Can you just stay FIVE?!!

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Oh my sweet little boy, Snax.  How can another year have passed?

My boy with the twinkle in his eye, the mischievous one who is all boy.  Where did five go?


It passed too fast, and it kills me.  But kid, what a year.  Truly, it was a fantastic year for you.  I’ve been asking you all week if you would consider just staying five.  You told me you’d think about it.  WhenI asked today what the final answer was, you said it was a secret.

Either way, kid, things are going to be great this year.


Last year had you leaving me to head off to school.  Oh how I worried.  I didn’t want my baby boy to leave.  And really, you were such a young five.  Such a young, young five.  And mischievous.  And that twinkle…would your teachers appreciate that twinkle?  I worried how you would behave in class.  But you were great.  Maybe a total of 8 notes the entire year.   And one of your teachers told me you were just so cool and funny.  She got you.  (Well, mostly.)  It wasn’t just your behavior that was great, it was how you picked up on things so fast.  Your math continues to amaze me.  You can add whatever we throw at you in your head.  You know you’re good, and I love to see that proud look in your eyes.


You are right along with the boys listening to stories.  You fight over sitting next to me and still bring huge stacks of books for me to read to you.  You love Bible stories and know them after hearing them just once.

You love that damn dog of ours.  This year was so cold, Lola was allowed to come inside.  You had her walking all over the house, sleeping with you.  You play with her nonstop, get on top of her, feed her.  When you wrote about your family this year, you said there were 8 people because you included her in the mix.  I’m glad you love her despite how much she gets on my nerves.


You are hilarious with Mari!  You love her, most of the time.  Oh how she cried when you went to school this year.  And you were so sweet to her, you always ran back to give her a kiss.  You asked about her day, you were curious.  I think you missed her too.  Sometimes I catch you and her reading together.  It makes my heart happy.  But when she makes you mad, there is no stopping you.  Nothing will calm you down.  I have to share this story, not to embarrass you, but so I remember later on…One day, you asked if you could marry your sister and when I said no, you asked if you could just live with her.  It was such a sweet request, you just love her and like being around her.


You may be the youngest boy in the house, but you have no fear of anyone.  One of the boys pisses you off, you go off and punch them.  And it doesn’t matter if they hurt you, you won’t go down.


All year long, I found you outside playing baseball.  Mostly, you made your biggest brother, Drake,  play with you.  You love it.  You’re a good hitter.  In the spring, you played baseball and soccer.  You are super aggressive and have no fear.  I would die before playing goalie, but the thought that you could get hurt doesn’t occur to you.  Right now, dad is coaching your basketball team.  You’ve had to sit out a few times for not minding dad, but you go to the side and wait.  But again, you’re aggressive on the court.  Dad and I like that about you.

But beneath the twinkle, the tough boy, there is a sweet little boy.  A boy who will come and tell me he loves me.  A sweet little boy who will ask if we can snuggle.  That may have been my favorite part of the day: after school when you just needed some time with me.  Because I missed you so much, and to have you ask for time with me, made my heart melt.

But you know what my favorite thing about you is?   It’s how slow you do things.  You refuse to be rushed.   It happens when you order food, when you are choosing a gift from the store, what shoes to buy…Sure, it frustrates me how long it takes for you to make a decision, but when I force myself to slow down with you, I see the joy in all of it.  Life shouldn’t be rushed.  I know that’s why God gave you to me.  That’s what he wants you to teach me.  To slow down and enjoy life.  I always talk about living intentionally, you force me to do just that.

DSC_3306 Snax, you are such an amazing little boy.  You are constantly making me laugh.  After leaving a party this year, you informed me how great the owner’s dog was.  When I asked why, you responded “you can punch him in the face.”  I couldn’t believe it!  I freaked out asking if you had punched the dog,  You assured me that you had not, you just knew that he wouldn’t have minded.  Truly, your mind is amazing.

The following morning, you woke up with blue gum in your hair.

Snax, my sweet boy, I love you so much.  You are the one who made our home loud from day one, bringing out the loud in everyone else.  My favorite thing is to wake up and see you snuggled next to me or hear you ask me to snuggle you.  How can my rambunctious little boy be such a little snuggle bug?  But you are, and the best thing I could ever do with you is to immediately say yes when you ask.  It’s good for me and good for you.  Happy Birthday, my son.  I love you and can’t wait to see what happens this year!

