Daybook- I Have a Three Year Old

By | Posted September 14, 2009

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For Today- September 13, 2009

Outside My Window…It’s dark and it isn’t raining. Yesterday was Baby Hulk’s party, and it didn’t rain!!! I can’t explain how nervous I was about the rain. Despite the fact that I like things in perfect order ALL THE TIME, (and yes, with five boys in this house, I manage to keep things in order all the time.) I decided to throw a birthday party at my house instead of say, Pump It Up. I was freaking out on Friday, trying to come up with indoor games, but it was all for nothing. It stopped raining by noon and we were able to have the bouncy castle and pinata!

I am thinking…about my beautiful boy who is turning three years old tomorrow. I can’t believe how fast time flies. More on him later! I think he deserves his own post, right?

I am thankful for…my beautiful children and the husband who gave them to me. Never in a million years did I think I would be a mom to four boys. What a blessing.

I am wearing…my church clothes, still. A black top and black and white skirt. I have this bad habit that I didn’t notice until blogging about my failure to change clothes in a timely manner.

To be fit and happy…I bought new shoes today! I am so excited about that. Maybe this will be the miracle that will help me shed four pounds!

From the kitchen…chicken bones (drumsticks) for Baby Hulk’s birthday dinner. Still in the planning stages for the rest of the week.

I am creating…memories and traditions for my family. One of those is celebrating your birthday for several days.

One of my favorite things…COLLEGE FOOTBALL. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before now. I even paid for the first UT game since we couldn’t go to Austin for the game. Next week we’ve been invited to a friend’s house for dinner during the UT game. The kids are invited, but we are the only couple leaving them behind. The reason- I don’t want to be distracted during the game. Mom, can you babysit?

I am also thinking…how lucky I am that my husband brings me flowers all the time just because. I love that! He just walked in with roses.

I am listening to…my husband try to keep his cool while going over Geometry with Squirt. I made the mistake of saying how easy Geometry was while I was in school. Lance thought he was going to get off easy this year, but there is no way in hell that I can help Squirt. We would kill each other.

On keeping home…The house is in perfect order already. Who didn’t guess that one? Now, back to making a real home that is loving at all times, even when we don’t like each other!

Living the Liturgical Year at home…I start religion this week with Goose. I hate to say start because we live our faith on a daily basis, but I have lessons planned for Goose starting this week. Is that better? Squirt started CCE tonight, I haven’t heard his thoughts yet. I tried to be really positive and tell him to make the best of class, then went off and reminded him that he has four more years of it, like it or not. I have to remember that I HATED CCE, and in fact, skipped my entire senior year. But often my failings escape me so instead, I just get annoyed that he isn’t jumping for joy at the prospect of going to CCE. As for Super Saints, we’re going over the Exaltation of the Cross. I can’t wait until Thursday.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

  • celebrate Baby Hulk’s birthday
  • spend the day with my best friend
  • mom’s group at church

A picture thought I am sharing…

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Smiling Jack

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The one thing I wanted when we went on summer vacation was a family picture. I had the perfect outfits planned for the picture and the perfect person to take the picture. My friend Sarah was willing to take hundreds of pictures if that is what it took to make me happy. Well, we didn’t get one family shot this summer. The one time we tried, Squirt refused to smile. It might be a cross between being a teen and thinking family shots are dorky, but it is mostly the fact that he hates his teeth. He needs braces and is getting them this year, but until then I just want a smile and not a smirk for family shots. I was so annoyed and totally jealous that Sarah’s family seemed to take perfect photos every time someone snapped a camera.

The way family pictures go is for me to get everyone stressed and uptight for the photo and for dad to threaten everyone to smile so that mom is happy. Really makes for a Kodak moment. Two weeks ago we used the timer and took several great shots with everyone looking at the camera. It was not without fussing or eye rolling, but I was still happy that we were making progress. All but one child was looking and smiling at the camera.

Today at Baby Hulk’s birthday party, I had my sister-in-law take some shots of us. I said one thing to Squirt beforehand about smiling, and God must have been smiling down on my family. I have five shots to choose from and Squirt is smiling as big as he can in each shot. FINALLY! (And yes, I told him how happy I was with his smiles today!)

We only have five of six looking at the camera, but with three of four kids five and under, I think we’re doing pretty good! CHEESE!

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Throwing Fits

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It seems the golden one was so upset about not having Lucky Charms that he broke the window in his room. I kept hearing a tapping sound while I was working. Finally, he called and told me that he was ready to come out. When I went into his room, he told me that there had been an accident involving his golf club and the window. The accident being that he got mad and broke it.

Who out there thinks this kid will get Lucky Charms ever again?

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My Daybook~ September 8, 2009

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For Today: September 8, 2009

Outside my window…It is raining. It is still hot though and will be until November.

I am thinking…that I need to be a better wife and mom.

I am thankful…for the long weekend. I loved relaxing with my family and getting extra time with the school kids.

From the kitchen…this should be a good week. We have a menu planned and have stocked the refrigerator with the necessary items for a great week of meals. NO eating out until Saturday.

Living the Liturgical Year at home…Today is the Nativity of our Lady. We’ll be celebrating this on Thursday with a Super Saints birthday party for Our Lady. A friend and I went over the church calendar and have some great ideas for the next month. The kids were happy to hear that Super Saints was starting this week. CCE starts for Squirt this week. I am praying for a great teacher for him so he can learn both at home and with his peers at church.

I am creating…more plans for Super Saints. There are so many awesome Saints celebrating their feast days this Fall. What I want more than anything is for my children to realize that they can become Saints and that these Saints are their friends and watching over them.

I am listening to…Goose throw a fit because I won’t let him have Lucky Charms for a snack. He already had a huge piece of pumpkin bread and is pissy over my refusal to give in to his whims.

