Snax’s week

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Snax started off the school year with all E’s in conduct.  I had high hopes it might last since last year his conduct was pretty amazing.

Since the first three weeks of school, he’s had quite the time.  He moved to S’s in conduct and follows classroom rules rather quickly.  He likes to tell me he has more E’s overall than S’s.  He’s right, its just that the E’s aren’t in things that really matter.

In one week he:

  • managed to get into an argument with a friend and tell her he wished she hadn’t come to his house.  When I asked him why he said that, he totally admitted it and said he didn’t want someone at his house that was mean to him.  Which I get, except the “coming to my house” incident had occurred weeks ago.
  • He also broke a girl’s pencil.
  • I then got an email from the teacher saying he was caught screaming in the bathroom.  Just screaming really loudly for no reason.  Of course, he denied it, which yes, makes me proud.
  • He also got caught messing with the water fountains in the hallway
  • And to top that week off, he earned a P in conduct for playing roughly on the playground.

This week, he left the classroom without getting the substitute teacher’s permission.  She freaked out.  He went to the bathroom and while there, threw wet paper towels at another child in the bathroom, earning himself a quick trip to the principal’s office.  Thankfully, the only concern for the entire incident was him leaving the classroom.

This is the Snax I expected at school.  I’m not sure if I’m happy or not.  He is excelling in academics so I guess I don’t mind too much.

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Why I Am Running

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People always ask me how I can run.  It’s so boring, they say.  It’s not for me.  Honestly, it gives me time alone with my own thoughts.  Time to pray, daydream, plan for my day and mainly just relax.  Time truly for myself.

I start and end each run thinking of the same thing~ a boy named Sam.

Last January, I saw several posts on FB of people who had finished the Houston Marathon or the Half.  One post caught my eye~ a friend’s husband.  He had run for a charity~ Run for Our Sons.  I saw it and promised myself that this year, I would run the half for the same reason.

You need more info.

Back up to January 2013~ I’m chatting with a friend who had just found out she was pregnant with her third child.  Toward the end of the call, she asked for prayers. She was going to TCH that week to find out the results of some blood work for her son.  He had had some motor issues that she was concerned about early on.  She did all she could to find out if he was just hitting milestones a bit slower or if there was something indeed wrong.  Eventually, her son was in PT and then the pediatrician recommended she see a neurologist.  It took several months to get into TCH’s neurology department, but they finally saw the doctor in November of 2012.  The appointment in January was to go over the blood work.  The prayer was that there would be a clear answer and her son could move forward.

January 11, 2013, I got a text that read:  Sam has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Honestly, I didn’t know what that was.  I was sitting in the parking lot in front of the UPS store and googled it.

Then I just sat there in shock.  I cried.   Because what I read was horrible.  It’s a disease that affects muscles, making them grow weaker.  Duchenne is a fatal disease.  Period.  There is no cure.  Period.  According to the PPMD website, men generally live into their late twenties.

Late twenties.

This is the news that was thrown at my friend that day.  News that there was a countdown.  News no parent should have to hear regarding their child.

Sam is 2 weeks older than Snax.  Two weeks.  That means that he is in first grade. In first grade, he continues to go to therapy, is now wearing leg braces and has to take medication which will hopefully help slow down this awful disease.

There are no words to describe how I felt that day when I got Emily’s text.  I sobbed on the phone with her and vowed to pray and do whatever else I could to help.

I’m just the friend.  She and her husband have lived this harsh reality since January 11, 2013.  It never leaves their mind.  And they have chosen to fight.  They are raising money for PPMD through various fundraisers.  There is a fun run for Sam next month that Lance is MC-ing and they never give up.  Running the half was another way to raise money and awareness.

Now I am training for the Marathon in January.  I worry I won’t be able to run for basically 4 plus hours.  But I’m motivated by a little boy with the sweetest smile on his face and two amazing parents I’m proud to call my friends.

I’m posting a link to my fundraising page.  Really, it’s not mine.  It’s for Sam and all the other boys that have this miserable disease.  It’s not fair that anyone should live with this disease, so please help me raise money for a cure.  Any donation is appreciated.

I won’t lie and say I don’t like running.  I do, but each step is inspired by a little boy named Sam.

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Five For Friday

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I literally don’t know where the time goes.  I started this post over a month ago.  And instead of finding five new things to write about, I’ll just add to this list.  Make a few corrections and basically, just finally post something.