May God bless you always!  Mary, pray for my son!  St. Sebastian, pray for my son!


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What 10 looks like

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Goose~ how did it happen?  Ten years in the blink of an eye.



I remember your birth like it was yesterday.  Eating out at Pappadeaux, coming home and playing BopIt with Squirt, then my water breaking.  I had a million thoughts racing through my mind at that point.  I didn’t rush, I think I moved furniture, loaded my Ipod, and then left once Mimi arrived.

It was a long night and finally, I was pushing, and there you were, after two and a half hours of pushing.  I can look down and still see you in my arms just looking up at me.  I have not wanted to let you go since that moment.

DSC_3166And honestly, I don’t think you like  being far away either.  You still ask to snuggle, you fight over sitting next to me while I read and you get mad when you think someone else is getting more attention than you.  You are a mama’s boy in the truest sense.

You’ve had a great year.  Probably your best in school so far.  You had amazing teachers this year.  Your math?  Well, half the time I have to really think before I can help.  You will be way past me soon enough, and I’ve no doubt that one day you will have a career where you can use your skills in math.  You loved science and even got an award in it this year.  Spelling continues to be a strong point for you, and I was so proud to see you on that stage during the spelling bee.  With a straight A average for the year, it sounds bad criticizing, but if there was one area where we can work together, it’s reading comprehension.  It’s probably my fault, we read too fast in the beginning.  Now you just want to rush, so if I can ask anything, it’s slow down.  You miss so much when you rush.  And not just in reading, but in life.  It’s good to slow down and take it all in.


Your love of sports is pretty incredible.  Growing up with a brother, the first 7/9 birthday, who was an encyclopedia and then marrying your father, I’m used to sports addicts.  I don’t mind them at all.  In fact, I love how much you love sports.  While your dad was in NYC for the draft this year, you and I sat up and watched the coverage.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know half the players, but you?  You knew them all, where they played, what position, where they should go and you fell asleep on the couch watching.  When you woke up the next morning, you had questions about where people were drafted.

Then there’s basketball.  It’s the sport you play.  And you’re not bad.  Once yoU get bigger, you’ll be amazing.  It’s another sport you love watching and we had fun at games this year.

As a mom one of my proudest moments was during baseball season.  I worried about you because you weren’t hitting the ball.  It was machine pitch, and the bats are just too heavy for you.  You went three games as well as all the practices without a hit.  But you didn’t let it get you down.  Nobody would have known just how frustrated you were.  No bad attitude at all.  And then finally, you connected and of course, it was during one of our trips, but you called me immediately.  You were SO happy and proud of yourself.  After that, there was no looking back, you hit and scored.  I love seeing that success and the happiness from hard work.


This year, you started altar serving.  You’ve taken it so seriously, and you always want to sub when people are out of town.  The others love to see you processing down the aisle, and I love just watching you.  I keep an eye out, making sure you are paying attention.  And you are.  Afterwards, you always comment on the sermon and tell me something about what you were doing while serving.  When your brother was preparing for his First Communion, you were such a good supporter.  You went with us to confession and helped him along the way.  I’m so happy with the way you embrace our faith and how you like being Catholic.

You know, Goose, ten years seems like a long time.  But I know the truth, it passes in a blink.  Next year is fifth grade, then we’ll be figuring out middle schools and high school.  It flies by, and I hate wasting one single second.  I stress myself to no end thinking about how fast it all goes.  Yes, I enjoy the time, but in the back of my head, I’m always worrying about what comes next, about the time you’re off at school.


I want to slow life down, but I can’t.  I can appreciate the child you are and the person you are becoming.  A boy that loves God, his parents, his siblings, sports, reading and Snoopy.  Yes, Snoopy is still around.  Sometimes he stays home to rest or take a test, but he isn’t close to being gone.  And for me, it’s a gift, it shows me that time isn’t going quite as fast as I think it is.  I just need to sit back and live intentionally.  Take those times to snuggle, walk alone, to sit and listen to your fears.  Being your mom is a privilege.  Not one I’ve earned or deserve, but it’s my honor.

I look forward to next year, heck I look forward to next week!  Happy Birthday, Goose.  I love you with all my heart!  May God Bless you always,  Mary, pray for my boy.  St. Michael, pray for my son.