To be fit and happy… I have finally changed up my workout routine. I love bodypump, but I am loving my new cardio even more: bodystep and body combat. Now if I can just see some results!

I am wearing… my workout clothes. I don’t know how the day escapes from me. It seems we run from one place to another before I have a chance to change.

I am hoping…that is doesn’t rain this Saturday for Baby Hulk’s party.

One of my favorite things… Anvil. I love this place and could spend quite a bit of money here!

A few plans for the week…

  • last night, we went to Warehouse Live and saw the Dandy Warhols.
  • swim lessons every day for Baby Hulk. He is doing such a great job!
  • Super Saints
  • Baby Hulk’s birthday party
  • haircuts for the boys..all four of them!

On keeping home… Lots of cleaning this week-before and after. We have kids coming over on Saturday so I don’t want to clean too much! Sunday will be the real cleaning day for me.

A picture thought I am sharing…

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Baby Hulk

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This kid cracks me up. Today we were driving, and he asked me to roll down the window so that he could throw away his lollipop stick. I explained that that would be littering and how we don’t litter because we want to keep the Earth clean. He told me, “No, we don’t. Please roll down the window.” At least he said please.

Last week he told me that his babysitter, not Jessica, couldn’t come over anymore because he didn’t like her. This was after he told her “it’s time to leave.” He also told me that she needed to go to the Principal’s office.

But the best quote was after Goose started school. He told Lance that he was never leaving home because he didn’t want to make me sad.

I love this kid!

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One Week In

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Am I feeling any better about Goose and school? To be truthful, not one bit. I can’t get over this “Day of the Week” thing. They spent an entire week on the days of the week! They even made a book about the days of the week. Once Goose told me that they were working on a book, I was starting to feel a bit better about the whole thing because I started thinking of what I would do for this project with him. Until today when he brought the book home. The day was typed on a piece of paper, and the kids drew a picture on each page. That’s it! I won’t be saving this book as a reminder of his first week of school. In fact, nothing that he brought home is worth saving, not even for a scrapbook. I still have no clue what they are doing with my son for 7 1/2 hours each day. NO FREAKING CLUE.

I managed to talk to the teacher for a bit, and all I got out of her was that he has been assessed. He knows all his sight words; already knew that. It does sound like most of the kids are reading and that makes me happy. I would rather Goose be playing catch up, which I don’t think will happen, than for him to be the smartest kid around.

I know this is only the first week of school, but I hate it and can’t help but feeling he would be better off at home. Plus, I wouldn’t have to go through a bunch of trash paperwork every day. I hate clutter and all this paperwork is just another reason to add to the list against school.

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How I Spent My Day

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Working Out
Being Mad
Playing Soccer with Baby Hulk
and missing my Goose.

Was it worth it? Well, I wasted a bottle of good wine on being sad. I come from a long line of grudge holders, so being mad at people seems normal to me. I finished a good book and had a great workout at the gym and with the Hulk. When I went to pick up Goose, I asked him what he learned today. He told me the Days of the Week. Are you kidding? My two year old knows the days of the week. I kept badgering him to tell me something he learned and he said some song in French. It can only get better, right?

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Xanax, Anyone?

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If anyone doesn’t believe that I’ll be taking Xanax tomorrow they don’t know me AT ALL. I hate to even type that for fear that one day Lance will run for office and then his wife will be accused of being hooked on prescription drugs and then it’s all over for him. But seriously, I have a lot more skeletons to worry about that this.

To say that I am heartbroken over sending Goose to Kindergarten is an understatement. Every night before we fall asleep I ask Lance to let me homeschool Goose. This has been going on since April. I almost had him convinced, but then he decided that we needed to give this school a try. Of course, I know that we can always pull him out of school and that this school is a great opportunity for Goose, but I know that there isn’t a great chance I will homeschool him again. And that makes me want to cry, something I don’t ever do.

For every positive people keep telling me about sending him to school, I can come up with ten negatives. Part of wanting to homeschool is not being ready to send Goose to school. I have always admitted that, but I also truly believe I am the best teacher for him right now. We had such a great time this past year. He has learned a Kindergarten curriculum and loves learning. We didn’t work too much, but enough to keep him eager for more. Today we did one last report together, and now I’m getting ready to empty my book bag. I won’t be needing it anymore.

Lance says he will keep an open mind, and I promised the same. It doesn’t mean I won’t be bitter all week long, but I will try and trust the man I chose to be the father of my children. At church today, the second reading was from our wedding…St Paul telling wives to be submissive to their husbands. I guess this is my chance to follow through on that. We’ll see how that goes…

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Back To School Lunch

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We have done so much this week in my effort to have a bit of fun before school starts next Monday. Today we had our back to school meal with all our kids! We took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe and had a blast. Kobra loved the animals and each time they started moving, he turned to look. Baby Hulk was a bit scared of the animals and was way more interested in the food than the animals. Goose was busy telling everyone that he starts school next week. Squirt and Jessica played it cool. Here is our family picture…almost everyone is smiling and looking at the camera! It only took the waiter two shots for this photo!

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Super Saints- The Assumption of our Blessed Mother

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There is one thing the kids will remember from today, and I hate to admit that it was the cupcakes! Each child was so sweet thanking me for today, but most especially the cupcakes.

That’s okay because you should have heard how much these kids know about our Blessed Mother. It makes me so happy to hear young voices talk about Mary with such love and knowledge. I am so proud of these moms for sharing their faith with their children in a way that the kids understand. And these children were not just spouting off facts, they spoke about Mary with such love in their hearts. We had our coloring page, made holy cards and painted a beautiful sun and placed an image of Our Lady on it. Afterwards, we all prayed a decade of the Rosary together. Then came the cupcakes!

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