1/2 Marathon

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So today I ran a 1/2 marathon.  It was pretty awesome.  I’m not a runner, but I really want to run the Houston 1/2 next year and raise money for Duchenne MD.




That’s a technicality, my heart rate monitor says 21 seconds.  Small details.

I hate to act like it’s a full marathon, because it was only 13 miles, but I’m pretty happy with today.

Best part, my family and dad were there to see me finish.   Lance was super proud and posting all over the place.

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Five For Friday

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United Airlines~ Here’s the deal, before you and Continental merged, you sucked.  Everyone knew it.  Continental was good.  Now you have ruined what we once had.

I had a trip planned to KC over Thanksgiving.  My favorite uncle was extremely sick and we stayed home to be with our family.  He ended up dying the day we were scheduled to leave.  Clearly, the cancelled trip was least of our concerns.  But now, we’ve flown to Denver and booked two flights to Chicago in April.  We have a wedding over Labor Day in Virginia and then there’s a summer vacation for 7 people to purchase.

We need the flight credit.

Those flights cost $1000 because it was Thanksgiving weekend.  Guess what United wants to charge me to use my already purchased credit????????  $200 per person.  Here’s the best part- if I hand over a certified copy of my uncle’s death certificate (which are not free!) they will  only charge me $50 to use the credit that I ALREADY FUCKING PURCHASED!!!!!!!  Yes, they want to charge me to use my own money.  Oh and also…that flight back in November??  It was overbooked, so guess what?  My seat was not empty.  I hate United Airlines and the fact that one of my BF’s husband works there doesn’t change a thing.  The fact that they’re a hub in Houston makes it extremely difficult to show my hatred since I basically have to fly their shitty airline that has no customer service at all.

Fun fact about my running~ so far I kind of like it.  Even though I mostly go in circles around the track at the gym, I’m in my own groove listening to music I love.  I could see doing a few more 1/2 marathons.  Because honestly, training for this wasn’t really hard.  Now a real marathon, not sure my knees could handle that.  I mentioned this to my friend who reminded me I’m not allowed to go all psycho runner, which I am so not going to do.  Though I might be encouraged to go psycho runner if I actually lost ONE. SINGLE. POUND.  Seriously, who runs like I do on the weekends and gains weight?  And I promise, its not muscle.  I ran 12 miles and burned 900 calories, which that alone kind of pisses me off because really, what a low number, (my heart must be really freaking healthy),….and I go eat something immediately that’s about 1200 calories.

I saw this article about a family that stopped eating sugar for a year.  I can’t even imagine.  Literally, I can barely go four hours without having sugar.  My friend did the Whole30, I think that’s what it’s called, challenge.  It frustrated me, and I wasn’t even doing it.  I gave up sweets last year for Lent, and it was hard, but now I can’t possibly imagine doing that.  Though in retrospect, maybe that’s what I should have given up since my own personal sacrifice which I thought would be really hard, has turned out to be fairly easy.  Lance’s mom made him a german chocolate cake for his birthday this year.  We immediately put it in the freezer because we wanted to lose some weight after Christmas.  Finally yesterday, we decided to try a little piece.  OVER HALF OF A 9X13 IS GONE.  Today, I hate a huge piece and it was still frozen.  Now my MIL is a fantastic cook and baker, but frozen cake doesn’t do this cake justice.  No mind, I just tried more and more to make sure it wasn’t as good as yesterday’s defrosted piece.

Super excited that The Afghan Whigs have a new album.  Total bummer that they aren’t performing anywhere near Texas.  If only Lance were going to Seattle next week as opposed to a couple of weeks ago, I would so be going with him.  One of their songs is even on my run mix.  Anyway, love this band, and last saw them with my cousin years and years ago.  Still have my concert t-shirt, unfortunately it’s from the days when I thought wearing an XL t-shirt made me look good.  Did other people think that too?  Between this album and Old 97’s, April is a good month for music.

