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Lance loves this blog because it’s another outlet for me to vent. He doesn’t have to hear all my complaints. All. Day. Long. Sometimes, I’ll be talking to a friend and say something about my blog and realize that they don’t even read it. “What’s the name again?” And I get all offended, but really, that just means I can talk about them behind their back. So here goes the newest annoyance that has been bothering me for weeks.

Lance has been invited to an out of town birthday party. He received the email with all the info, which included the cost of everything and an extra $50 for another gift. It didn’t say anything like “if you would like to contribute” or “he would like this, send what you can”. Nope, just a specific amount assuming that all parties can go out of town, pay for a hotel, meals, gas and an extra gift. I admit, I’m cheap, but not when it comes to gifts. I go ALL out. Our Christmas budget for others is $2000 and that doesn’t include gifts for each other. (We have kids, godchildren, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) BUT…I think this is so freaking tacky and presumptuous. Maybe as tacky as me stating my Christmas budget.

I admit that ever since Lance has received this invite, I have been bitching nonstop. Then came the final details email which upped the price of the contribution by five bucks. I almost wrecked the car when Lance told me. Of course, he’ll contribute, we love this friend (and he isn’t the one who made these arrangements so I’m not complaining about him) and after this weekend, I’ll stop bitching. I promise. However, this weekend does screw over some key people with birthdays coming up. Sorry guys, your birthday money will all be spent this weekend. This would be Clint, Shea, the twins and my Godson. Maybe they should have sent me an invite with specific money requests.

Do I feel better about venting about this? Actually, I felt better last week at dinner when two of the guys who are also going and NOT CHEAP at all said the exact same thing without any prompting from me! Here’s hoping LZ’s friends don’t read this blog.

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Not A Donation Center

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With four boys, there are A LOT of hand me downs in this house, so in theory I’m not against hand me downs. BUT…I draw the line at stained clothing and rusted out toys. I’ve done laundry at least twice a week since I got married so I will never run out of clean clothes. There is never a reason for people to give me stained onesies because I might run out with a newborn. I promise, I won’t. When the boys outgrow their clothes, I sort through them, fold and organize them according to size and place them in the attic. When I finally pass these clothes on, if somebody wants them, they will be neat. I can’t stand organizing clothes someone else didn’t care enough about to organize. It’s more work for me. Yesterday, I received dried out play dough and rusted lawn chairs. They went in the trash. Why do people think they are doing me a favor by giving me crap they don’t want in their house anymore?

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Memorial Weekend Pictures

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Memorial Weekend with the extended family

Our Host

My boys loved their cousins!
Mom and five kids, I can handle that, right?

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream?!

My beautiful crew at the greenbelt.

He wasn’t sure if he liked getting his feet wet.

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Embrace Him

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I have a three year old who is the most loving, sweet, stubborn, caring, and emotionally volatile child I know. He can go from happy to freak out screaming fits if you tear a small piece off his sandwich or if a stick breaks. For the first three years of his life, he would cry for five minutes every time I left him at the gym. In fact, he still does this about once every ten days. And he not only cries, he screams/cries in a very high pitch. It is insane and drives me crazy.

To be clear, I hate criers. Yet I have always been surrounded by them from friends to guys I dated to my kids. I don’t understand it, I want to shout, “HOLD IT TOGETHER!!!” Maybe I scoffed at some of the guys I dated, and sometimes I will tell Squirt to grow up, but I can’t really do that with the Baby Hulk. Yesterday was a particularly hard day for him and his hysteria was in high gear. And I had a lot to do, some that could wait like blog reading and folding clothes and others that were more important like getting food for the rest of the family. But something told me as he was crying at my legs to stop and just hold him. It didn’t make him stop crying, but he did hold on for dear life. I managed to get food for the rest of the family and we sat and hugged. Finally, he calmed down enough to sit and eat. All day long he kept wanting me to hold him and hug him.