:: We survived our first week of school.  We managed to get there on time, though we’ve yet to arrive early.  The boys are counting on their Mimi to get them there tomorrow so they can go to the library and visit with friends.  Snax completed his first tiny project~ just a what’s in your in mind thing.  He was supposed to fill a head with whatever he thinks about, good and bad.  He chose: the family, playing with his brothers, Snoopy, Legos, Lola, pizza, robbers, fire ants, nature, books, school and God.  I didn’t realize he was worried about robbers, but turns out he is.  He has to present it to class, and I’m hoping his teacher will think he is as cute and sweet as I did tonight watching him practice.  He wiggles a lot while talking, so much so you think he needs to use the restroom.  Here’s the thing, I don’t want that to change yet. In a few years, fine, but for now, I just want him to stay the same.

The teacher had parents complete a form about their child and one of the questions asked what do you like best about your child, (at least I think that was the question).  My response: “that he is six and acts like it.  He won’t be rushed into growing up despite having three older brothers.  The fact that he has so much to learn.  The twinkle in his eyes and his sweet smile.”   Snax is a pretty fantastic kid.  He breaks most toys within twenty-four hours, is turning in a wrinkled mind map tomorrow, but he just rocks.

Updated to add: we just completed our second project.  A timeline of his life.  He had four days to complete it.  He started last night.  There were a few tense moments, but it’s a good project overall.  It took him quite some time to choose just five items from his life, but after some fussing he chose just five.  And then when he practiced, I just fell in love with this kid all over again.  I wish everyone could see just how awesome he is.  I asked his teacher how he did, and she said he was great today.  He made eye contact, didn’t kick his leg like he had been doing and told everyone he was mad because I made him choose only five events from his life.

That kid- total charmer.

SO…I had four of these written and per usual, they are gone.

:: We went to Virginia for Labor Day weekend.  My friend’s daughter got married.  And let’s just stop right there…I am old enough that I have friends whose kids are getting married.  Rarely do I feel old.  But man, how did that happen?

The trip was great, but too fast.  We flew into DC and spent the afternoon there.  We waited an hour to get the rental car which affected some of the sites we were able to see, but overall, it was a great day.  Just made me excited to take the kids there in the next few years.

My friend Sarah is the best cook I know, and I have a lot of friends who can cook.  Saturday she hosted a breakfast at her place.  Lance kept asking why I didn’t make her recipes more often.  Same thing happened Sunday at lunch.

The wedding itself was awesome, tons of great details that were so Sarah, but really it was just great to see my friend.  Even in that setting where she was entertaining everyone.  Made me miss her even more, but I am so glad we went.

:: We took Sunshine with us on that trip.  Something about being Daddy’s little girl.  She was great though.  We went to Monticello, and she still walks around saying Monticello with an Italian accent like our guide taught her to say.  She can tell you it’s Jefferson’s home too.  She was awesome.  Especially on the plane ride. She helped me with some of my anxiety as well.  I didn’t have my Xanax so I was slightly manic but having to pretend for her was good for me.  That and the Titos vodka.

:: I’ve yet to post about our awesome trip to SF, and I plan to soon.  Until then, this is my story.  Any reader knows I can’t stand to fly.  I hate it, don’t care about statistics and how driving is more dangerous.  I can’t stand it.  Period.  I take more Xanax than most people my size take and I still get a racing heart and sweaty palms every time I fly.

My entire family went to SF- meaning my parents and brother’s family.  Everyone went.  Except Drake.  He was taking classes and couldn’t go with us.  And boy did he miss us.  I sent him a text from the airport telling him to say a quick prayer for his mom and that  I’d see him soon.  We got on the plane and waited.

And waited.

I told Lance something was up because we were taking too long to take off.  He brushed me off, then two seconds later, the captain is talking about how they are checking to make sure the plane is flight worthy due to a scratch on the wing.

I about flipped.

I heard my mom say, “well, she’s going to lose it.”

I implored my husband to get off the plane.  What about Drake?  He was home waiting for us.  Us- the people on a plane that might not be flight worthy.

He ignored me.  I went to my father who was less interested. I tried to play on his guilt.  We were Drake’s family- with one drop from the sky, he’d be all alone.  How could we leave him alone to make his way in the world.

It didn’t work.  Nobody listened.  And fine, we made it home safely.  Late, but safe.  In fact, Drake was asleep by the time we walked in the door.

So yes, the ride was okay, but I still hate flying.  HATE IT.