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Daybook~ Birthday Week

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For Today:: Saturday, July 12, 2014

Outside my window:: the weather has been crazy.  I run at 6:30 and honestly, it feels great, except really it’s not, more on that later.  Then it’s miserably hot.  Then it storms like the world is coming to an end.  Really, the best time of day for me is at 6:30 when I’m outside running and alone with my thoughts.  But for today…it’s cold, it’s glorious, I”m wearing a sweatshirt.  I love SF!

Giving thanks for:: a father who took my kids to the movies so I had the chance to go shopping for our trip and for birthdays, two amazing children that were born this week, good friends and time alone.


I am praying for:: a cure for DMD, a family that lost their young son, my children, a special intention, my SIL  and for a wonderful vacation.

I am wearing:: shorts and a t-shirt.  This afternoon it will be chilly!  CANNOT wait!


I am reading:: Devil in the White City.  Wow, what a great book.  History, architecture, a serial killer and completely true.  SO. WELL. WRITTEN.  It is taking me quite some time to finish, but it’s so good.

Towards fitness and health:: I think I’m running a marathon.  As of now, I’m only signed up for the Houston Half, but once a spot opens for the full, I’m in.  I think.  Running twelve right now isn’t hard.  And it’s in this ridiculous humidity.  How ridiculous?  You don’t even want to see how many scars I have from chafing.  Today I have a huge welt/blister from my run because I forgot to use Body Glide on one spot on my arm.  Nevermind the fact that I used it everywhere else on my body.  This stuff is great, as long as you use it.  If not, you are scarred all over like me.  I can’t wear my heart rate monitor because my skin has been raw for over a week from the last time I wore it.  It kind of sucks, and yet, it’s not deterring me from running.  I love it because I’m alone.  Completely in my thoughts without anyone telling me what to do or how hard to work.  And I’m working hard.  My pace isn’t bad for a beginner (9:15-45 in this miserable heat).  So we’ll see how things continue.  And if a spot opens up for the full.


One of my favorite things:: birthdays and my boys.

Another favorite:: vacation.  And San Francisco.  I haven’t been there in 12 years.  Thinking back, I’ve been at least five times.  It’s such a great city, and I can’t wait to share it with my kids.

A few plans for the week:: it’s all about getting ready for the trip and birthdays.  So it’s taken me days to finish this post…maybe pictures will upload and I hit publish.



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Til Death Do Us Part

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Many moons ago, on this date, Lance and I got married.  Was the best day ever.  Lance and I were talking this weekend, and we both decided we wouldn’t change a thing.  The ceremony itself was a full mass.  I’ve forgotten the details of the homily.  But I just remember being happy throughout it all despite my nervousness about all the people there.  The reception?  Amazing.  I’ve been to few weddings where I had as much fun as I did at my own.  I loved every second of it and all too soon it was over.

Then came real life.  And you know, it’s not always easy.  I like things a certain way, and I can’t say that anyone in the house seems to like things quite the way I do.  I’m loud, I get frustrated, I’m not emotional.  He’s loud, he is emotional, he doesn’t like me to cuss so much.  We have five kids.

Did you know that things in marriage tend to get better once the kids leave home?  That’s a statistic I heard at my mom’s group at church.  Living in the trenches of child rearing right now, I have to say I completely believe those numbers.

But we made a decision.  We chose to love each other.  Even when it is hard, when I’m in a bad mood for no good reason, when he is frustrated because of work, we remember that we’re not in it alone.


On our way back from an overnight get away, (as usual, my mom watched the kids, thank you, MOM!!!) we stopped at our parish to see if we could find our priest.  He’s the same priest that married us.  He was there, we joked about our wedding being just yesterday  and then he gave us a great blessing.  It’s a reminder that God is with us.  Something I probably should remember more often.

I love my husband for many reasons, here are just a few that may seem silly, but make me smile or happy: he plays the music game with me when we drive, he searched for 25 minutes in the heat searching for a grave today, he is completely selfish about his time with me and loves to take trips with just me and when I ask him to pray with me, he does.  He’s handsome, funny and smarter than me.  He wrestles with the boys and plays music for Sunshine.  And he loves me.

Love is a decision every day.  Thank you for loving me, Lance!



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A Holy First Communion

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On the Feast of Corpus Christi, a day celebrating the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Mason received his First Communion.  His excitement leading up to the day was contagious.  And afterwards?  Once he received the Lord?  He couldn’t stop talking about it.  He was radiant.  Which is what is supposed to happen.

