Weekend Review

By | Posted June 21, 2010

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This weekend was fabulous. After a long week during which I barely saw Lance, I decided we needed a night to ourselves. We fed the kids a real meal, (not frozen chicken or mac-n-cheese), and put them to bed. (Not Squirt!) We waited thirty minutes for the young ones to fall asleep then took off for our date. We decided on Bistro Don Camillo since it was close to home and they had recently been on Southbound Food. The food didn’t disappoint. We even saw someone there who went after hearing about it on Southbound Food. It was so nice to just sit and relax with my hubby especially since I knew he would be gone for half of the next day.

I was so excited to make it to my Bodystep class on Saturday. I LOVE this class and have missed it so much since the instructor started working a new job during the week. She wants me to come in at 6 in the morning to workout with her, but I’m not sure I have it in me to do that and still deal with the kids ALL. DAY. LONG.

We went to our friends Clint and Shea’s 40th birthday party Saturday night. I met Clint and Shea through Lance, and I love that I’ve managed to become friends with them on my own too. I think they feel the same way. We don’t see them nearly as much as we should, but we have managed to catch a few dinners over the past six months and I’m hoping we continue this trend. I really like that they want to hang out with us, and not us and our kids! The party was fabulous with incredible food. Shea’s mom is an amazing cook and is always willing to give out recipes, too bad my stuff doesn’t come out quite the same!

We had a quiet Father’s Day: got up, went to Mass (amazing sermon), then saw this fellow walking through the neighborhood leaving Mass. Can you believe it? The lady we talked to says there is also a male that runs around with this chick!

We spent the afternoon with my dad and brother, my other two favorite dads. The grilling was awesome as usual, and the kids came home exhausted. My dad even shared the special dessert I made for him. He still has a third left for himself, but I know he was watching us to make sure we didn’t eat too much.

My highlight of the weekend…My Goose learned how to ride a bike. A girl bike, a midget bike, but nonetheless, A TWO WHEELER! I am so excited for him. He was so proud of himself and so were his brothers.

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Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day to the best man I know. It is a privilege raising these kids with you. Most of the time. Others I’d just like to sell them. Lance, I say it all the time, you are truly the best person I know. The fact that you are an amazing father makes me love you even more. You are the leader of this family no matter how hard it is for me to accept at times, the wise one, the forgiving one, the loving one and the silly one. Thank you for all you do for us.

St. Joseph continue to intercede for my husband and my family and for all fathers!

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Trophy Husband

By | Posted June 19, 2010

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Today my baby brought home the MVP trophy from the Rockets Houston Media Classic. 1560 has won four years in a row! This year was even better because Lance and Johnny Harris have worked so hard to be in shape for this game. Not only does my baby look super sexy to me, he feels great and is able to play like a teenager again. Okay, maybe not like a teenager as he actually had to stretch and tape up before the game, but he did manage to snag that trophy today! Congrats to my husband and to 1560 for killing the competition. Again. Double Rods!

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Fruitables= BAD

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Goose and the Baby Hulk have been asking for an orange burst all day. I finally told them if they had a fruitable, (juice box that contains a serving of veggies), they could have one. Goose took one sip and said he would rather have a bowl of broccoli. The Baby Hulk gulped his down, but still got stuck with some broccoli for his afternoon snack.

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After Lance found me like this earlier, he had a talk with Baby Hulk and Goose about last night. Goose was very clear: he wants to sleep with me and plans to continue to do so. Unable to deal with a wife who wants to sleep all day and is cranky, he told the boys they must sleep in their own beds. Since it was mom they wanted, we thought pictures might help them feel like I’m right next to them. Hopefully, this solution will last.

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Mom’s Company

By | Posted June 17, 2010

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Last night, I woke up to find Goose snuggled in bed with me. Actually, I didn’t really notice because he is smart enough not to make any noise when he comes to my room. If he doesn’t wake me up, I can’t send him back to his room. Gifted, this child. The Baby Hulk isn’t quite as smooth. He came to my room to find Goose already next to me. And started crying. Loudly. If Goose had seen this scenario, he would have pushed the offending child out of the way or gone to the other side of me. Not Baby Hulk. Finally, I told him just to snuggle on top of me, but then realized how dumb that was. So off I went to the lower bunk bed to help the Baby Hulk fall back asleep and not wake up a third child. (Actually, a third was already awake feeling like he was going to puke.) I had not been in the little boys’ room very long when I heard the thump thump of foot steps and someone climbing up the ladder. Then I heard more movement going back down the ladder. Finally, Goose asked if I could sleep with him in his bed. Turns out he left MY room in search of me so we could still sleep together. After getting Baby Hulk back to sleep, (no easy task as he is a talker once he wakes up), I got Goose to sleep and returned to my room. The only problem, the person I was supposed to be sleeping with had already left for his show. Sigh.

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Moody Gardens

By | Posted June 16, 2010

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I took the boys to Moody Gardens today. BY MYSELF. Okay, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I can say that I won’t be doing a short beach vacation by myself and the boys. First, it’s a little difficult trying to watch two that can swim and want to go EVERYWHERE and two others that want to just wade. Second, I hate beaches. Why do I always forget this fun fact? Last summer we took a vacation to the beach, and while I loved the company and the history we were able to see, the beach part was just so-so. I can’t stand sand. So much so that I literally used ONE towel today just so that the rest of the towels I brought didn’t get sandy.

