Daybook~Memorial Day

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For Today…Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outside my window…it’s dark, hot, the sprinkler is running.  Our poor grass shows signs of the heat.  We aren’t the best yard people so the fact that we are watering the yard is a big deal.

I am wearing…a cool shirt, Snoopy boxers and flip flops.  Half of me is ready for bed.

I am listening to…a relatively silent house.  Imagine that.

I am grateful for…ladies brunch with Baby Z, Cindy and Terese, my parents, funny text messages, reminders of why I like certain people, a teenaged son who has shown great courage, the neighborhood pool and the men and women who serve our country.

I am loving…my new pink watch from Jessica.  So excited about this gift.  Thank you again!

I am praying…for grace to be a good parent.  I need that grace.  Sometimes it happens and I get so excited, I literally pat myself on the back.  Then I lose it and have to go to Confession.  I’ve been to Confession a lot.

I am reading…Pretty In Plaid to myself and Runaway Ralph to Goose.  Both are enjoyable, easy reads.

I am creating…lists of summer activities, school goals for next year, lesson plans for next year.  I found some really cool art crafts for the summer that I can’t wait to try out.  And I don’t even like art.

From the learning room…Z week, here we are.  We have made it through the alphabet talking about science, with the exception of maybe two letters that involved something related to social studies.  Over the summer we’ll read and finish Handwriting Without Tears.  We’ll just incorporate Math into everyday life, as it should be at this age.

From the kitchen…I have three meals planned, we have dinner plans Friday night and Saturday night so we need something light during the week.  After tomorrow I’ll be good.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty…I am ready for the change that the end of the year will bring to our house.  I really enjoy the boys in the morning.  I see a smooth transition towards summer.

One of my favorite things…school getting out.  Yes, I cannot wait until this week is over.  My kids are home.  Where they are meant to be.

A few plans for the week…family brunch tomorrow morning with another family, studying for finals with Squirt, (amazing how much Lance and I are learning), play date, Goose’s year end party, lunch for me, dinner with friends, graduation party…I don’t feel like I am slowing down.  How does this happen?

A picture thought I am sharing…

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Five For Friday

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We went to Hyatt Hill Country last weekend.  Pictures to come.  And by pictures, I mean a ton.  Whether you want to see them or not, they are coming.  Until then, I have to say that we had a great weekend.  My kids were awesome, my family was awesome and my dad got stuck with the two early risers making my mornings really enjoyable.  The kids loved spending time with each other and their cousin.  It was nice to just relax with my brother and his wife while watching the kids goof off nonstop.  We are definitely going back.

But not before Lance and I celebrate our anniversary at The Inn at Dos Brisas!  This place looks amazing and has the only Five Star restaurant in the state.  Lance surprised me, and we’re having a tasting, riding horses and taking a cooking class together.  And the casitas!  They look amazing.  I cannot wait.  I love celebrating our anniversary, and Lance has really outdone himself this time.

Yesterday I did the unthinkable…The Baby Hulk came into our room in the middle of the night with a stomachache.  By morning, he had puked.  Just a little.  So I left him at home with Squirt while taking Goose to school.  Only to run home so Lance could leave the show to take Squirt to school.  Found a babysitter, went to Goose’s awards ceremony and came home to find the Baby Hulk at the table eating breakfast. And bouncing off the walls.

I had lunch plans with Chelsea.  I told her the problem, and she wasn’t scared of the Baby Hulk.  So, I took all the kids to lunch praying that the Baby Hulk wouldn’t puke at one of my favorite places.  Then we picked up Goose and got ice cream.  During which I received a text from a friend who was waiting for us at the museum.  I totally forgot to cancel, so off we went to the museum.  Then to their house.  Which I have to say was pretty freaking amazing.  Then home.  And no, I never told the mom about my sick kid from the morning.  This makes me the suckiest parent around, but really, he was fine.  No fever, no other puking.  It was just one of those things.  Right???  (Jenn, I promise I would tell you!)

Speaking of the awards ceremony, Goose’s teacher managed to give me one last eff you when she pronounced our last name incorrectly while giving Goose his award.  I mean, she’s only had him in class for NINE MONTHS.  What the heck?  I don’t know that I can handle one more week of school.