I’ve spent my parenthood teaching my kids about the Faith, I don’t leave it to others, it’s something we live.  We celebrate the saints’ lives with treats, crafts and books, we talk about the church and what things mean, they see me go to Confession, they go as well, we hit daily mass…it’s who we are.  Does that make me strict?  I’m not sure I’d agree with that sentiment.  I love being Catholic, but didn’t know “the why’s” until I was in law school.  I was an every Sunday kind of Catholic.  I didn’t want that for my kids.  I wanted them to know our faith, to know why we were at mass every Sunday and why we spend Holy Week the way we do.  My kids know more than a lot of adults, and because of that knowledge they love it too.  They’re kids so is there grumbling at mass or glares during mass for goofing around?  Yes.


But there’s also this little boy, a child who tells his classmates he wants to be a priest.  A child who talks about Bible stories with his friends of other faiths and invited someone to come to church with him.  I’m not sure it means anything yet, but it’s enough to make my heart swell with pride.  This little boy listens in mass.  He sure does move around a lot, but he can tell you what the homily is about and always has questions afterwards.  So when it came time to prepare for Mason’s First Communion, I too became giddy.


I have few go to books on Communion explaining the importance of the Eucharist and then we learned from the Baltimore Catechism  in addition to the workbook from the church.  He soaked up the knowledge and learned.  He asked a lot of why  questions, which were questions a teenager should ask.


And so last week, we hit confession one last time before his First Communion.  He knows the importance of confession and doesn’t mind going, which makes me go more often as well.  We prepared the house for after the mass, we laid out the clothes for the following day and we arrived early for church.  And you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face during mass.  He was happy to see both sets of grandparents, my brother and his family, my best friend and her kids as well as his best friend’s family.  After mass our wonderful friends from Austin arrived, Aunt Stacy and Nikki  making the day even better.


When he received his First Communion, he got a little shy, he was nervous, but once it was over, you could not shut him up.  The joy was bubbling over, with more questions and comments.  He was happy.  Pure happiness.  Afterwards, our favorite priest gave him a hug and told him how proud he was and to always listen to God’s call.  You know, Mason may not have a vocation to the priesthood, but maybe he does.  Too many boys have missed their calling due to parents who didn’t care or didn’t want that for their kids.  I don’t want that to happen.  If he has a calling, it won’t be missed and if he doesn’t, he still loves God.


The other day someone I love who isn’t Catholic and doesn’t have much of a faith system made a comment about church goers.  I’m fine with it, I know her, she’s a great person, someone I would trust with my kids.  But as she made her comment I shot right back that I would be devastated if my kids left Catholicism.  It’s true, I would.  And you know why?  Mainly because of last Sunday.  Holy Communion.  The Eucharist.  It’s that important.  And guess what, Mason gets it.

Praise God.  Mason gets it.  And so I pray that he always keeps that joy in his heart that he had last Sunday.  The joy of receiving Our Lord for the first time.  It’s a gift.  An amazing gift.  A mystery we can’t fully understand, but it’s here for us.  To fill us and cure us.


My sweet son, Mason, I love you with every fiber in me.  You were a gift I begged God for and he has rewarded me.  I cherish every second we spent preparing for your First Communion and you brought new light for me in appreciating this gift.  God bless you always, my sweet boy.  Never forget today, the day you received Jesus because the Eucharist is the source and summit of all we believe.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.  St. Gerard, pray for my boy!  And those five little saints in heaven, pray for him too!  He misses you guys!


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My Family

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As I’m getting ready to celebrate another anniversary, I was thinking of my life before marriage.  I hit the jackpot.

I think back on my childhood, and it was great.  There were after school activities, vacations, I Love You’s all the time, hugs, baking time and favorite meals.  The only thing missing was that coveted family picture we never took.  Even with parents who got divorced once I hit high school, things were good.  Sure, tense for a while, but to see them now, or really the last 16 years, it’s pretty nice.  My brother and I know how lucky we are not to have to choose.

I had/have a father who is generous like a movie star to everyone, but especially me and my now immediate family.  He takes the kids to the movies by himself, football games and soon is taking all of us on vacation.  He listens, he gives opinions and loves my kids.

My mother has always been there for me.  It’s no different today.  I ask her to watch the kids, and she’s there.  For the evening, the weekend or longer.  And it’s not like she has nothing better to do.  She does have plans that she often sets aside for me.  And she gives good advice, when I’m venting she reminds me to let things go.