Later, when I did have the chance to read a blog, I read the following: “Embrace him. He is empty and unsure of your permanence, for whatever reason, and the more you resist, the more unsure he gets. The more unsure he gets, the more he will cling. Embrace him every time he wants you to, for as long as he wants you to. Don’t let go until he does. Eventually he will.”

What amazing advice and one that is particularly hard for me to always follow. I am so glad I found that quote yesterday because I would have been very tempted to stop the hugs after an hour or so. I have to remember that regardless of what I want to do, my children’s needs come first. There is nothing wrong with making my arms their safe haven. Even if it means I have loads of laundry to finish after they go to bed.

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You Can Count Me Out

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Have you heard there is a Census going on in this country? Like a good citizen, I completed my form the first time it arrived. And thought of the wasted paper when the same form arrived again. There was a deadline, and I responded within that time frame. Turns out they didn’t receive our form. SO…they came knocking on our door. Despite having a babysitter and people waiting for us, my wonderful husband answered each question while the lady filled out the paperwork very slowly. Again. Me, I wouldn’t have done it again because I had already filled it out once before. (Lance is way nicer than me.) Last week, we received a phone call every night of the week about some of his answers. Who knows, maybe slow writer screwed it up. I told Lance to call, but he never did. SO…they came knocking again…

Only this time, we were out of town. And since they couldn’t harass us, they decided to go with my neighbor instead. While my sweet little Jessica is very mature, she is clearly a MINOR. But did that stop the Census man from asking her to complete the form for us? NO. And yes, the guy knew she didn’t live in this house. And when I was yelling at him on Monday evening, a holiday no less, he admitted he knew she was a minor at that time too.

I came home from a great weekend to another message from this guy, telling us he saw our car in the driveway and we weren’t answering the door. We had been home for less than thirty minutes, and he was at the door. I couldn’t wait to talk to this guy. Yes, I am the type of person who loves to complain or write letters. I rarely have the chance to follow through, but this time would be different. He would indeed be sorry he bothered my sweet neighbor and that he was messing with bedtime. I admit I was rather harsh, but I think he got the point about not asking neighbors to help out with a government form.

In the end, he got what he wanted. Lance refused to let me send him away. (And I had to be the obedient wife and let him answer the questions for the third time.) The man could never explain what information they needed despite me asking over and over. I did get his name so I could complain to a supervisor.

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My Daybook~ School Is OUT!

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For Today…May 31, 2010

Outside my window…Did I mention I live in Texas? Houston to be exact? Everyone thinks Austin has much nicer weather. I went to school there, I remember, it doesn’t. Humid and Hot is still Humid and Hot no matter where you are. Austin has so much we want to do outdoors that I think it might suck even more than Houston’s humidity. How can you complain about Houston’s weather when you are always inside?

I am wearing…my bathing suit and a Snoopy t-shirt, the one Chelsea gave me years ago! The boys love this shirt.

I am listening to…Matthew Sweet. Brings a smile to my face.

I am thinking…about the great weekend I had in Austin. We had the best time with my cousins and niece and the rest of my extended family. It’s a crazy family I’m a part of, but I love getting together with them. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen everyone. I was more than happy to start my summer off with them.

I am also…still bummed about Squirt missing this past weekend. The older cousins (which used to mean me, do I really have a kid that is a teenager???), are all around his age. It is really cool to watch them all together, catching up, teasing each other and making plans to see each other again. Squirt had JROTC camp that started Sunday morning so he missed our weekend. I am excited about him going to camp, but still sad about him missing family time. Plus, his cousins missed him too.

To be fit and happy…hmmm…Something tells me my workouts aren’t helping these days! Here’s hoping for a change in diet soon.

From the kitchen…smoked chicken, stuffed bell peppers and buffalo burgers at the pool. Lance and I decided that we are eating at the pool at least once a week with the boys. Plus, I want to make cobbler this week. I know I shouldn’t, but I have to before all the good berries are gone.

Around the house…I am ordering my new curtains this week! Can’t wait to finally have curtains in my dining room.