:: Tomorrow night is game night.  I can’t wait.  It’s one of my favorite things ever.  We always play games with Paul and Brian, but rarely with our friends here.  And never with our families.  Which sucks because how awesome would that be?   Years ago we used to play cards with my uncles, but we haven’t done that since I got married.  And I love games, I have an entire closet full of them.  We’ve played a few times over the last year with friends, and I’m hoping to make it a quarterly thing.  Anyway, my friend Laura is hosting, and I’m psyched.  It should be a simple yet fun night.  With lots of wine.  I’m pretty happy!

So I made it to five.  I have lots swirling in my mind, and hopefully, I find some rhythm and start writing again on a regular basis.

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All Smiles

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This morning didn’t go quite as planned.  We certainly weren’t early, but instead got there just in time.  Somebody changed clothing plans this morning, then another remembered they had new shoes in the closet, then we tried to take pictures at home…but we made it.  Found a friend to retake our picture in front of the school and waved Goose good-bye. I walked Snax and Baby Hulk to class.  It was sweet listening to the teachers talk to the kids, then Sunshine and I were on our way to the gym.  We went back for lunch, and the boys were all smiles.  Here’s praying for a good year!

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At Summers End

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With the sound of a whistle and the call of adult swim, summer is officially over.  We spent the afternoon swimming, rushed through showers, made pizzas, read books and prayed.  Kids in bed by 9:30.  Lance’s goal was 8:15~ no clue what he was thinking.  Snax didn’t fall asleep until after 10.  Tomorrow is going to be hard for him.  And the others.  Even my early bird child hasn’t been awake before 7:30 this past week.


Tomorrow it starts.  Another year of school.  We talked about expectations for the year, goals and ways to make things happen.  I had small instructions for Snax and BH~ stay away from each other on the playground if you can’t control yourself.  Reminded Snax to write his full name and try and spell our last name correctly.  And for him to just write and not over think it.  I’ll admit I’m worried about him, not enough to spend time over the summer working on handwriting or anything else, but I just can’t see him doing as much as is expected this year.


Really, I just want the kids to have a great year.  As far as learning goes, it’s nothing big or grand.  Much to my dismay, this school is full of ordinary, uninspired curriculum and work.  The same tired stories, same worksheets, same spelling words (not kidding, I compared Goose and BH’s), same projects…nothing changes to make the learning inspired.  Since the learning isn’t inspired, I just want good friends, nice teachers that will push when necessary and help when needed.  Not too much to ask.

But at home..we’ll do inspired.  I’m putting together my evening basket.  A version of a home schoolers morning basket and I’m so excited about it.  It won’t be what I want overall, but it’s a small something to ground our day and come together through reading, poetry, art, history and religion.


I mentioned that our summer was intentional, not rushed or forced.  This last week was rushed.  I had a list of several things I wanted to do with the kids from bowling and skating to buying clothes to a playdate with a friend we haven’t seen in awhile to taking Goose to a movie with a friend to swimming at least three days.  We managed to do it all.  And yet, I still found my boys playing nonstop with their Legos and matchbox cars.  We did a lot, too much probably, but we kept things in small doses and it was great fun.  Of all things, my ten year old was having some sort of battle with matchbox cars~ the ones I refused to donate just a month ago.


Summer was great.  And sure, I’m going to miss my boys like crazy tomorrow and for the days to come.  But thankfully, we have some great memories from this summer.


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Five for Friday~ At the end of summer

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:: Another summer has come and gone.  It makes me so sad for summer to end and school to start again. We had a great summer.  Since Squirt worked a later shift, I was able to run at 6:30 and miss the blazing sun while I ran.  Was not able to outrun the humidity, but that’s Houston.  Managed to spin early, which l loved, and even got two classes in a row which was a goal for my year of 43.  I made that goal one day before I turned 44.  The kids played nonstop.  They are finally into Legos and can play all day long, building things and creating their own world.  We travelled.  We read, though not a ton.  We didn’t do any school unless you count Snax writing his name six times.  We lived.  And when I look back, I can say it was intentional.

We aren’t ready for school to start.  Even Goose who is usually excited about seeing his friends is over that.  But I’m trying to be positive and not go into my usual depression and fight about homeschooling.  I know I’m right, I should be teaching them, but I’m holding my tongue.  This month, at least.

I am so thankful to the friends that are already checking in on me.  It just lets me know that they know me and take me seriously.  I am really lucky I have such great friends.