Which leaves me with my brother: he’s someone I admire quite a bit.  I can turn to him with any issues I am having and can depend on him for anything.  He shows up no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if it’s convenient or not, he’s there.  He’s the best brother, and I can only hope my kids are as close to each other one day as I am to him.

I’ve been so lucky to have this amazing family.  I hope that my kids feel the same way when they are my age.



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Artificial Holidays

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A lot is made out of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and I’m not sure why.  Overall, in this specific household, both days suck.  Expectations are too high, never met and there is tons of bickering.  This year it didn’t help that Goose had a major test the day after Mother’s Day as well as a major project due two days later.  As for Father’s Day, well we spent 7 1/2 hours in the car with four of the kids.  The fifth was working and that was probably a blessing for him because that day with the exception of the 2 1/2 hours spent at my in-laws sucked more than usual.

Lance spent most of the day lamenting how nobody cares about Father’s Day the way we do about Mother’s Day.  Which may be true, but hey, we do carry the babies so there’s that.  Since I had made sure he had real gifts as well as handmade gifts, his fussing was slightly annoying.  To make matters more stressful, part of our car ride was spent going at about 20 MPH.  He also reminded me that I had gone out on Mother’s Day.

Yes, I sure did.  I did what all mothers want to do, spent time for myself.  Six full glorious hours at a bar with a friend.  We were smart and took a cab.  Best Mother’s Day ever once I left home.

Lance made a few comments about that on Father’s Day and you know what…I deserved my six hours.  If he wants to gamble next year, I say go for it.  Anything so I don’t have to listen to grumbling about which day is worse.  Because really in a contest, I will win this argument.  And the reality is that is does become an argument.

So next year, I’m not doing it.  Well, I am going out again, but the rest, I could care less about.  My kids tell me they love me all the time.  That’s enough.  I love my family, but I don’t need Hallmark telling me when to celebrate the gift of motherhood.

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Best Dieting Advice EVER

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Put the fork down and put on your bathing suit.  Eat all meals in a bathing suit.

I admit I am totally a girl about weight.  I obsess over it, though in my defense, I have gained some weight.  Which in the end means I don’t obsess enough about it.

Sure, it’s annoying, and I try to keep it in check and not whine about my weight in front of most people, but I do have a few people I text regularly about my eating, workouts and weight.  The above was a response from one of those friends.  I think it’s pretty smart.  If I did that I would probably never eat again.  Another friend told me she took a picture of herself  and looks at it each time she wants to eat.

Now I’ve made myself and my friends sound like total freaks.

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Traveling Nightmare

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Lance went to New York for the draft a couple of weeks ago.  The travel was stressful.  For me, and I wasn’t even on the plane.  I was just stuck at home with five kids.

I dropped him off at the airport.  Early.

About 70 minutes later, I received a frantic call from him that he was missing his flight.  I couldn’t even comprehend.  He was there early, had already walked to the wrong gate and made it back to the correct gate with over an hour to spare.  How could he miss his flight?

He had gone to the restroom and when he came back all his stuff was missing.  By stuff, I mean his hanging clothes and computer.

Yes, he just left it sitting out there while he went to the bathroom.

All those warnings you hear every five minutes when you are at the airport~ they are true.  Don’t leave your shit alone.  Because if you do, somebody on a segway is going to take it.

I admit, I’ve always been tempted to leave my stuff for just a second, and being a rule breaker, I’m surprised I haven’t.  In the end, I figured, it wasn’t worth finding out.  I’ve never heard any stories about people leaving their stuff behind because in this day and age, WHO leaves their stuff alone anymore?

M husband.  That’s who.

He ran around the airport trying to find who took his stuff.  In the end, his belongings were in terminal A.

He missed his flight.

But you know what?  He got his stuff, managed to find a seat on another flight and even apologized to the gate attendants  for losing his temper.  Karma should have been on his side.

Once he landed, I got a call when he was in the cab.  He was relaxed and had caught a ride with Coach Sumlin into the city.  He figured missing his flight was okay since he was able to catch up with him.

An hour later I got a text.

He left his hanging clothes on the airplane.

The texts kept coming in: he didn’t know what he was going to do, what was wrong with him, the trip was ruined and so on.

I called and tried to get his flight number, but he was so distraught.  Finally, I lost it and asked, “what is wrong with you???”

I mean, WHAT THE HELL???

