle is of one of my favorite things ever…SNOOPY.
A few plans for the rest of the week…my cousin will come stay tonight so her parents can celebrate their wedding anniversary with just the two of them. I’m also going to dinner with three great friends-Cindy, Terese and Carter. We are celebrating Terese’s birthday. Tomorrow we have a wedding and then Sunday we head to Austin to celebrate a graduation. It’s a full weekend.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Kobra’s first trip to the pool!

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Rice Music Joke

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This morning Baby Hulk and I went to Rice Music Camp. It’s a Mommy and Me camp for an hour, and I thought it would be a good way for us to spend time alone. Plus, EVERYONE raves about the camp and the director. I had been encouraged to take Baby Hulk to camp to get “face time” with the director so that I could make the cut for classes in the fall.

During roll call, the director learned each child’s name immediately so I was slightly impressed. She then called all mommies out and gave us a check mark for being present. Next it was dads- check, then grandmothers- check. Grandfathers…big pause. There happened to be an older man in the room who was NOT a grandfather. Oops. How do you politely say you look old enough to be a grandfather? Caretakers- check. The director then looked at these two ladies with twins and said “are you two mommies?” The nanny explained who she was without realizing the implication of the question. Finally, it clicked in and the nanny was embarrassed. The director said something about being up with the times. The director next turned to me and asked if I was a Mommy or Nanny. Anyway who knows me can imagine how happy I was. I guess since I’m Mexican and my child looks like a porcelain doll, I must be the nanny. Who is this lady that I needed face time with?

Just Saturday Lance and I were talking about how we don’t think anything about him being white and me being Mexican. Are we in the minority?

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Memories of Mary

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I have my aunts and grandmother to thank for Mary being a part of my life. Growing up, we went to church weekly and I was enrolled in CCE through high school, but we never prayed together as a family except before dinner. We didn’t really talk about Mary and the Saints, and when I think about that it makes me sad. We have this rich tradition in our church that I missed out on as a kid. Then again, it’s okay, knowing my personality, I would have rebelled. Plus, I’m happy where I am on this journey of faith and I know my parents helped form my faith.

I did have the seeds planted by another generation. A generation that prayed every morning, offered novenas and had statues and pictures of Jesus and the saints and Our Lady all over the house.

I have a great rosary collection and most people think it started with my friend Sarah. To her credit, Sarah has given me my favorite rosary of all – my wedding rosary. Sarah and her husband Chris were the padrinos of the rosary at my wedding. She had two different rosaries made for me and Lance. She requested the crucifix on my rosary be the same crucifix that John Paul II used to carry. She knew I would love that. Over the years, she has given my several beautiful rosaries, but it all started with my aunts.

My aunts used to give me a rosary each time we visited them, which was a few times a year. I had one aunt who used to be a nun. I was fascinated by her decision to be a nun and would ask her tons of questions about her life. She would always tell me to pray the rosary. My grandmother always had a rosary in her hand, even when she died earlier this year at the age of 98. I didn’t really listen to them about praying the rosary very often. In fact, I used to ask my mother why they always gave me rosaries. Did they think I lost the other ones? I’d like to think that now they would be pleased with me and my children. We don’t pray the rosary together as often as I would like, but that’s okay, we’re getting there. Squirt is the proud owner of my glow in the dark rosary. That was a favorite of mine growing up. Recently he told me that he was not passing that one down to the little ones. I’m fine with that. If having a favorite rosary inspires him to pray a little more then I’m happy.

Since we’ve been focusing on Mary this month, Goose made flowers for Mary to leave at her altar. He was so precious leaving flowers and praying the Memorare. He learned this prayer this month as did the rest of the family. I didn’t even know about this prayer until law school when my friend Bob told me about it.

Looking at Goose this morning took me back to my wedding when Lance and I took flowers to Mary’s altar. He said the most beautiful prayer for our marriage outloud. I always tease him about this because I assumed that we would each say a prayer to ourselves rather than outloud. I am so glad he did it his way because that is my favorite moment from my wedding.

As Catholics we don’t worship Mary, but we do ask for her intercession. I do this daily. I hope my children will do the same throughout their lives. Maybe I need to buy more glow in the dark rosaries.

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I have one word for my husband

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My Daybook- May 26, 2009

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For Today…May 26, 2009

Outside my window…humid, sunshine mixed with clouds, the Houston summer is here.

I am thinking… how great a clean house is. I love for my house to be clean and organized. Thankfully, my kids are neat too.