This girl~ she just doesn’t get any better.  Sure, she isn’t perfect, but God, I love this little girl.  She never ceases to amaze me.  While I’m typing she’s making me some “food” so we can have a celebration for her baby.  She tells me constantly how much she loves me and that she never wants me to leave.  I have to admit it’s pretty hard to leave her too.  This week, she refused to go into the gym.  She loves the daycare at the gym, but Tuesday she would have none of it.  So despite needing to workout, we left.  We came home and read a stack of books and took a nature walk.  I can be a bit obsessive about making sure I get my workout in, but this was the smart decision and I’m glad I recognized that she couldn’t stay that morning.

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Daybook~ The Spring Edition

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For today:: April 11, 2014

Outside my window:: the sun is shining, it’s a great day and the damn dog is barking.


I’m praying for:: several souls, a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, my brother who needs surgery and some personal family intentions.

Grateful:: for a mom who not only took care of my kids while we were gone, but managed to get them to all their games this weekend.  My dad came and helped, but she had some solo games.  And she took them to church and even endured a jackass who refused to shake my children’s hands during peace.

I’m currently listening to:: Wilco.  A friend sent me a text mentioning he had listened to Wilco all day.  It sounded like a pretty good idea.


Trying to organize:: the rest of this year.  I can’t believe we have six weeks of school left.  But THANK YOU GOD!  That said, there is so much to finish before the end of the school year.

One of my favorite things:: old friends.  Friends that remember your uncle from college and listen to details about his death.  Friends that you stay up late talking with about ridiculous things.  Friends who don’t disappoint.   That said, I have some pretty amazing new friends who hold me up in the day to day.

Trying to plan:: our summer vacation.  I’m pretty sure of the destination.  My dad told me to list my top three with pros and cons, but I think most people are leaning towards a specific city, unfortunately, it’s not Chicago.  But that’s okay, one day my kids will go there.  The city that is everyone’s top choice is great, and I love it,  but I think of it as an adult city.  Let’s see how I do with kids.


On the menu:: Planned a menu and stuck to it.  And it was actually pretty damn good.  Tomorrow is the last fish fry of the season.  I have no interest, but BH loves fish fry.  Might take him to the last one as a surprise.

Around the house:: the list is growing long.   In desperate need of a handyman.  Thought I had found one until my friend said the guys had to come back for faulty work.  I really want my walls painted.

I am reading:: Consoling the Heart of Jesus.  It’s slow going, but it’s really good and helpful.  Getting ready to start Devil in the White City.


Loving the moments:: when five out of seven in this family go to Confession. What a great night we had at the church.  Though I would have loved to have been on the listening end!  🙂  Seriously, how amazing is it that we all went and nobody complained and Sunshine and Snax wanted to know when they could go.

A few plans for the week:: well, the weeks almost over, but it’s been good.  We’ve had swim lessons, went to Discovery Green with friends, storytime with Miss Natalie, had a First Communion interview for BH, lunch with the boys and today we have a play date with a friend we haven’t seen in forever.  The weekend consists of nonstop baseball and my run.  Sounds pretty good to me.


Living the liturgy:: Lent is almost done.  It’s been ok.  Which overall means not great.  Lent shouldn’t be okay, it should take us to new levels.  Turns out my personal sacrifice hasn’t been so difficult.  The spiritual reading?  A bit harder to do on a consistent basis.   But we’ve prayed together a lot, fasted and grown a little.  We’ve been to confession twice so far, me more, and plan to go on Good Friday.  I’m so excited for Holy Week~the best week in the church.  Time for long masses full of meaning and outdoor stations.  Then the celebration for 50 days.


Towards fitness and health:: I think if I can run 10 miles after drinking pretty much nonstop from 9:15 until 2:15, I’m okay this Sunday.  Now my time?  Not sure, I have personal goals, but no clue if I will reach them.  Next week, back to spinning twice a week and no more runs over 8 for a while.  And that’s just fine with me.  Until the next 1/2.

A photo to share::


Loving the moments…

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Old Stories

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Last weekend, Lance and I went to Chicago to see Paul and Brian.  Specifically, we went for Paul’s junior recital.  Have I mentioned that Paul went back to undergrad to get a Bachelors in piano performance?  The lesson to be learned in that is, (I think), to let your kids follow their dreams early on before they incur major school debt.  I tend to be practical about things so I assume I’d be pointing my children towards more practical majors.  Now, nobody stopped Paul from following his dreams all those years ago.  He was really smart, so why not be a doctor?  Except he was really, really good at piano.  Finally, after years and the purchase of a grand piano, he decided to return to school.  He lightened his load at work and is now a junior.