Because despite the fact that all the grades are turned in as of yesterday, the kids still had to do a school project.  Yes, that is right, Goose had a school project that isn’t going to count for a grade.  AT ALL.  Have I mentioned how much I hate school projects?  I am firm believer in kids doing their own work and maybe that’s because I stink at creative thinking that is required of projects.  And I know after seeing some of the projects at school, the parents are doing all the work.  Recently, Lance helped Goose make a diorama of a river.  Even with Lance’s extensive help, it looked like a six year old completed the project.  When we turned it in, it was noticeably different from most of the other projects.  (I told my friend Brian who is an architect that he is going to have to move here to take over projects.)  But back to my point, why hand out a project when it doesn’t even count for a grade?   Maybe next week they can do a research paper for fun.

My five are up: one last thing, I need vacation ideas!  For a family of seven.  With young kids. And we have to drive.  Ideas?

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Cupcakes, bows and games

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Did you know that Crave had muffins as well as cupcakes?  Me either.  But I can assure you that I will be a staple at that place from now on.  I mean, it’s a muffin, not a cupcake.

My friend Shea came over to visit today and brought me muffins, otherwise known as breakfast cupcakes.  They were so good, I ate them before she had been in the house for ten minutes.  It’s kind of a good thing that she told me that they were for both of us because I would have started picking at hers too.  I highly recommend the gingerbread and lemon blueberry ones.

I have vented quite a bit to her about hand me downs. I have no problem with hand me downs, it’s just the manner in which I receive them.  Like bags full of dirty clothes or broken toys.  Always accompanied by the statement, “throw them away if you don’t like them.”  Cause that’s my job.

If Shea brings me hand me downs, I am fine.  Baby Z now has a basket full of bows that her daughter never even used.  Goose has a new bathing suit and new shirts and my favorite: educational stuff.  Workbooks, magazines and a new game that focuses on spatial reasoning and fine motor skills.  Love it.  Reminds me of Perfection when I was a kid.  This game was practically brand new.  Baby Hulk and I played it nonstop for at least thirty minutes.  Totally counts as school!

Best of all, I was able to spend time with a friend I don’t see nearly enough.  Shea is married to one of Lance’s best friends.  She was in the picture long before me.  We’re lucky that we like each other so much.  Despite the mutual admiration, we don’t see each other but a few times a year.  Now that she’s seen how sweet Baby Z is I am sure she’ll be dying to see me more often.

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Five Months

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My sweet little girl, another month has passed.  You are five months old now.  And sweeter than ever.  You have become such a sweet little girl.  All smiles when you wake up, all smiles when you see your brothers, all smiles when I put you in the car, all smiles when you see your Daddy.  Your brothers still fight over you all the time.  It starts early each morning in the car.  The first person you see when I am buckling you into your car seat is Goose.  He immediately starts talking you up, which immediately upsets Baby Hulk because you are not talking to him.  Then No David starts talking and the screaming amongst your brothers begin.  Only Squirt waits a bit before trying to get your attention.

I have now caught No David holding you on three separate occasions.  It’s so sweet to watch him try and calm you down when you do get upset.  Although sometimes he tries to just cover your mouth when other methods fail.  He loves to play next to you and often I find him lying down next to you on the play mat.

You fit in just perfectly with this family.  We love you more than I thought possible, and while this sounds really cheesy, I feel completed connected to you already.  There is nothing better than just holding you and looking into your eyes.  Love you, sweet girl!

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I have a what?

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Today is Squirt’s birthday.  He is sixteen now.  Yes, I have a sixteen year old boy.  And no, I can’t believe it.  When did this happen?

Squirt, you are now closer to being a man than a boy.  And while overall I like what I see, you have no idea how it scares me to watch you grow older.  To have to watch you experience all that life has to offer makes me sick at times because life isn’t always easy or what we want it to be.  I already hate any girl you date, know that none of them are going to be good enough or sweet enough for you.  Lucky you, I am one of those moms.  I admire the dedication you have for ROTC, your goals for the future with the military.  Yet another thing that scares me and has me praying incessantly for your future.