From the learning room…It’s a slow week in our homeschool. Goose continues to read nonstop. I’m thinking we’ll just read and focus on religion this week. The Easter season has ended and next is Pentecost. I have a few activities planned for the kids.

I am thankful for…a great Memorial Day weekend. We had a great BBQ with family on Sunday and spent the rest of the weekend being lazy. It was wonderful to wake up next to Lance Monday morning. I’m also grateful for public libraries. We went today and checked out 20 books.

From the kitchen… Leftovers from our BBQ, then Lance and I will be trying some new recipes.

I am wearing…my workout cloths, I promise I usually change right after I workout.

I am hoping…for peace about a decision I have made.

I am praying…a novena to the Holy Spirit. Lance and I are praying together and that helps. We have a very specific intention right now. We’re frustrated and nothing helps but prayer. Why do I always have to be reminded how healing prayer is for me?

Around the house… everyone but me is watching a movie. It’s family movie night. When Squirt had to ride home from swim practice with Lance instead of staying and flirting, he was not happy. Once he found out about movie night, things were right again for the teenager. I’m happy that he still wants to have movie night with the family.

One of my favorite things…listening to a baby babble.

A few plans for the rest of the week…swim team practice and taking it easy. Squirt is done with school on Thursday so we’re getting ready to celebrate.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

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Date Night With Warriors

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There is a great exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science called the Terra Cotta Warriors, and Lance and I went to see them last night for our date night. We have been dying to see the Warriors in person since first seeing them on the Amazing Race a few years ago. Since I won’t leave the boys for longer than a weekend, this is the closest we’ll get to the warriors.

This exhibit is incredible. It is fascinating to think that the first emperor had this built, but also disturbing when you realize that approximately 700,000 convicts or enslaved citizens were used to construct his necropolis which included over 8,000 handmade warriors and other life-size figurines. Here is a National Geographic video which gives you some details:

I strongly recommend visiting this exhibit and buying the $90 coffee table book they have there. Then again, it is easy for me to recommend buying a $90 book when I’m hoping to get it for my birthday so that I won’t have to pay for it.

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Puppy Shirts

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Goose and Baby Hulk each have a favorite shirt. Goose’s favorite shirt is a hand me down red shirt with a goofy blue and white dog on it. When I saw the shirt, I placed it in a bag to donate, but somehow Goose saw it and immediately decided he had to wear it. That was a year ago. He wears this shirt every week no matter how much I discourage it. I can’t stand this shirt. When we were on vacation I had visions of perfect pictures in the mountains. I had the outfits picked out, but Goose wanted the dog shirt. Baby Hulk seems to have better taste, although I am getting a bit sick of this puppy shirt from Gymboree too.

It’s good that the boys are so independent, right? I think we are going to lose both of these shirts very soon. There is no way I can handle seeing these shirts another summer or on another kid in a year, esp the red one.

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The Week in Review

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1. Today is Squirt’s birthday! To celebrate we went to Double Dave’s with the family. Here is a picture of our favorite dessert, the chocolate chip pizza. The manager couldn’t believe we ate the whole thing.

2. Look who is standing:

3. Friday was my dad’s birthday. We went to Pappasito’s with the young kids while Lance and Squirt went to the 8th grade graduation banquet. My poor dad had to wear a sombrero while the waiters sang to him. If anyone knows my dad, this is SO not him, but he was a good sport since the boys were with him.

4. The Rockets won their game on Thursday, and we were so hopeful about today’s game. So hopeful that the whole family wore red today. Then reality set in and the kids ran away because dad was scaring them.

5. Baby Hulk has now decided that he can pick up Kobra just like the rest of us. The only problem is that he picks him up by his neck. I just informed Squirt, and he is so angry about this. Squirt is so protective of his younger brothers and people picking them up. He gets really uptight about it so much so that he pulls me aside to discuss the situation with me. And when I use the word situation, I am not exaggerating.

6. Goose and Baby Hulk were playing together, and I could hear Goose being really bossy with the Hulk. Soon Baby Hulk was crying, and I asked Goose what happened. He paused and I reminded him to tell the truth. He said, “fine, but are you going to yell at me?” I promise I am working on the yelling thing.

7. Baby Hulk’s cute new move is to yell “mama, mama”when I’m talking to someone. Once I turn to him, he says, “I love you!” He’s a smart one.

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Should I be Worried?

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I asked Squirt how his trip went and the first thing he wanted to tell me was that he held hands with a girl. On the one hand, I am glad that he shares this kind of thing with me, but on the other hand, I am so not ready for him to date and have a girlfriend.

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