I am trying…to find a reasonable vacation spot for me and the boys, just four or five days to relax and enjoy ourselves this summer. Lance and I are taking a trip by ourselves in August, and I already feel bad that I have nothing planned for the kids beyond Austin and Galveston. Thankfully, the boys love Austin, but still…

I am thankful…for my hosts this weekend. They were so gracious to me and my boys. We couldn’t have felt more welcome. Or had a better time. We can’t wait for them to visit us!

I am praying for…all my babies and for the son of my mom’s good friend.

One of my favorite things…not having to get up and get ready for school anymore. I think we’re going to like this lazy routine. Other than this week for Squirt and basketball camp for the BH and Goose, we’re not doing anything else except getting on each other’s nerves!

A few plans for the rest of the week…

  • lunch dates
  • visiting a friend’s new house and swimming
  • play dates
  • dinner for Chris’s birthday
  • dinner for Terese’s birthday

A picture thought I am sharing…

He is mine, all mine, for the summer!

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The smile on Goose’s face is for one reason: big brother is at his school!

Singing in French and signing at the same time, this is no ordinary kid show!

Proud Parents of their K grad!

Look at my Goose! He is so excited and proud of himself. Today we celebrated his promotion ceremony at school. It was short and to the point. Each child walked across the stage to receive their little diploma. It was so sweet. And he just couldn’t get over big brother being at school with him. I love seeing my boys so happy with each other. This has been such a LONG year for me, and I am more than ready for summer to start (two more days!) so I can spend all day long with all my boys. Do I still wish things were different? Yes, every day of my life. But he’s happy and had a good year, and for that, I am thankful.

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Scenes From A Birthday

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He was so excited every. single. time.

The birthday boy

Yes, this is my adorable niece


The kids loved that Mimi bowled too



Goose’s present…buddy bucks from HEB

Our Family

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Sleepless Nights

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There are things that I don’t have to try, and I know I don’t like them. We all have certain perceptions that we aren’t going to change. One thing I always knew was that I didn’t ever want a Family Bed. EVER. I don’t even want a bassinet in my room, much less a baby sleeping in my bed. It works out great for tons of people, but I knew before I ever thought of getting married that co-sleeping wasn’t for me. AND NOW….I can positively say that co-sleeping isn’t for me. In fact, I think it pretty much sucks. Kobra has become such a little fuss at night to the point that he screams at the top of his lungs and refuses to go back down in his crib. Then he starts pointing to my room. The second he lays down in MY bed, he closes his eyes and falls fast asleep. It is so hard for me to let him win this battle…I can’t sleep because he moves around too much, he doesn’t like covers and makes fussing noises and what about intimacy. I mean, how do people who co-sleep have sex with a baby in their bed? I’m sorry, but that grosses me out. I am more likely to move to another room than to sleep with this little kid. Of course, then I lose being near Lance, but Kobra has already ruined that with his presence because he has to be in the middle of us. I am guessing that he spends at least one to two nights a week in my bed. This kid is pretty stubborn, but has no clue how stubborn I am. I promise to win this fight, no matter how many other kids lose sleep in the process.

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A New Found Respect

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Today I had the pleasure of attending my beautiful Goddaughter’s dance recital. Can I just give my parents a huge THANK YOU for sitting through years and years of both piano and ballet recitals. (I wasn’t great at either, so I’m not sure it was worth sitting through these recitals every year.)

I am one of those people that love kids, but hate things that most people find cute. And one of the things that I don’t find cute are kid programs. And honestly, that includes watching my own kids. I just have to no desire to watch kids sort of sing or dance for two minutes in a program. It’s not cute to me. AT. ALL. To have to watch over an hour of kids I don’t know at all “dance” was like torture. Of course, my precious Goddaughter was nothing less than perfect. While watching these kids, I wondered how my parents continued putting me in dance classes year after year because all I kept thinking was that most of these parents could be saving a fortune if they just dropped the dance classes.

I used to get offended because my brother never invited me to my niece’s piano recitals. Now I think he must be watching out for me. I promise to do the same.

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