But it’s the family member that you are that I most admire.  I love your loyalty, I love how you will still hang out with your little brothers, that you generally get bothered when they get in trouble.  Yes, you’re normal and get mad at them, but the pride you have for your brothers is so evident.

And we are just as proud of you.  That saying on your wall, you know the one?  I promise it’s true.  We are so proud of you.  We nag because we know what you are capable of and don’t ever want you to miss out on anything in life by not giving your all.  We will never stop expecting the very best out of you.  And we will always, always have your back.

You have no idea the hurt we felt for you last week.  Truly our hearts were in pain.  You deserve the best from everyone in your life.  You deserve it from us, and I promise to always try to give it to you.  When I fail, I will try harder.  But know that I will do anything I can to make sure nobody hurts you and that you get everything you want in life.

Happy Birthday my oldest son.  God gave me a wonderful gift when he gave you to me.  I hope this year is wonderful for you.  I love you.

And yes, I can finally admit that you are taller than me!  I’ve already posted this picture, but I wanted to do it again because I love it so much and to admit in public that you are taller and not just barely.  Love you, Squirt!

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For Today…May, 16, 2011

Outside my window…it’s another beautiful day.  I’m hoping to eat lunch outside in sunlight with little humidity.

I am wearing…burnt orange workout shorts and a black t-shirt.

I am listening to…my boys play.  They are in the instrument box.  Nobody is screaming yet.

I am praying…a bit differently.  Every time I pray for my children, I am picturing their faces.  This may sound strange or maybe everyone does this but me.  I am finding that my prayers seem more focused or sincere or I don’t know the word.  I do know that for me, this is working better.  I am not distracted and I feel like my prayer time is more meaningful.

I am grateful for…the chance to catch up with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while, a wonderfully clean house, the opportunity to spend time with my brother and his family yesterday, my mom for taking the boys to a party on Saturday, Jessica for picking up Starbucks or cupcakes, my sweet little boys and my amazing husband.

From the kitchen…smoked leg quarters today, lettuce wraps on Tuesday, braised chicken thighs on Wednesday and fish on Thursday.  Menu planned.  Then we celebrate all weekend long.

To be fit and happy…Friday I felt sick, yesterday No David was sick, I need to work out, so I need everyone to stay healthy.  And my spin instructor offered this little tidbit: to lose weight you have to workout for an hour, not 30 minutes, not 45 minutes, but an hour every day.  I was so liking my quick workouts over the past few weeks.

Around the house…some new photos for my picture frames.  Baby Z finally makes her debut around the house.

I am so excited…that school ends soon.  I have no idea why HISD decided to make us attend school a week after Memorial Day, but I feel like I am getting screwed on time with my boys.  We are so ready for them to come home.

From the learning rooms…we are onto X…for experiments.  The hardest part of homeschooling for me.  Have I mentioned I hate mess?  I clean my own house, and it doesn’t get messy.  Ever.  There has never been a time where I’ve let things go.  That said, I am forcing myself to do some fun things this week as well as look into toddler art for No David.  Mess or not, I will let the boys have fun.  Should be a way for me to learn flexibility.

Baby Z…is rolling over.  No more leaving the baby on a bed for a quick second.

Two unnamed children…were talking back to Lance and me yesterday.  One fell out of his chair and the other stepped on a nail while back talking.  Karma maybe?

One of my favorite things…children’s books.

A few plans for the week…hoping to make Burger Mafia, a birthday, Goose’s poetry presentation at school, and a surprise with my family.  Notice no play dates this week!  Go me!

A picture thought I am sharing…

Her first framed photo. Not bad.


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We ended a wonderful weekend by celebrating my dad’s birthday.  We had an amazing meal of tenderloin, mustard roasted potatoes, asparagus and strawberry ice cream.  I admit I totally cheated on dessert, but it’s my dad’s favorite as well as every grandchild’s favorite flavor of ice cream.

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday meal, I hoped he would want to go out to eat.  But he really wanted to spend time with the grandkids.  While I always enjoy a meal out, I do love how much he loves his grandkids.

I find it really interesting to watch my parents with my kids.  It’s hard to see them as grandparents rather than parents.  I think I have great parents and they have proven over and over to be amazing grandparents.  Although my dad lets my kids get away wtih so much more than he ever let me get away with when I was their age!