:: When we were thinking of moving, my parents were less than thrilled.  To say the least.  My mom openly let me know what she thought, but she wasn’t rude about it.  She did remind me that she wouldn’t be available to babysit like she does now.  Like all the time.  Once we told her we were staying, I gave her a day to celebrate on her own and then requested a date night.  She moaned about missing margaritas with some friends, but was joking.  She was happy to watch her grandkids.  I say it all the time, she’s pretty awesome with how much she watches the kids.  She will be with them next week while Lance and I are in Virginia and again in October when we hit NOLA.

:: It seems like Squirt gets the raw end of blogging.  He’s isn’t young so he doesn’t stop and pose for pictures for me like the others do, he worked 6 days a week during the last school year at the YMCA.  After getting screwed by the Marines, did I ever blog about that??, he decided he wanted to be an EMT.  He has finished his class and clinicals and loved every minute of it.  I’m so proud of his work and desire to learn.  It hasn’t been easy, trying to figure out how to study for this course, but he managed.  He spent the last two weeks working alongside EMTs and loving every second.  He’s ready.  I am so proud of him.

You know, he didn’t go the typical route after school.  And lots of people wonder why.  It can be embarrassing when people ask “where are you going to school?”  But he has held his head up high and I’m proud of him.  The other day an older man gave him shit about his decision while he was working out.  It really pissed me off. This guy told him he should have gone to college.  Nevermind the fact that he just had no desire to go to school at that time.  Now I’m sure some people would say “don’t give him a choice”.  They probably don’t have five kids.  Honestly though, we wouldn’t throw away money if we had just one kid.  The days of just going to college to find yourself are over.  Most people know this.  Hasn’t this man who knows nothing about Squirt other than his age read the articles about staggering college debt, kids moving back home after college because they can’t find jobs???  I felt bad for him that someone would try and question his decisions and make him feel bad.  If Drake decides to go to college later, great.  If not, he has a lot of options that will open up for him with the path he’s on right now.  His life is just starting, and I’m proud of the man he’s becoming.

:: So this year I was looking forward to being room mom.  And I was shut out.  Me!  One of the moms who was up at school almost daily…Was on that damn teacher appreciation committee…Shut. Out.   And I could say, well they are just trying to get other people involved.  Nope, BH’s room mom?  She’s PTO co-president.  Snax’s room parent is in charge of t-shirt sales.  I mentioned it to my VP who assured me we would be working on something different this year.  BUT still, it kind of pisses me off.  In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter because I will be spending more time with Sunshine and don’t have to deal with finding chaperones for field trips.  That’s someone else’s problem now.  I hope they have fun planning the party and cleaning up afterwards.

I sometimes wish we were a suburb school.  Not really a suburb school, just run like one.  I was listening to my friend talk about their back to school activities this week for parents and it just made so much sense.  Our PTO is good, but the stuff my friend was saying was just solid.  They know how to run things.  Just another reason I have to find a new school.  There is just so much lacking here.  But that’s another post.

:: That said, it could be worse.  My Godson starts kindergarten next week and went to meet his teacher.  His name is Everett.  His mom introduced him to his teacher and the teacher said, “do you go by Zachary?”  My friend corrected her and said his name again.  Again, the teacher said “Hi Zachary.”  My friend said “his name is Everett.”  Teacher looks at her and says “does he have a nickname?”  I guess I need to thank God tonight that that lady isn’t my son’s teacher.


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Five for Friday

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Last weekend, we went to Austin for my granny’s 93rd birthday.  The party was fabulous.  Most of her children, lots of friends, some nieces and nephews and all but three cousins were there.  It was just so much fun to hang out with my cousins and watch all of our children play together.  Lance has commented that things haven’t been as fun since two of my uncles passed away.  It’s a large family, ten siblings, and unfortunately there are lots of pissy fights among those siblings.  The cousins…we don’t let that affect us.  We’re family.  And like one said to me, we assume the best about each other, noting that we never have the full story about the other person.  And it’s true.  Really, those are words to live by family or not.  We spend so much time being offended by other people instead of just letting things go.  I’ve mentioned before how awesome my parents and brother are, but I’m really blessed with a large, fun family and with cousins I love.  We’re talking about doing a cousins’ reunion sometime next year.  Keep the drama of the older generation out and  just spend time together with our families.