I had such pride listening to him play.  I’ve listened to him worry these past few months about how he’d do.  There was no need because he was awesome!  Recently, he won a competition so we’ll be back soon to hear him play with a symphony!!!

After the recital, we had a huge get together at his house.

I saw my roommate from my freshman year at Texas.  She is now a professor and lives two minute from Paul.  His mom and sister were there, and lots of friends I’ve met over the years.  It was a blast.  The night ended at 2:40.  Paul, Brian and I were the last ones up.  It was kind of like we were back in college.  Except we’re not, and boy, I can’t handle nights like that more than once every few years.  Plus, I had to run Saturday, which I did, 10 miles!  Glorious to run outside there!

Saturday night had us at dinner with Paul, Brian, Paul’s mom and sister.  During the meal, talk turned to high school and some of our shenanigans.  We brought up the time he  puked black stuff, and I was so freaked, I called the ER.  The lady was a real witch and just said, “well maybe next time your friend won’t drink so much.”  Because that’s the smart thing to say to someone who is worried her friend has alcohol poisoning.  I mean, WTF?  At the very least, make sure I come in so said friend gets in trouble for drinking.

Anyway…his mom commented that that must have been the worst experience we’d ever had.  To which I said, “No, that would have been when the man pointed a gun at us.”  And everyone just stopped.  Because unlike me, Paul had not shared that story with his mom or sister!  I mean, my brother knew from the get go.

To sum it up, years and years ago, 1987 to be exact, bored, Paul and I decided to borrow a baby Jesus from an outdoor nativity scene.  I know.  Me.  The collector of nativity scenes, the Catholic who hates people to leave the faith…yes, me.  I was young and stupid.

The second we grabbed Jesus, somebody shouted “STOP” and there was a gun and so we stopped.  The guy and his wife who was shouting, “we got them” over and over shuffled us into the house.  I have no clue why we actually listened to them.  The gun, I guess.  The lady started crying because as it turns out people had been stealing poor baby Jesus year after year.  They weren’t religious even, but enough was enough.  That night they were going to catch the hoodlums.  Once inside, they asked who they wanted us to call: the police or our parents.  In unison, we said, “the police.”  We weren’t stupid.  Honestly, all I could think of was that my curfew was coming up and I needed to get the hell out of there.

In the end, all was fine, the couple invited us back for drinks the following year, and I made it home for curfew.

I thought Paul’s mom might pass out.  Turns out Sunday morning while I was at mass, (the irony, I know,) she had a little chat about the incident.

And now as I type this all out, I wonder if I ever told my dad…

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Five For Friday

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:: The countdown is on!  EIGHT WEEKS!  That’s it!  And when you take into account that the kids have Stanford, it’s kind of like there’s only seven weeks of school left.  Poor BH, he’s ready to be done.  I can’t say I blame him.

:: So I’ve been trying to hit confession for two weeks now and each time I go, there is a huge line and only one priest.  I wait and wait with several kids by my side and I leave without the sacrament.  I have to say, it pisses me off.  Here I am ready to confess and work on improvement and there’s only one priest.  Here’s hoping tomorrow I make it to the front of the line so I can start over.

:: I mentioned this story to someone who happened to be Catholic, unknown to me.  She wasn’t a fan of confession and doesn’t go to mass.  I have to admit I was little bit bummed.  (Maybe because Lance had just told me a story about someone leaving the church, becoming Lutheran for ten years only to be “done with that” and now Baptist.  I don’t get that.  I just never understand why someone doesn’t appreciate Catholicism.  Not being judgmental, it just makes me sad.)   Then today, I got an email from that person asking how I liked my church because she wanted to get back to the church!  So I bitch way more than anything and I’m not a “praise be the Lord” type person, I mean, I praise Him, just not like that.  And maybe that’s a problem I should be looking into, but anyway…God really does have a plan.  And sometimes we’re helping even when we don’t know it.  So yay!

