My Daybook~July 28, 2009

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Outside My Window~ Sunny and Humid. I can’t complain though because we are finally getting the rain we have so desperately needed.

I am listening to~Quiet. Two boys are sleeping, two are playing quietly and my hubby is working. I should be reading my new book.

To Live the Liturgy~Super Saints this Friday. The boys continue to love our group and have already asked me when their friends are coming over. We have been reading about St Ann this week too.

To Be Fit and Happy~ I have decided I need to change up my workout routines. I need something different with my cardio. I am not a huge fan of change, but I don’t feel like my workouts are doing anything for me.

I am thankful for~ my husband. He is the best person I know and always wants the best for me and our family. I love that he cares so much about us.

From the kitchen~ We have a menu planned for the week. The goal is to stick to it! I am trying to make sure we have lots of fruit. My favorite fruits are in season, and I want to take advantage of it.

I am wearing~blue shorts, a green top and crocs, so not exciting.

I am thinking~ that poison ivy sucks. My entire body itches and it is driving me insane. So much for whole milk doing the trick.

From the learning rooms~ Classical Music: I am so excited about this. I have been trying to implement music into our lessons all year. While ordering some gifts for Goose on Amazon, I found some books on introducing the Orchestra to kids. I ordered three books, even though one was more than enough. We started last week, and it didn’t seem like he was really interested in it. Yesterday, we listened to Carnival of the Animals, and again, it didn’t seem like Goose was interested. But today, during lunch he wanted to listen to the music again and told Baby Hulk all about the music, which animals were represented in the music, etc. We have also been immersed in all things Texas and Magic Tree House this week. We are also starting vocabulary lists. Do I have to send him to school???

I am praying~ for patience. I really need to work on this, BADLY.

On keeping home~ tomorrow is my cleaning day. The house is what most people consider clean, but I need to really scrub and dust. I love dusting!

One of my favorite things~ the sound of my sons playing together.

A picture thought I am sharing~

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A Beautiful Sight

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Lance took these pictures after a rain storm this week. We were so happy to finally have some rain after almost two months of nothing. The kids were so excited to see the rainbow and lightening. Lance and Squirt took several pictures trying to get the perfect shot of lightening.

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Catch Up

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My mom sent me an email yesterday telling me very sweetly that I haven’t posted anything lately. So for you mom…I love you!

I turned 29 39 this week. Squirt has been teasing me for the past several years that I am only 29. I guess I am starting to believe it. My husband made the day very special for me. Not only did he manage to surprise me with some great gifts, he hung up a banner and pictures of me and the boys all over the house before I woke up. He and the boys bought charms for my bracelet. The beautiful girl next door who is part of the family gave me the house charm telling me that she picked that charm because our home is like her second home. I also received a diamond L to wear around my neck from Lance. I have been asking for this gift for some time. How could Lance refuse me since I will wear it in honor of him and our love?

Lance bought an Italian Cream Cake from Empire Cafe for me. Italian Cream Cake is my favorite cake in the world. I’m not sure my kids liked it, but that’s okay. I have managed to eat all but four pieces. I’m not sure I should be proud of that fact.

We spent my actual birthday with the kids and then on Thursday, Lance and I celebrated by ourselves. We had an amazing dinner at Flemings Steakhouse thanks to Maeve and James. James is a huge fan of Lance’s show as evidenced by the dessert picture. Afterwards, we went to Cirque du Soliel and saw Saltimbanco. All this with a limo too. The night couldn’t have been better. Thanks, Baby!

This week I purchased the Discover America State by State series. These are alphabet books about each state, for example the Texas book is L is for Lone Star. I had already purchased Texas and South Carolina for Goose, then decided I had to purchase every other state he has visited all in the name of our homeschool. (Never mind the fact that he might be starting school the regular way soon). I sent several emails to Sarah discussing these books, and in the end we both spent more than $150 buying books that afternoon. These books are great and my only complaint is that the Oklahoma book mentions football and the Sooners and the Texas book fails to mention the Texas Longhorns. Anybody else see something wrong with that omission?

I have a massive poison ivy rash that is driving me crazy. I came home from vacation with it and it only seems to be getting worse. I am now trying to use whole milk to help with the itching. I have a huge outbreak on my neck, and it looks awful. Please, please go away.

Baby Hulk had pink eye this week. Poor kid. All he heard this week was “don’t touch” over and over. He was so good about getting his eye drops, well, mostly. It cleared up and nobody else in the house caught it. Yet.

My husband started a new show this week for Foodies called Southbound Food. The show airs at 6pm Saturdays on 1560 am. Bryan Caswell of Reef co-hosts the show and it is a great show. They give great information, but the show isn’t boring or snotty. They plan to have some of Houston’s best chefs as guests of the show. I guess Lance and I will have to try out new restaurants so he is fully prepared for the show. I think this would be considered a perk.

Just in case somebody kicks you while at the circus: Goose wore his shin guards to the circus last night.

One of my dearest friends in the world had a baby boy on June 26, 2009. Everett is so handsome and makes me want another baby right now. Stacy is one of my best friends for many reasons, but mostly because she knows all my secrets! Congratulations Stacy and Charles!