We saw my granny before we left town, and she wasn’t feeling well.  Despite feeling poorly and not remembering some things, she knew what  was going on and could tell when the boys were going through her stuff.  They were probably stressing her out a bit.  As we were leaving I took some pictures of her, and she told the kids to remember her when she was gone by looking at the pictures.  It made me sad to think of her gone, but you know we never forget people.   All of our family is a part of who we are, so in the end, my kids can’t forget.


A listener made this after Lance announced her had signed a three year contract to stay in Houston.  He commented that we seriously considered another market.  It’s true, we did.  It was an extremely stressful decision thinking of moving our family across the country, being separated for awhile, disappointing parents and figuring out where Drake would go.  In the end, that job wasn’t what Lance needed.  I have to say a few people really stand out with their advice.  First, there was Marivi who only said to do what was best for Lance.  Honestly, she’s a great wife.  That whole stand by your man thing~ She’s got it down.  While she made it clear she wanted me to stay put, she always said to put Lance first.  Then there was my brother who let me know he didn’t want me to leave town, but that I needed to do what was best for my family and to only consider them when making a decision.  He let me know I didn’t have to feel guilty if I left town because my family comes first.  I have to say that I really appreciate how honest he was.  And last was Monsignor Rossi: he’s such a great priest.  He is available no matter what and gives amazing advice.  The fact that Lance went and spoke with a priest just makes me love him more.  He was feeling pressured and starting to get manic.  We both were, actually.  After speaking with him, he was at peace during the rest of the decision making process.

So we’re here to stay, at least for three more years, and probably more.  It’s fine, it’s home, the weather sucks as much as usual, but we’re here.  And you know, there are no regrets, not even when I think of how perfect that city is and their weather.  I have to say the best reaction I got to the news of a potential move was my friend Heather immediately tearing up.  Funny, I knew she would be upset if we moved despite the fact that she and Chris would be the first people to visit us.  In the end, I’m happy and so is Lance.


School…it starts in one more week.  It’s been such a great summer.  We relaxed more than usual.   Sure, we went places, but overall we just hung out.  The boys built Legos nonstop, played board games, read and swam.  They weren’t interested in the library or museums much.  And I was fine.  Some moms may be happy their kids are going back to school.  Not this one.  I relished every second with my kids.


Does every state require their students to learn state history?  I used to think it was just Texas because obviously nobody else had such an exciting history.  Not joking.  Goose completed a unit on Texas this year that covered all the battles leading up to it’s independence.  What a great study.  The kids and I stayed in Austin for one last mini vacation before school starts.  While there, we went to the Alamo, the Bob Bullock Museum and will hit San Jacinto this week.  At every location, Goose wanted me to take his picture and send it to his teacher.  I love that he liked her so much.  I felt bad for sending her pictures, but she was very gracious.  Anyway, Texas History makes an impression on all of us Texans, even my cousin who went to school in Colorado is a Texan at heart.  He knew the battle  cry at Gonzales.  Come and take it!


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Where I Am From

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I am from a two story house in the suburbs.  From Texas where football reigns and even the nights are humid.

I am from Mary and Hector and an older brother.  From cousins that are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

I am from Saturday morning pancakes and sausage and Sunday night pot roast.   From Raggedy Ann and Andy.  I am from watching football with my brother and father, pacing during Wimbledon and watching Prom Night with my brother.

I am from family vacations, big holiday meals, crazy holiday meals that sometimes have arguments.


I am from what is fair, right and just.

I am from a two week trip from Houston to San Francisco in the car.  Carlsbad, The Grand Canyon, Circus Circus, The Hoover Dam, Disney and getting stuck on the Pinnochio ride.  I am from that crooked street in SF.

I am from canisters of peanut M&M’s, snickerdoodle cookies and the recipe from my mom’s worn out cookbook.  I am from “hell”, but always with a designated driver.

I am from a city where the sky lights up burnt orange, where the stadium is filled and men cry when national championships are won.

I am from adventure, trips for weeks on end by myself.  From meeting people on trains and finding rooms to share, from day trips, from backpacks, from the Plaza in Madrid with sangria and my favorite meal.  From pictures of Madonna and the Holy Child to grand Cathedrals.

I am from friendships that are lasting.  From new friends that show their loyalty.

I am from family.  With a lot of kids and a passionate spouse.  From weekend get aways to reading hours on end.  From mass at 9:30 on Christmas morning to opening presents afterwards.  From a Lent that is meaningful to birthdays with family.