:: Sweet quotes of the week…“Mom, we can’t go to bed, it’s Friday and we have to pray Stations”~ Snax.  “Mom, you’re the most specialist mom in the world”~ Sunshine.  “I’m proud of you”~ dear friend to me.

:: Baseball started tonight.  After practice this week, I was pretty sure this was going to be a long season.  It seems I was being a bit negative because  BH managed to make contact with the ball.  His first machine pitch game and he got a single.  During his first practice, he had at least 12 chances at bat and never made contact.  Snax is playing a hybrid of coach pitch ball, he also failed to make contact with the ball at his practice.  Then there’s Goose who hasn’t grown in the past year, and didn’t make contact either.  Would be nice for all my boys to do well tomorrow.  Especially since I have four games tomorrow.  That after running 12 miles at 645 in the morning.  On a Saturday.  Yes, I have to brag that I am running 12 miles tomorrow.

:: Oh and one more…I got favorited by one of my favorite online people the other day.  She doesn’t follow me on Twitter, but I responded to something she wrote.  She’s a star as far as I’m concerned, so now I’m kind of a star too, right?

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Right Now

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Sometimes I forget I have a blog.  I’ll randomly think during the day, oh I need to post this or that.  Then I forget and it seems pointless the next time I remember.  Generally, it’s something really sweet Sunshine did or something crazy Snax did.  And I should post that stuff so I remember how cute they were before they became teenagers.   Because when they are teenagers, there isn’t much you want to post.

Life just seems nonstop these days, and I’m not sure why.  This winter I took the kids completely out of any activities except basketball for Goose and Baby Hulk.  We start baseball after Spring Break.  So really, we’re not that family that has an activity every single day.  I’ve never been that mom except maybe with running to libraries or art museums on free days, but at times it feels that way.  Maybe it’s the never ending rush to get out the door on time each morning or the race against the clock every evening.  Life just feels so rushed.  I’m not a fan of rushed living.  I like intentional living.

So maybe an update is in order on all of us.

Squirt: is taking an EMT class at HCC.  He is actually really excited about his class.  After being screwed over by the Marines, I wondered what he might do.  Honestly, he didn’t have a backup plan.  I had always wanted him taking some classes at HCC despite his lack of interest in school; I thought it might jump start things in that department.  And I think it has because he is really excited about his class and asking me to quiz him.  He just came and told me he has clinicals on his birthday and wasn’t really upset about it.  He still works as a lifeguard at the YMCA, and I am pretty sure his life’s goal right now is to move out.  I can’t say I blame him.  I loved my parents at age 18, but wanted to be on my own more than anything.  Wondering if my parents felt the same way.

Goose: is having a great year in school.  Despite waiting until the last second on projects, he does really well.  His teachers are amazing.   I know, STOP  right there.  You read that correctly.  I love, love, love these teachers.  They are good at what they do, they care about the kids and seem to like me okay.  Or least they don’t think I’m crazy.  He plays basketball nonstop, still loves me and Snoopy and asks me to snuggle him on a fairly regular basis.  He sits with me while I read books outloud.  Still.  He likes to think he’s in charge, which is totally his personality.  I wish he weren’t such a tattletale on his brothers.  I don’t remember being that way, and hopefully, at some point, he will learn that sometimes it’s the kids versus mom and dad.  You have to band together and not get the others in trouble.

Baby Hulk: reads nonstop and is probably our most natural athlete.  His year in school has been interesting which is a gentle way of saying it’s been really difficult lately.  Sure he rushes through his work and at times skips pages or problems which infuriates me, but mainly it’s his teachers.  I feel bad for him because today he asked why his teachers were so mean.  I wondered if my sensitive boy had noticed, and indeed he has.  I want him to know that not everyone hates their job like they do and that it gets better and that this sad life lesson should have happened when he was older, not a sweet 7 year old.  (I am not the only parent filing complaints here.)  So now we’re counting down together.  BH wants everything to be fair and is constantly questioning why someone gets to stay up later or had more food, etc.  He still says he wants to be a priest, and he still isn’t a fan of praying outloud.  Upon learning of confession, he immediately asked why he had to confess his sins to a priest instead of just saying them to God.  He has several questions about the Eucharist, and his current favorite read is St. Patrick’s Summer.  He gives the best big hugs and honestly just wants a lot of attention.