I sent him to dinner and spent most of my evening on the phone with United.  When someone didn’t answer my call the way I needed, I hung up and got another rep.  Someone finally told me the plane was grounded, called lost baggage and let me know his stuff wasn’t there, and that he needed to get to the airport that evening to locate his stuff.

When I let him know this, he was still confused…

In the end it worked out.  He got his bag around midnight.

So it’s all fine, right?

The following evening, he left his recording equipment at the hotel instead of taking it with him to Radio City.

I also found out he left his chargers on the flight he had taken just two days earlier.

Either he can’t travel alone, or I need to make a check list for him every single time he travels.

And me?  Oh, I was just finding out that the pipe for my kitchen sink was busted and would need to be repaired, a 3-4 day job that would consist of my concrete being busted and my yard torn up again.  Oh and don’t use your sink.

Anyone remember last time this happened??


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Thoughts on having my husband back and teachers

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Do you know what today is?


Helloooo…it’s the NFL Draft.

It may not mean much, well, it does, but probably not as much as it does to me.  For me, it means the end of a season I’ve been living in since college football ended.

After Saturday, my husband is mine.  All mine!

Until summer.

Believe me, I’ll take two full months.

Lance is actually in NYC for the draft.  Which is pretty freaking cool.  I’ve had to remind him of that more than once.  Because really, did he ever think he would be there?  To be in NYC for the draft is pretty freaking awesome.  I wish I were there.

But I’m not.


I’m home with sick kids and a sink that is clogged because I tried to put cantaloupe rind down the disposal.  Years ago, my mom used to put watermelon rind down the disposal with no problems.  My BF reminded me that that was years ago.  Today, you can’t do that shit.

They just don’t make things the way they used to make them.

So here I sit alone with my bottle of bubbly.

It was good.

So what to blog about…

Let’s start with my favorite subject:


Did you know it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week?

No?  Then, clearly you don’t have kids in school.

My school actually celebrated this last week.  Which I must say is smart.  Who the fuck thought it was smart to have TAW immediately before Mother’s DAY??? You know, ONE DAY!!!!!  They get a week for a job they are PAID FOR.  I get one effing day.

YES, I chose my vocation.  JUST LIKE THEY DID.

When did you ever hear about a teacher being pressured into their position?  That’s right, never.

Just yesterday, Ezra Klein retweeted something about how lawyers make 70k more than teachers.

First, let’s shake our heads….is this news?  I think we all know teachers don’t make a ton of money.

But really…

Ezra, I love you, really I do.  I admit it, but, come on, just STFU.

Do I need to point out that most lawyers have more debt than teachers?  Go to school longer than teachers?  Work way more hours than teachers?  Don’t have summer and major holidays off?

Oh, and both teachers and lawyers chose their profession?


I didn’t think so.

Yes, yes, teachers are great.  But let’s be clear.  They aren’t doing their job for nothing.  

And while people can argue they should be paid more, nobody forced them into their profession.  If we’re talking about people who deserve more money, let me step right up.   ME!  SAHM, the ladies taking care of my aunt, or my granny, or people working in group homes, any non-profit, a librarian, the ladies who make my decaf at Starbucks…the list could go on.

So you know, enjoy your week teachers.  Me, I will enjoy my ONE SINGLE DAY where hopefully, my husband will do something since I can’t depend on you guys to do shit to make sure my kids even make a card for me.  You guys?  Well, I sent three emails last week to make sure all the kids made a card for you.  All for a teacher who picks on my own son.  Why?  Because I’m room mom and I don’t let my battles become everyone else’s battles.  But hey, it’s no biggie.  Enjoy your day at the spa.

I won’t be completely negative.  Here’s where I’ll talk about how much I LOVE the 4th grade teachers.  I say this even though my Sunday, you know Mother’s Day, will be fucked because my 4th grader has a major test on Monday and a major project due on Tuesday.

I just don’t understand a full week and “poor teachers” talk.  It will literally drive me batty.

Funniest thing friend’s school has every child bring in something each day of the week.  Like cookies…because what teacher needs a bag of cookies from each of her students?  But the best was when every student was told to bring flip flops.  Every. Single. Child. brought flip flops to their teacher!  I know we live in Texas, but who needs 24 pairs of flip flops???

Okay, rant over….

I am officially off the TAW committee.  I think that committee was supposed to teach me humility.

Didn’t work.

Happy Week teachers!

Me?  Happy Draft Day!

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