I am from Snoopy, nativity scenes and children’s books.

I am from a family that loved with all it had even when it broke apart.  That family made me who I am.  And most days, I’m okay with who I am.

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Can you just stay FIVE?!!

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Oh my sweet little boy, Snax.  How can another year have passed?

My boy with the twinkle in his eye, the mischievous one who is all boy.  Where did five go?


It passed too fast, and it kills me.  But kid, what a year.  Truly, it was a fantastic year for you.  I’ve been asking you all week if you would consider just staying five.  You told me you’d think about it.  WhenI asked today what the final answer was, you said it was a secret.

Either way, kid, things are going to be great this year.


Last year had you leaving me to head off to school.  Oh how I worried.  I didn’t want my baby boy to leave.  And really, you were such a young five.  Such a young, young five.  And mischievous.  And that twinkle…would your teachers appreciate that twinkle?  I worried how you would behave in class.  But you were great.  Maybe a total of 8 notes the entire year.   And one of your teachers told me you were just so cool and funny.  She got you.  (Well, mostly.)  It wasn’t just your behavior that was great, it was how you picked up on things so fast.  Your math continues to amaze me.  You can add whatever we throw at you in your head.  You know you’re good, and I love to see that proud look in your eyes.


You are right along with the boys listening to stories.  You fight over sitting next to me and still bring huge stacks of books for me to read to you.  You love Bible stories and know them after hearing them just once.

You love that damn dog of ours.  This year was so cold, Lola was allowed to come inside.  You had her walking all over the house, sleeping with you.  You play with her nonstop, get on top of her, feed her.  When you wrote about your family this year, you said there were 8 people because you included her in the mix.  I’m glad you love her despite how much she gets on my nerves.


You are hilarious with Mari!  You love her, most of the time.  Oh how she cried when you went to school this year.  And you were so sweet to her, you always ran back to give her a kiss.  You asked about her day, you were curious.  I think you missed her too.  Sometimes I catch you and her reading together.  It makes my heart happy.  But when she makes you mad, there is no stopping you.  Nothing will calm you down.  I have to share this story, not to embarrass you, but so I remember later on…One day, you asked if you could marry your sister and when I said no, you asked if you could just live with her.  It was such a sweet request, you just love her and like being around her.


You may be the youngest boy in the house, but you have no fear of anyone.  One of the boys pisses you off, you go off and punch them.  And it doesn’t matter if they hurt you, you won’t go down.


All year long, I found you outside playing baseball.  Mostly, you made your biggest brother, Drake,  play with you.  You love it.  You’re a good hitter.  In the spring, you played baseball and soccer.  You are super aggressive and have no fear.  I would die before playing goalie, but the thought that you could get hurt doesn’t occur to you.  Right now, dad is coaching your basketball team.  You’ve had to sit out a few times for not minding dad, but you go to the side and wait.  But again, you’re aggressive on the court.  Dad and I like that about you.

But beneath the twinkle, the tough boy, there is a sweet little boy.  A boy who will come and tell me he loves me.  A sweet little boy who will ask if we can snuggle.  That may have been my favorite part of the day: after school when you just needed some time with me.  Because I missed you so much, and to have you ask for time with me, made my heart melt.

But you know what my favorite thing about you is?   It’s how slow you do things.  You refuse to be rushed.   It happens when you order food, when you are choosing a gift from the store, what shoes to buy…Sure, it frustrates me how long it takes for you to make a decision, but when I force myself to slow down with you, I see the joy in all of it.  Life shouldn’t be rushed.  I know that’s why God gave you to me.  That’s what he wants you to teach me.  To slow down and enjoy life.  I always talk about living intentionally, you force me to do just that.

DSC_3306 Snax, you are such an amazing little boy.  You are constantly making me laugh.  After leaving a party this year, you informed me how great the owner’s dog was.  When I asked why, you responded “you can punch him in the face.”  I couldn’t believe it!  I freaked out asking if you had punched the dog,  You assured me that you had not, you just knew that he wouldn’t have minded.  Truly, your mind is amazing.

The following morning, you woke up with blue gum in your hair.

Snax, my sweet boy, I love you so much.  You are the one who made our home loud from day one, bringing out the loud in everyone else.  My favorite thing is to wake up and see you snuggled next to me or hear you ask me to snuggle you.  How can my rambunctious little boy be such a little snuggle bug?  But you are, and the best thing I could ever do with you is to immediately say yes when you ask.  It’s good for me and good for you.  Happy Birthday, my son.  I love you and can’t wait to see what happens this year!

