Ready To Go

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Despite the fact that we are not going on our trip for a week, Goose decided he had to pack for our trip NOW.

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Michael Jackson

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We’ve all heard the news about Michael Jackson passing away yesterday. I hadn’t really thought much of Michael Jackson lately. Sure there was always something bizarre to hear about him- from him showing up to court in pajamas to dangling a baby outside a hotel window. Like everyone else that grew up with his music, I’ve been watching videos on youtube and listening to music I haven’t heard in years. And it brought back a memory from years ago…21 years to be exact.

My friends and I skipped school to go drink at someone’s house. During this time, someone dialed 911 from the house. The cops didn’t respond until after school hours so we didn’t get caught skipping school that time! We listened to music all day on MTV, you know, back when they played videos all day long. When The Way You Make Me Feel came on, Paul screamed in sync with Michael Jackson. This is one of my favorite memories of Paul and high school in general. Paul screaming along with Michael Jackson is just not him at all. It still brings a smile to my face.

Here is a link to the video:

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Super Saints- Saints Peter and Paul

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Another week of Super Saints. It’s only our second week, and I am feeling so excited about this group. I love the fellowship for our kids. This week we focused on Saints Peter and Paul since their feast day is June 29th. We had a coloring page, a story and made holy cards decorated with rhinestones. The craft turned out really nice, and the kids were so proud of the work. Our snack was goldfish to signify St. Peter as the “fisher of men.”

Saints Peter and Paul, Pray for Us!

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He Is SO My Son

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Goose was reading a book about St. Paul this week and we left off when St. Paul was trying to escape. His friends had come up with an idea to get him outside the walls. We’ve been working on comprehension lately. He reads so fast that I don’t think he always picks up what he is reading. So during this book, I asked him questions after each page and we talked about some lessons from St. Paul’s life. I think this made him really interested in the story because the next day when I wondered out loud about how St. Paul might escape Goose said, “oh mommy, I read ahead.” He then proceeded to show me several pages forward and told me how the story ended. Anyway who knows me can tell you that this is me. I want to know what my presents are before my birthday, the ending of a movie, I skip ahead in books no matter how hard I try. I’m so proud Goose is following in my footsteps!

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Today we celebrated Father’s Day, (see below), and I am so thankful to be able to spend the day with my father. I have a wonderful, loving and generous father. I have always known that he loves me and cares about me, and I am so grateful for that. He is probably as stubborn as me, but he is the best dad around and I want to share a few memories of him.

Our ski trips
Our New York trips…seeing Phantom of the Opera for the first of many times
Giving him a hug after he walked me down the aisle at my wedding
Opening my acceptance letter together to the University of Texas
Going to the Rose Bowl and seeing him cry when Texas won the National Championship
being overly generous with everyone
Taking me to see my aunts
Him sneaking in to get a peek at Kobra when he was born, despite being told to stay away until the other kids saw him first!
Him walking in the room after Goose was born
Him with his brothers
Him with my brother
Him with my mom
Him fussing at me in church for not paying attention as a kid
Him calling to remind me of Holy Days of Obligation
Him being slightly controlling!
Him letting go when I married Lance

When I got married, my dad talked about passing the torch to Lance and nobody who knows him thought he would do that. But he has. He has been so respectful of my marriage and while he probably doesn’t agree with all of our decisions, he stays out of our marriage. Well, except for the time he told me how lucky I was to have Lance as a husband and NOT to mess it up.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you very much.

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Did Our Parents Feel Like This?

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I am so not a fan of Hallmark Holidays EXCEPT when it comes to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I mean really, how can I not like a day dedicated to ME? Anyone who knows me well knows how I feel about my birthday. While most people get over their special day once they hit their 30’s or have kids, I still love my birthday. I feel like it’s a day all for me and God help those that forget my day or don’t do something to make me feel special. Bad, yes, but I’m honest and everyone knows how I feel about this.

Back to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…another day that in theory I should love, but in reality it just never works out to be what we expect. I won’t get into my Mother’s Day this year, but it is enough to say that I understand why some women think that Mother’s Day should be a day spent alone. Lance thought I was being incredibly selfish when I muttered that comment this year, until today when he decided that Father’s Day might best be spent alone.

We should have known something was wrong when Kobra cried the entire twenty minute ride to church. It was the longest car ride ever with Baby Hulk yelling at the baby to be quiet. Then Lance realized that he left his socks at home, so I took all the boys into church while he went to Walgreens to buy another pair. I didn’t think I was doing too bad with the kids until I heard someone behind me say she felt sorry for me. Baby Hulk and Kobra proceeded to fidget and fight over a book for most of Mass. Lance and I took turns standing in the back of the church with the kids. We were having a late lunch so we decided to stop at Costco for samples to hold us over until we met our family. No problems there except it was boiling hot, and the kids were running away from us.

We finally met at Maggiano’s at 3:00 for a late lunch with family. We really like this restaurant, and I was prepared with incentives for the kids. Too bad our waiter was so slow that all the treats were gone before our salads arrived. Baby Hulk wouldn’t sit still, Kobra was crying in the high chair and Squirt disappeared twice during the meal. To say our stress level was high is an understatement. Of course, this is mostly our fault for taking our kids to a restaurant for more than an hour and a half during nap time, but what could we do? We wanted to spend the afternoon with family and sometimes we get off our schedule. So Lance and I had the pleasure of walking outside in the Houston heat with the kids hoping and praying for the meal to end.