Dad, you’re a great father and I appreciate all you do for me.  I wish so much that you would take it easy.  Everyone depends on you, and I know that must be exhausting.  Just know, that I always love you and appreciate all you do and have done for me.

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Five For Friday

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After nonstop play-dates, Friday was finally going to be mine, and it is.  I just happen to feel like dirt.  And I’m not blaming it on the three glasses of wine I had last night.  I started feeling sick midway through.  I am feeling so badly that I skipped the gym so I could come home and rest.  I tried to sleep with Baby Z, and turned on Sid for the boys.  I figured it would count as science for the day.  Of course, every so often No David would pop in to let Baby Z know she couldn’t sleep with her fingers in her mouth, thereby waking her up and making her cry.

Have I mentioned how tired I am these days?  I finally realized that I over schedule our lives and after this Sunday, we will have no more than two play-dates a week, with only one weekend activity.  After going out three days this week and with plans for both Saturday and Sunday, I realize I have to make changes.  In my head, I started turning into that mom who talks about “all she does for her kids.”  Since I never want to be one of those mothers, I have to step back and make changes.  The thing is I love everything I did this week.  I don’t generally plan play-dates unless I like the adult involved as well.  But with my sanity at stake, we will scale back.

Since we’re still in the Easter season, a lot of our books talk about Good Friday before going onto the joy of Easter.  Baby Hulk has decided that all Jesus needed was a shooter gun.

So far this week, the screen on my phone has broken as has the dust buster.  I am more upset about the dust buster breaking than the phone.  I CANNOT live without a dust buster.  And just to show my parents that I’m not a complete jerk, despite Squirt being the one to break the dust buster, he doesn’t have to buy me a new one.  He’ll be too busy buying his school shirts again.  (Oh mom, I make myself laugh sometimes.)

With two items already gone this week, you would think I’d be worried about a group of teens coming over tomorrow.  God yes, I am.  I might just have to leave so I don’t stress about what the kids are doing to the house.

Lance’s go to snack for the kids is a peanut butter scoop.  If you think about it, it’s a great snack: cheap and healthy and the kids love it.  I just want to puke when I smell peanut butter.

Some of you heard Lance’s rant this week about kids.  Here’s my take:  Our kids, our business.

Really, you thought that was all I’d say about it?  Here’s the deal: sure, it’s fun to joke about me being pregnant all the time, and quite frankly when you include all my miscarriages, I have been pregnant quite a bit.  Yes, we have more than the “normal” amount of kids.  But to hear people say we have too many kids on a regular basis is a bit much.  Which child should we give away?  The almost 16 year old, the 6 year old, the 4 year old, 2 year old or the baby?  Which child do you think we could live without?

Why does this bother us?  Let’s see, since having Baby Z, we have had one person, ONE, tell us how awesome it is that we have five kids.  When we announced our pregnancy, not one person immediately gave us a congratulations.  We got more scared looks before anyone grudgingly gave us congratulations.  And that only came after they asked if we planned our pregnancy or if she was an accident.

So yes, we’re hyper sensitive when it comes to our kids.  We love them, and for someone to suggest that we have too many is just really freaking rude.  And the thing is, I don’t want or need anyone’s approval about the size of my family.  Nor do I want or need the disapproval.


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Mother’s Day

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Yesterday was a calm day for us.  We slept in until 8:20, the first time in months and had a lazy day ending with Mass for the family.

Lance asked each boy what they loved about me, their favorite thing to do with me and their favorite food I make.

Squirt: that I am caring, driving to school together and lettuce wraps.

Goose: that I love him the best, (yes, this did come out of his mouth), reading with me and pizza.

Baby Hulk: that I am pretty, doing school and pizza

No David: kisses, reading stories and pizza

Here’s the thing: I don’t make pizza.  Ever.  Nor do I plan to make pizza.

I have to say I was surprised that nobody said cookies or pumpkin bread.

Saturday night Lance and I enjoyed a night out with our regular babysitter also known as my mother.  My dad stayed home with everyone so my mom could enjoy a night out.