May God bless you always!  Mary, pray for my son!  St. Sebastian, pray for my son!


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What 10 looks like

By | Posted July 15, 2014

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Goose~ how did it happen?  Ten years in the blink of an eye.



I remember your birth like it was yesterday.  Eating out at Pappadeaux, coming home and playing BopIt with Squirt, then my water breaking.  I had a million thoughts racing through my mind at that point.  I didn’t rush, I think I moved furniture, loaded my Ipod, and then left once Mimi arrived.

It was a long night and finally, I was pushing, and there you were, after two and a half hours of pushing.  I can look down and still see you in my arms just looking up at me.  I have not wanted to let you go since that moment.

DSC_3166And honestly, I don’t think you like  being far away either.  You still ask to snuggle, you fight over sitting next to me while I read and you get mad when you think someone else is getting more attention than you.  You are a mama’s boy in the truest sense.

You’ve had a great year.  Probably your best in school so far.  You had amazing teachers this year.  Your math?  Well, half the time I have to really think before I can help.  You will be way past me soon enough, and I’ve no doubt that one day you will have a career where you can use your skills in math.  You loved science and even got an award in it this year.  Spelling continues to be a strong point for you, and I was so proud to see you on that stage during the spelling bee.  With a straight A average for the year, it sounds bad criticizing, but if there was one area where we can work together, it’s reading comprehension.  It’s probably my fault, we read too fast in the beginning.  Now you just want to rush, so if I can ask anything, it’s slow down.  You miss so much when you rush.  And not just in reading, but in life.  It’s good to slow down and take it all in.


Your love of sports is pretty incredible.  Growing up with a brother, the first 7/9 birthday, who was an encyclopedia and then marrying your father, I’m used to sports addicts.  I don’t mind them at all.  In fact, I love how much you love sports.  While your dad was in NYC for the draft this year, you and I sat up and watched the coverage.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know half the players, but you?  You knew them all, where they played, what position, where they should go and you fell asleep on the couch watching.  When you woke up the next morning, you had questions about where people were drafted.

Then there’s basketball.  It’s the sport you play.  And you’re not bad.  Once yoU get bigger, you’ll be amazing.  It’s another sport you love watching and we had fun at games this year.

As a mom one of my proudest moments was during baseball season.  I worried about you because you weren’t hitting the ball.  It was machine pitch, and the bats are just too heavy for you.  You went three games as well as all the practices without a hit.  But you didn’t let it get you down.  Nobody would have known just how frustrated you were.  No bad attitude at all.  And then finally, you connected and of course, it was during one of our trips, but you called me immediately.  You were SO happy and proud of yourself.  After that, there was no looking back, you hit and scored.  I love seeing that success and the happiness from hard work.


This year, you started altar serving.  You’ve taken it so seriously, and you always want to sub when people are out of town.  The others love to see you processing down the aisle, and I love just watching you.  I keep an eye out, making sure you are paying attention.  And you are.  Afterwards, you always comment on the sermon and tell me something about what you were doing while serving.  When your brother was preparing for his First Communion, you were such a good supporter.  You went with us to confession and helped him along the way.  I’m so happy with the way you embrace our faith and how you like being Catholic.

You know, Goose, ten years seems like a long time.  But I know the truth, it passes in a blink.  Next year is fifth grade, then we’ll be figuring out middle schools and high school.  It flies by, and I hate wasting one single second.  I stress myself to no end thinking about how fast it all goes.  Yes, I enjoy the time, but in the back of my head, I’m always worrying about what comes next, about the time you’re off at school.


I want to slow life down, but I can’t.  I can appreciate the child you are and the person you are becoming.  A boy that loves God, his parents, his siblings, sports, reading and Snoopy.  Yes, Snoopy is still around.  Sometimes he stays home to rest or take a test, but he isn’t close to being gone.  And for me, it’s a gift, it shows me that time isn’t going quite as fast as I think it is.  I just need to sit back and live intentionally.  Take those times to snuggle, walk alone, to sit and listen to your fears.  Being your mom is a privilege.  Not one I’ve earned or deserve, but it’s my honor.

I look forward to next year, heck I look forward to next week!  Happy Birthday, Goose.  I love you with all my heart!  May God Bless you always,  Mary, pray for my boy.  St. Michael, pray for my son.


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