I think that’s it for now…everyone is waking up from their naps.

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Book Report at 5

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Goose read his first Magic Tree House book, Dinosaurs Before Dark. I am so proud of his reading as anyone who knows me can tell you. I talk about it nonstop. I can’t help it though, I love the fact that I catch him reading all the time. I read the Magic Tree House books with Squirt, and we loved them. I think Goose likes them too! (I hope so since I just checked out four more from the library). Here is his first book report. I typed all but the little note at the bottom!

Alec’s First Book Report
Dinosaurs Before Dark- Magic Tree House #1

This book is about Jack and Annie. They went in a tree house. They found it in the woods. Books. They found books inside the tree house. And one of the books had dinosaurs in it. Jack wished he could see a dinosaur. Then Jack saw Pteranodon. The tree house started spinning because Jack wanted to go to the age of dinosaurs. They were at the age of dinosaurs. Annie pet the Pteranodon. Jack was scared. They saw a Triceratops and it was nice. They also saw a huge duck billed dinosaur with lips of a duck. Then a T-rex came. Everyone was scared. Jack left his pack on the hill and the dinosaur book by his pack. Every time the Tyrannosaurus Rex was almost at the top of the hill, the Pteranodon saved Jack and Annie saved his life because it was her idea for the Pteranodon to get Jack. They made it home. They found a medallion with a M on it. They are going back to the tree house tomorrow.

Checked by MOM.

Mom , I love you!!!

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Super Saints-Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha

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We were out of town for one week which meant we missed seeing our Super Saints group last week. Monday morning, Goose asked when he was going to make Holy Cards with his friends. I was so happy to realize that he looks forward to these meetings as much as I do. This is what I wanted for my children with this group. We have friends of all faiths and I love that, but I think it is important for my kids to know that they have friends that believe the same thing that they do. (Or that their parents believe!)

I can’t force my children to believe in God, (as much as I want) but I can show them what my faith does for me and hopefully live my faith in such a way that they yearn for a relationship with God. One of the greatest things about the Catholic Faith is the Saints. Who better to pray for us than those already in heaven? The Saints had such interesting lives- sure some of them were always devout, but a lot of them were as imperfect as they come. They had a long journey before they reached Sainthood. I love that my kids can look at the lives of the Saints and see that while life is not always easy, they can strive for perfection with trust in God. Now are they getting all that right now at the age of 5 and under? Probably not, but I do know that Goose loves listening to stories of the Saints right now and does catch little bits here and there. As he grows older, hopefully, the lives of the Saints will take on new meaning for him as they have for Squirt.

This week we focused on Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, an Indian who became a Christian. The kids had pictures to color, a story, made holy cards, had a snack of trail mix, played outdoors and made cross necklaces with beads. The kids had a really good time and it seems like our group really enjoys each other. I know I have a great time with the adults and watching the kids interact.
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us!

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Daybook- Home Sweet Home

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Outside My Window…Hot and humid. Is there anything else to say about the weather in Houston these days? Even the pools don’t cool us off right now.

I am listening to…the Food Network. I am married to a Top Chef, so every day when he has lunch he watches Food Network. My boys are now in love with Giada.

To Live the Liturgy…now that we’re home we’re back on schedule with Super Saints. This week we are learning about Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. Squirt has his own book to read and I am reading the little boys another age appropriate book about her.

To Be Fit and Happy…as much as I love vacations I hate being away from the gym. I love my local YMCA. Even the boys missed the Y and were ready to go Monday morning. I even switched up my cardio this week. Between the new cardio and Bodypump, I am feeling my workouts after just two days. That’s good considering the amount of cake I ate the past three days.

I am thankful for…my friend Sarah. I hadn’t seen her in almost five years and I loved being able to see her every day for a week.

I am pondering this quote…Faith makes all things possible, not easy.
From the kitchen…thankfully, no more cake. I just finished the last of four Tupperwares of the boys’ birthday cake. Does anyone think I shared with the birthday boys? We have menus planned all week…lots of grilled chicken, fish and veggies.

I am wearing…my workout clothes, still.

I am thinking…that this summer has flown by and I am not ready for it to end.

From the learning rooms…We’re back on track this week. Goose started his first Magic Tree House book and has read two chapters. I am so excited for him. I used to read these books with Squirt and loved them. We’ll finish a short study on South Carolina, our vacation spot, then get ready to do a big unit on Texas.

I am praying…for each of my children and husband. They are all so different with different needs and I don’t want to let them down.

On Keeping Home…I unpacked the night we arrived. I was up until 4 in the morning, but at least my house was clean.

One of my favorite things…the band Wilco. I am so excited about their new album.

A picture thought I am sharing…THE BIRTHDAY BOYS

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Is Hate Too Strong a Word?