Here are my answers to Lance’s questions: I love that my mom is so giving.  She did everything we wanted when I was a kid and to this day, gives so much without complaining.  My favorite thing to do with my mom as a little girl was coming home from school and visiting or baking, today it’s talking after I’ve come home from a date with Lance.  I used to get grounded a lot, and I always say it’s because my mom wanted to spend time with me.  Not with me being a shit.  And my favorite food: fried chicken and mashed potatoes, roast, chicken Parmesan and the many desserts she excelled at making.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  You are an amazing mother, and I appreciate all you have done for me.   I hope I can be half as good a mom as you are!

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Five for Friday

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Did you know it is Teacher Appreciation Week?  I still can’t believe teachers get a week, but I suppose that complaint is getting old.  The irony of this week is that I, hater of Goose’s first grade teacher, was selected by his homeroom mother to take lunch and a gift card tomorrow.  Really?  Why me?  What made homeroom mother think I was the best choice for this?  Was it all the extra kids I carry around, was it the nice words I always have to say about teacher?

So tomorrow, after my workout I am getting something for teacher.  I hope she hates it.  Yes, I really do because that is how petty I am.  Have I mentioned she left my son and two other kids on the playground?  And then blamed him despite being a teacher that should at the very least count her kids before leaving an area.  This year can’t end soon enough.

And I know it seems that I am the biggest complainer around.  Yes, I do complain quite a bit, but I am not the only person complaining about the first grade teachers at Rogers.  The elementary vice principal has admitted concerns from several parents.  I’ve been told by members of the PTO that it gets better in third grade.  There is a group of at least six moms that actively complain, going to PAC meetings, constantly calling for parent teacher conferences and such.  I love this group of moms because I know I’m not crazy for thinking something is off with the teacher and lack of communication.

Anyway…all those moms…total freaking sellouts.  All of them brought gifts this week.  So while I am glad to know I have company in my misery, it saddens me to know that in pettiness I stand alone.  But stand alone I will.

Quite frankly, if coming up with lesson plans every week, not taking any maternity leave, and teaching an extremely emotional child to read and do other wonderful things related to education, while cleaning and caring for other kids doesn’t earn me lunches and gift cards every day of the week, then there was no chance in hell I was doing anything for her anyway.

And yes, that sentence was really long and confusing.

With that said, I have to acknowledge that after NUMEROUS comments and tweets, I did receive two cupcakes and a $5 GC to Starbucks from Lance as a ‘thank you’ for teaching the Baby Hulk.  A totally appropriate gift for teachers.  Not too much, but not too little.

No David has truly hit the milestone in our house of being IT.  Sorry other kids, there is someone so much cuter in the house.  Except of course you, Baby Z.  Yes, we love everyone, but No David is just so funny now.  It’s a shame that he is still at that age where not everyone understands what he says.  Truly, they are missing out.

Earlier in the week, I couldn’t find the house phone.  Finally, around four when Goose was starting his homework, I felt it in his backpack.  Along with two old cell phones.  Now Goose has shown us he has traits of being a future hoarder or thief, but he seemed genuinely confused as to why these things were in his backpack.  I asked No David if he did it.  Nope, he proceeded to blame every other person in the except for me.  Even the baby did it.  Finally, he ended by saying, “someone did it, but not me.”  Is it bad that I love that he thinks so quickly?

Another head-scratcher this week was Squirt informing me that he has no more school shirts.  All of them are gone.  I. am. not. kidding.  How do you lose a shirt you are required to wear at school?  Guess what he is buying with his birthday money?  Between this move and not getting his permit this year, who thinks we are the coolest parents anymore?  Yeah, not him either.

I was telling Jenn about our plans for Mother’s Day.  The boys are all painting a picture at Pinot’s Palette for me.  Which really means Lance is painting a picture for me.  We were talking about how it would be cool if all the kids actually painted the same painting to see the different perspectives.  But then I pointed out that only Lance, Squirt and Goose could paint because Baby Hulk still can’t really draw figures.

I was wrong.  Today on his own, he drew the entire family.  We were stick figures. Without arms.  When I asked where our arms were, he said they were inside our shirts, as if that was the most normal thing for an entire family to have their arms inside their shirts.

My five are up.

One last thing…am I really missing Wilco?


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