Besides me being OCD about sand, I have to say that today was nearly perfect. For both me and the boys. There are days when I look back and am so sad at how I’ve behaved as a mother, but not today! I am so happy that despite things getting a bit hectic a couple of times and the Baby Hulk throwing a screaming fit, I held it together and it showed in how everyone behaved. I was so proud of how everyone got along and listened to me. I love days like today and it shows that I can be that mother that my boys deserve and that I so desperately want to be.

We enjoyed the Aquarium and Palm Beach, then stopped at Whataburger on the way home! A perfect ending as far as I’m concerned! The Aquarium was small, but fine. It’s hard to really enjoy aquariums after seeing Shedd and the Atlanta Aquariums, but the boys had fun and actually read a lot of information about the various sea life. The beach was fun, but I must admit that within ten minutes I sent Lance a text asking when I could leave. I lasted an hour longer than I thought I would. The boys really had a great time and were so appreciative of this outing.

Not a great picture, but I thought it was kind of cool.

My two penguins

I knew I had four kids!

I think this means we had a great day!

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My Daybook~ Summertime

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For Today…June 13, 2010

Outside my window…it’s almost dark outside. And the weather doesn’t completely stink right now! It was a beautiful day, and we took advantage at the pool.

I am listening to…Baby Hulk yell for me. Soon I’ll be listening to the baby crying. Clearly, BH has no interest in sleeping right now.

I am wearing…black longhorn shorts and a white t-shirt.

I am thinking…about how hard it is to take the BH and Kobra to church sometimes. I’ve talked about Baby Hulk and his scream cries; it happened tonight at Mass. I literally had to put him outside the door and step inside so I could listen to the readings. Most people wouldn’t do that, but listening to him scream would have only made me mad. Then Kobra didn’t want to sit so he started fussing. When Lance would try and bring him back to sit with us, he would yell, “NO”. I am not a fan of nurseries for children because I think kids need to learn how to behave during Mass, but sometimes these two drive me crazy. Thankfully, these incidents don’t normally happen at Mass.

I am wondering…what is going to happen to UT. I’ve been going back and forth with my brother on this, and it’s stressing me out. I want to know if we’re moving to the PAC 10, (so not interested in going to play in Arizona!) or the Big 10 or staying put and possibly adding a couple of new teams to the Big 12. Hopefully, this week will offer answers and soon!

From the kitchen…lots of fresh fruit. I love summer fruits, and my fridge is packed with healthy snacks right now.

To be fit and happy…I’m fit, I work out five days a week, I just don’t look it. Oh well.

Around the house…I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we didn’t go through Squirt’s folders the last day of school. We ALWAYS do this at the end of each year. This way we don’t have a lot of crap and useless papers taking up space. Squirt and I carefully go over each subject and decide what to keep. He usually keeps a few more items than I would like, but we also go through “old” papers as well and he usually tosses a bunch wondering why he kept it in the first place. I am also getting rid of excess toys and clothing. Part of me wants to sell some stuff, but that really isn’t me. I will be making a huge run to the donation center this week.

I am praying for…all of my babies and for a relaxed summer.

I am thankful for…my amazing hubby and his values. His motto is to always ask himself if his kids would be ashamed to see him act a certain way. He is not perfect, but I never have to worry about him doing or saying something stupid when I’m not around.

From the learning rooms…you didn’t think Goose would get a break did you?! I took the Globe out today so we can check out where each team in the World Cup is on the globe. Kobra promptly took the “pen” that comes with it and we have no idea where it is. We’ll do a unit on Soccer and pick a country to study. We’re reading and doing some math as well. I am so excited to have my star pupil back home.

To live the liturgy…I haven’t hosted Super Saints in a few weeks. To be honest, I really needed the break, but the boys have asked the past two Mondays about their club so we are on this week. (Assuming I get it together and call everyone tonight.) This month is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We got our craft from last year out, and the boys were happy to them again. We’re learning about the 12 promises and discussing our favorites. We’ll also focus on St Anthony of Padua and Sts. Peter and Paul, my favorites, this month. I’ve also been trying to start “explaining” the Eucharist to Goose. We’ve found two really good books that he really likes.

Kobra this week…this kid can’t stop talking. He cracks me up. He is bossier than ever now that he knows his words!

One of my favorite things…old music. Since Lance was gone last night and the kids were asleep by 7 pm, I spent the night going through old CD’s.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

  • Super Saints
  • Moody Gardens in Galveston, I think
  • swim lessons
  • dr appt
  • haircut, do I dare??
  • pedicure
  • lunch date
  • Clint and Shea’s 40th birthday!

A picture thought I am sharing…

Why am I paying for swim lessons again when all he does is hold the wall???

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Basketball Camp

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Goose and the Baby Hulk went to Rice basketball camp this week. I don’t think there is anything cuter than Biddie Ball, especially the Baby Hulk. He was by far the cutest kid out there, including my other one. He was also the first to get in trouble for refusing the sit properly when camp started. He lost his ball during the intro talks because of his stubbornness. The boys had a great time all week. Unfortunately, the best picture I was able to take was of the child not participating in camp.

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A Bit Too Curious

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Is it bad that I’m passing my stalking/snooping abilities down to the next generation? I feel like I’m a mentor these days! Not that my protege needs much help, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that she didn’t know about. I’ve been snooping since before you could type someone’s name in Google and come up with all their information. Spokeo: old news to me. Anyway, I must say this week has brought back so many memories for me, and I’ve loved it. Especially because it netted such great results. Nothing like stalking to make you feel like you are on top of the world. Of course, then there are those times when you searched a bit too much and found something you didn’t really want to find.

My stalking did have one really good result: meeting LZ.

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