Snax: well, he’s become a math genius.  Yes, Snax.  The other day at lunch he was showing off his math facts doing some simple addition and subtraction.  8+7=15, 7+6=13, 15+7=22 and so on.  Then he does 6-8=2 -.  He’s never been taught that and just said it.  Then yesterday I told him I ran ten miles and he said, “if you ran ten miles at my school, you would need to run my track 20 times because each lap is a 1/2 mile.”  This so sounds like a genius, right??  And what’s awesome is that this was the child I took it suuuuppppper slooooow with last year.  He learned his larger numbers by playing Chutes and Ladders.  Last year!  He could add 2+2 and that’s it.  But you know, Snax is much more than just my new math whiz, he’s so damn sweet.  Sure, he still has that twinkle in his eye, but this kid loves me and it makes my heart melt.  He jumps in my arms when I pick him up from school, he snuggles with me and throws a fit when he isn’t with me in mass.  Probably one of my favorite things about him is his love for Lola.  I may not share it, but is it amazing to see him play with her every chance he gets.  The other? How he reads: he still reads outloud to himself.  It bugs BH, but I can’t get enough of it.  His teacher tells me he does the same thing in class.  I am so enjoying watching life through his eyes.

Sunshine: literally gets better each single day.  She’s taking swim lessons now, and I am not sure how she swims because she talks nonstop the entire lesson.  She loves other kids and is calling everyone her friend.  She loves the lady assigned to watch her in the big girl room at the gym and gets sad when she is not working.  Her new habit is to say: “I love you with all my heart and all my books and A, B, C, D …”  Or “I love you 3”.  To which I respond “I love you 10” and we go on until we reach the thousands.  She is such a ham it makes me smile thinking about her.  Just yesterday she renamed her baby Rula.  No idea why, but when we try and call the baby Kayla, she gets mad at us.  When we sit together she always pulls my arm across her body so that I am holding her tummy.  It’s a comfort thing for her.  Today she called me her best friend.  I can’t imagine life getting better than this.

I’d post pictures of the kids except I only have pictures of Sunshine.  I don’t have many excuses except my camera has been acting up lately, Sunshine is the only one around all the time and she is just too good of a subject.

As for me and Lance…well, it’s much the same; work, school, homework and sneaking in the occasional date night.  Except there’s my new running hobby.  I’ve had three people tell me they can’t be friends with me if I get all psycho runner.  Which clearly, I’m not.  That said, I ran 10 miles yesterday.  10 miles!!!  This thing is totally a reality and next year I’m raising money for Duchenne.

As for Lent, it’s going.  I’m not saying what I gave up because that’s kind of tacky, but I will say it’s not sweets or alcohol.  Clearly.  I need to spend more time reading my Lenten book.  Me and the boys have made it to confession and plan to go five more times during Lent.  So hopefully, there will be growth.

Lance and I head to Chicago twice in April, Galveston for the 1/2 marathon and then there’s Easter.  Then we have four games every Saturday starting in two weekends until the end of May.  What was I thinking???  It’s life, messy, a bit chaotic at times, but all good.  Very, very good.

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This and That

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When there is nothing to really write about…

Today Snax led the Texas pledge during a school assembly.  They told me last week he was going to do lead it, and on Sunday night I asked him to recite it for me.  His response: I don’t know it.  Thankfully, it’s only three lines, but still, I was slightly worried.  I kept telling him not to be shy and say it loudly and clearly.  So today, when he had the microphone in front of him, it was loud.  And he didn’t like it one bit, so he made a loud groan and pushed the microphone away from his face.  It was cute, and he didn’t forget the words.

Have I mentioned I’m running a 1/2 marathon?  Why?  I’m not sure.  I can easily run five miles, so I tried six, then seven.  And really, if you can run seven, then of course, you can run thirteen.  That’s my theory, and I hope it’s true.  I even purchased new running shoes, so that means I’m not backing out because everyone knows I am too cheap to waste this purchase.  Here’s the thing though, I know nothing about running.  I don’t really know how to train and while looking on the internet would be a good option, I’ve yet to even do that.  I just keep adding a mile each weekend; the plan is eight this Saturday, assuming I’m not sick any longer.  My parents both think I am crazy, and Lance, well he just shakes his head.  The thing about a 1/2?  You don’t have to give up alcohol to train.