And that’s when he said he understood how I felt this year. So what did I do? I told him the same thing he told me in May. Thankfully, my husband is a much better person than me, and he went inside and changed his attitude and finished the meal on a high note. I would have sat and sulked outside, but not him. He is such a good man, he can admit when he is wrong or has gone overboard, and he lets things go. I am so thankful that he does not hold a grudge. He inspires me to be a better person, but most especially a better wife and mother. He has taught me so much as a parent and I am so blessed to celebrate Father’s Day with him.

Back at home, Baby Hulk got in trouble for pushing Kobra over and was sent to Goose’s room to cool down. He did just that and then peed all over Goose’s guitar. ON PURPOSE!

What a day! Thankfully, we have three down and only one more to go…

Happy Father’s Day, my love. You are the best father and I am so blessed to be raising these boys with you! I love you!

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Super Saints

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What a great day! We had 15 kids for the kickoff of our Saints program! We celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Most of this group met at Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral and while some of us have moved to different parishes, this feast day is still important to us and was a great way to start this new group. Our goal is to provide our children with some Catholic fellowship and introduce them to the Saints in a fun way so that they will look to them for inspiration throughout their lives.

We had a coloring page, made a cool Sacred Heart craft, made Holy cards, had snack time and played a lot. Despite being miserably hot, (in my opinion) the kids played non-stop. A few moms that wanted to come today were unable to come, but I am happy with our turnout. I hope that everyone can come as often as possible and that others will join in making this a success for our children.

Group Photo

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Just One Minute

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Every day Lance and I say we’re going to bed early. And every night it’s after midnight before we climb into bed. We have a rule that we always go to bed at the same time. Surprisingly, we usually follow it. Tonight, I’m heading towards our regular routine. It doesn’t matter that I have a huge list of things to complete tomorrow or that I’m dead tired or that someone will probably wake me up in a few hours, I am still awake. I don’t know what it is that makes me stay awake. Maybe it’s reading blogs… I almost didn’t read this one tonight, but I was pulled to check just one more of the blogs I follow daily. It was so timely for me and what I’m working on with my kids.

During Lent, it was suggested to leave “just one minute” out of your vocabulary when your children ask for/demand your attention. I told several people about trying this out. We all thought this would be impossible, but when I really tried, it wasn’t as hard as it seemed. Plus, as one friend pointed out to me, it’s better to try each day with our children than just give up because something sounds too hard. We expect the best from them, why not give them our best daily. I have remembered that suggestion and started working on that again. I am pleased that today I managed to stop what I was doing and listen to my children and help them immediately rather than having them wait and get frustrated. Just because I listen to their questions immediately doesn’t mean that I give them whatever they are asking for at that moment. That’s okay, they have to learn patience and that they don’t always get what they want, but I am giving them the respect they deserve. My kids aren’t annoyances in my life and I don’t ever want them to feel that way. I want them to know what a gift they are to me each and every day.

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Summer Daybook

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FOR TODAY: June 15th, 2009

Outside my Window… it’s sunny right now. It is so hot and humid. I hate to complain, but I’m already over this weather. We have a swim meet tonight, and I am volunteering in the concessions so that I can sit in the air conditioning!

I am thinking… about our vacation. I have so much to do before we leave and I feel the time already slipping away from me.

I am thankful… that I am FINALLY over my cold. It was two weeks of feeling awful, but still having to run my house as if nothing was wrong since nobody else seemed to catch this cold.

From the kitchen… hopefully some new recipes. My goal is to make dinner every night this week. In fact, I would love to have a week without eating out at all, including lunch. Too bad I already made lunch plans this week!

From the school room… some reading and maps. We’re leaving for vacation on July 3rd, and I’m hoping to teach Goose about some of the states we’ll be driving through before we arrive in South Carolina.

Living the Liturgical year at Home… I am starting Summer with the Saints this week! A friend and I are planning crafts and stories for our little ones. I am so excited about this and am praying for a great turnout and fun for the kids. We are starting on Friday and will be celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

I am going… to a swim meet tonight. Only three more to go. I don’t mind going to swim meet, except that it is so darn hot.

I am wearing… green cargo shorts and a white shirt. I actually took a shower right after my workout today!

I am reading… nothing right now, but someone just recommended a new book for me. I can’t wait to start.

Around the house… lots of kids laughing and playing together. I know the boys won’t always get along, but I love when they hang out together and play nice. Squirt is such a great big brother and it’s been really sweet watching him and Goose listen to music together. Baby Hulk is trying to get in on the action too. He copies everything Goose does.

One of my favorite things… Mad Men. I just finished Season 1 and can’t wait to start Season 2. I think I’ll wait for the long drive across country.

A Few Plans For This Week… lunch with my friend Stacy who is due next week! Making plans for the three best dad’s around…Lance, my dad and my brother. Starting Summer with the Saints and finishing up some chores before summer vacation.

A picture thought I am sharing:

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Red Toenails

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Friday night was take 2 of Terese’s birthday dinner. Despite still feeling sick, I had a blast. Birthday dinners with Cindy, Terese and Carter are something we all look forward to. Lance accuses us of making up birthdays just so we can spend time together. Since we all have busy lives, sometimes our dinners don’t happen until a month or two after said birthday. Lance says if we can’t get it together within a week, we should lose out on the dinner, but there is no way any of us would agree to that.

We went to Piatto for dinner and had a great meal starting with the fried asparagus with crab meat. While we always enjoy the food, it’s the catching up with each other that we love so much. Before we could post pictures online, we used to share all of our vacation pictures over our meals. I’ve never known anyone but our group that would willingly look at other people’s vacation shots. We share stories of work, kids, politics, family members- the good and the crazy. We talk so much that we are the last people at the restaurant, then we sit in the parking lot talking more.

Cindy and I have both decided we need to start including our men when we get together, but not for birthday dinners. These nights are just for the four of us. Happy Birthday Terese!

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