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It all started in January when the Pittsburgh Steelers won their division and were on their way to the Superbowl. My father-in-law coaches for the Steelers so Lance and I were on our way to Tampa. I had a list of things to get ready for that weekend starting with a haircut. Just a trim, right above the shoulders. I still remember my hair right below my shoulders when I went in for a cut. That was almost six months ago. Now my hair is at my chin. The witch who cut my hair was crying when she came out for my appointment. I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t think I was about to set in motion a punishment that would last a year. The witch cut my hair to my chin and it was so uneven that it was noticeable to everyone. I started hyperventilating, pulling at my hair trying to make it longer, trying to put it in a ponytail- impossible. Then I called the Salon and started bitching. I called weekly for a month demanding the lady get fired. I had to pay another $80 bucks to have somebody try and fix it, only to be told that there were pieces so short that there wasn’t much she could do. Short hair was NOT the look I was going for at the Superbowl. I demanded that Lance instruct his family not to say one thing about my hair. Of course, they didn’t listen and told me how good it looked. Let me tell you how bad it was…the other day, I went in for a hair trim again and my own father begged me not to cut it so short again. Like I had asked for that haircut. Another friend saw me two months after the haircut and responded that it wasn’t so bad. When people talk about your hair, “not so bad” is not what you want to hear.

So why am I writing about this now after all these months? Because after letting my hair grow and finally being able to put most of it into a ponytail, I had to get a trim again to encourage new growth and to try and fix some of the problem spots that had grown long enough to even out. And guess what? I am RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED. My husband said it perfectly the other day, “Sandra screwed you for a year, maybe longer.” I might start calling that salon again to get her fired for my hair still being this short. My new hairdresser tried to explain that it had to be cut short again to even out all the pieces. (I might add that she explained this AFTER cutting my hair this short again.) That makes sense except I don’t want short hair, I would rather have uneven hair than this hair right now. PLUS, I have had two different people check out my hair and tell me that there are still uneven pieces. I want to wear a bag over my head and kill my former hair dresser.

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Bye, Bye, Bye

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Anyone who has had a baby has heard it…”breast is best”. I wasn’t one to follow this bit of advice from any of my doctors until Baby Hulk ended up in NICU. Honestly, breast feeding just grosses me out. I have tons of friends that breast feed their babies in front of me, and I’m fine with it. I just knew that I NEVER wanted a baby attached to my boobs. EVER. So many people have asked how do you know until you try it. It’s just one of those things you know. Even now after pumping breast milk for two kids, people still ask me if I regret not breast feeding. Let me explain…NO, the thought of a baby attached to my boob makes me want to get sick. It’s so funny how opinionated people are about parenting choices.

After hearing all of the benefits of breastfeeding, including rapid weight loss, I decided to give pumping a try. I was already backing out of that decision when Baby Hulk arrived early and was shuttled off to NICU before I had a chance to hold him. I decided that for Baby Hulk, I would pump milk and forced myself to last four weeks. I ended up pumping milk for ten months and still had enough milk for fifteen months. With Kobra, pumping milk was a given and despite losing over three freezers full of milk during Hurricane Ike, I will still have milk for approximately 14 months.

I admit that I felt a little sad when I turned in my pump last week. I also think my hormones are out of whack as my body tries to adjust to being on it’s own for the first time in over two years. I’m happy to be free of the pump, and I know the rest of the family is too. Pumping is a big commitment. There is the time it takes to actually pump, plus cleaning and sterilizing, freezing and finding room for all the excess milk I was lucky enough to have, keeping Squirt and his friends out of the room while I pumped and getting home in time to pump, and so on. Despite all the “work” I am so happy that I pumped as long as I did and was able to give my baby breast milk. I don’t ever regret giving formula to my other babies, but I am happy with my decision to give pumping a try and the results.

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Notice the sidebar…We’ve had a couple of birthdays around here. I’ll write more about it this week, but I wanted to point out that both Goose and Kobra celebrated their birthdays last week. Now I have a five year old and a one year old. Baby Hulk so wanted to celebrate his birthday too and didn’t understand why he had to wait for another month.

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Happy Anniversary!

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I am truly the most blessed woman because I am married to the best man in the world. Tomorrow, June 29th, is our wedding anniversary. We already started celebrating with dinner at Shade. We had a great dinner with good friends last night. Then today at Mass, the priest that married us, Father Troy Gately, gave us a beautiful blessing. I ran into a friend at Mass today that was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary. How awesome is that? I can’t imagine anyone other than Lance that I would want to spend the rest of my life with, and I look forward to celebrating our anniversary each year. Tomorrow we are going to try and eat lunch at the Houstonian, the place where our wedding reception was held. Each year we go back and order the same entree that was served at our reception. Some years we stay for the weekend, but this year we decided to stay a different weekend since we’ll be heading out of town soon. We’re hoping to catch a movie together or have a couples massage before taking our kids to the end of the year swim team party. Nothing like sitting in the Houston humidity with four kids to ruin a date. Actually, nothing can ruin tomorrow for me. I am so grateful for my husband and for our family, and celebrating our anniversary is a celebration of all we have together.

My favorite moments from our wedding: the prayer to Mary, walking down the aisle and seeing Lance’s face, saying our vows, the honeymoon suite with the hot tub and eating the top layer of our wedding cake, which was huge, on the plane.

I love you so much, Lance. You are everything to me and bring me so much happiness. I am so content in our life. God has truly blessed me and I thank Him for you.

And now

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