We’re watching the Oscars Sunday night with a group of friends at the Tasting Room.  Very excited.  One day, Paul will finish school and we’ll be back to hosting parties with him, hopefully alternating cities, but for now, I will have to depend on texting and calls during the show.  One of my first dates with Lance was watching the Oscars.  We were with his friend Chris and then girlfriend, Stacy who is now one of my bestest friends.  That was the year Julia Roberts beat Ellen Bursten for best actress.  I know Lance was horrified with how much time I spent on the phone with Paul who was watching from a bar in Champagne, Ill.  He was more horrified with how upset I got when Julia Roberts won.  But really, it was such a disgusting win.

Last week, I purchased  some books for our home library.  Yes, it was a secret, and yes, I managed to get them inside and out of the box before Lance got home.  Box even made it to garbage truck without him seeing said box.  But wow…some of the best books I’ve purchased in a long time.  Two books about winter~ The Big Snow and White Snow Bright Snow.  These books were awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1949 and 1947.  They are both awesome.  Of course, I ordered them when it was quite cold in Houston, and of course, they arrived while the boys were wearing shorts.  But it didn’t matter, Baby Hulk especially loved these books and the sweet story of snow and what happens.

I ordered Sunshine a sweet lullaby book about baby Jesus: All For the Newborn Baby.  And though, it’s technically out of season, and I frown on reading books out of season, I had to order it now.  She cried when I returned the library copy, how could I not order one for her.  I found a used copy for four bucks and it’s in perfect condition.  And her smile?  And her singing?  It’s imprinted in my heart.

And lastly, I ordered a book about the Papacy.  It’s new and the feast of the Chair of St Peter was on  Saturday so I thought it timely.  What a great book.  The kids love it and we’re learning more about the Pope.  All in all, great purchases, and I don’t feel bad about hiding it from Lance, especially since I ordered it from Amazon points earned, so basically the books were free!

Now that Sunshine is three, I decided she is able to go to the Audubon.  She behaves pretty well, isn’t really digesting anything yet, but enjoys the craft, story and nature walk.  She loves seeing the turtles basking in the sun.  Today, we saw four turtles on a log, and she could barely contain herself.  We also saw three snakes.  THREE SNAKES.  It’s not even March yet and the snakes are out.  I love Texas and sometimes I just can’t stand it here.

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A quick break

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Or should I say well deserved break?

This year is going by fast, except not really.  School is kicking my ass.  If it’s not Goose’s never ending work, it’s the issues with the other grades.  Needing time away, and with the chance to do radio with a friend, we opted for a Denver getaway last weekend.

And though I was sick and more irrationally anxious about flying than I’ve been in years, we left town.  And I am so glad we did.  Only issue was me being sick and my mom stuck at home with the kids while sick herself.  As usual, I owe my mom big time.


We had a great weekend.  How could I not with a husband who just wants time alone?  What’s not to love with beautiful weather in a nice, clean downtown with fun people and great food?

This trip has me longing for more time with my wonderful husband.  I can’t wait until April and Chicago!!!



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To Make A Mom Proud

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DSC_2674For about two years straight Goose has been asking when he can be an altar server.  Last Sunday he made his debut.


Being a little nervous, he asked his big brother if he would serve as well.  Squirt is 18 now, technically he should be an acolyte, but serve he did to give his little brother some confidence.


Goose was great.  I am so proud that he wants to serve during mass.  I have to say at his age, I had no interest in being an altar server, though my church didn’t have girls.  Squirt was the same way, the second he received his First Communion he started serving, he was even an altar server during his siblings’ Baptisms.

Watching Goose serve reminds me of when Squirt used to serve at this age, and this married guy used to say how awesome it was that he was serving Jesus.  And it was awesome, but it was so creepy the way he said it.  He would kind of badger Squirt about being a priest, and all I could think was let the poor kid graduate elementary school before he commits to being a priest.  I can’t quite describe it, but it got on my nerves and turns out on Squirt’s as well because he mentioned it to me the other day.

Anyway…super proud of my boy.  I can’t wait to see him in action during Holy Week.  Wish I had better pictures from that day, but technically, I’m not supposed to be taking pictures during mass.


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Daybook~ Winter days

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For today:: February 4, 2014

Outside my window:: It’s gray, rainy and cold.  It’s kind of nice to be snuggled up with Sunshine inside the house.

I am praying for:: a friend who lost her son, my aunt, the souls of two men, patience and simplicity.


I am reading:: Reconstructing Amelia.

I am watching:: a ton of movies, reviews to come soon, but let’s just say I have my personal picks for Best Movie, Actor and Actress.  I assume there isn’t a chance that Cate Blanchett loses, but you never know.  It’s interesting, though, to listen to my different friends’ opinions on movies.  We’re alike in so many ways, then I get a text from a friend telling me they are bored in a movie I felt was robbed.  All the women I know were bored in Gravity, while the men loved it.  Ready for docs and foreign films.


Loving the moments:: when it’s just me and Sunshine.  She amazes me on a hourly basis with what she says.  We have been working on a lot of puzzles.  She loves them, and that makes me smile.  I could literally sit and listen to my old mix tapes working on puzzles all day long.  Of course, I don’t have time for that anymore so I’ll take doing small puzzles with her.



Super frustrated:: that my laptop isn’t charging properly and I need to get it fixed.

Happy and content:: that Lance is home after two weeks away.  I have to say the weeks weren’t as bad as I thought they might be.  We were busy, but kids were in bed on time with stories every night, I was able to check Goose’s math homework, we managed to get a project turned in despite it printing the wrong way and I made hot dinners every single night.  We even had an ice day at home, a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts to see The Little Dancer by Degas…all in all a great time.  That said, I am so glad my husband doesn’t travel for his job but a few times a year.  I like having him around.


Living the liturgy:: It’s a great week in the church~ Candlemas, St. Brigid, St. Blaise, just this week!  We managed to celebrate St. Blaise yesterday on his actual feast day.  The other two we’re weaving into the week.  Sunshine ran and got her St. Blaise peg doll and made him smile for the camera!  She also colored a picture for him and made cut outs for him.  It was pretty freaking cute.  Sunshine and I made it mass for the blessing of the throat, but nobody else did so after dinner Lance blessed the boys and then we had treats.



Towards fitness and health:: UGH.  Those ten pounds I kept saying I gained over the last couple of months, well, I wasn’t exaggerating.  I finally got on the scale.  YUCK.  Here’s the problem, while I could possibly workout a bit harder, I have to admit it’s all in the food intake.  Which stinks, because I really like food.  Clearly.  I am contemplating running a half marathon.  I easily ran 6 miles the other day, that’s halfway there, right?  We’ll see, I’m not sure it makes sense to actually start running in your almost mid-40’s.

On the menu:: Salmon and snow peas, soup and Irish soda bread with salad, rice and sausage, fish tacos and spaghetti supper at church on Friday.  Not too bad of a plan.  No baked goodies.  For a long, long time.


One of my favorite things:: is it appropriate to say vodka?  The spicy vodka from Dolce Vita?  No, okay, how about trying new places?  We went to Caracol for Lance’s birthday.  It was pretty freaking great.  I can’t wait to go again, except there are so many other places we need to try.

Around the house:: I’ve decided I want/need to repaint the hallway and kitchen.  After seven years and five kids, it looks bad.  Meanwhile, Sanx wants a new room that includes a brother or sister sleeping in said room.  Poor guy, he hates being alone in his room.  So last night, we moved his mattress to the floor of the other room.  He loved it.  I have to admit it looks really trashy though.

A few plans for the week:: lunch with the boys, Bible storytime, First Friday mass, Rhett Miller concert and basketball games….Oh and study, Goose has a test in science on Friday, SS on Monday, Math on Tuesday as well as his current AR project due Tuesday.  Should be a fun weekend.

A look inside my day::


This dog…is an outdoor dog, and I’ll admit, I’ve been trying to find her a new home for years.  Since the weather has been so cold, clearly she’s been inside and the kids love it.  And now she expects to come in all. the. time.

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