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His creativity has no limits…

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For Today…February 12, 2012

Outside my window…It’s cold.  It actually feels like winter.  It was even sleeting in New Braunfels.  Would have been nice to have jackets.  Might have been smart to check the weather before we left town.

I am wearing…Snoopy pj pants and a Get Up Kids T-shirt.

I am listening to…The Grammys.  I love the Foo Fighters.  Love them.  So do the boys.

I am grateful for…a weekend away with Paul and Brian.  Without the boys.  THANK YOU Mom for keeping the boys.  And Dad for getting Goose to his game after I screwed up the time.  Thanks to my in-laws for letting us stay at their home while they were away.  Over all a perfect weekend.  While driving home today, I realized that we haven’t been to Chicago this year and that is the reason my husband has been so cranky with me!  So, we planned a weekend and tickets will be purchased this week.

I am praying for…people who are unhappy, patience and the ability to be truly grateful all the time.

Excited…that I finally have  a date for Squirt’s Confirmation and hopefully, Goose’s First Communion.  Praying that we can move Goose’s date up so that the two can celebrate together.  Seeing that I am way behind on my parties for the past year, I would like to combine these two events.

Around the house…here is a new rule: something new comes in, something has to leave the house.  Okay, I made this rule to apply to the ever growing amount of crap that enters this house via the boys, but I’ll play along too.  In fact, I will go first, I came home with some wicker baskets and I am getting rid of a magazine rack.  Simplicity.  We will embrace this principal.

Learning all the time…truly we are.  And it just makes me so sad because I just want to keep all my kids home and learn and live all the time.  I told Lance I was getting really upset about Baby Hulk leaving next year.  He couldn’t believe it.  The reality is that he’s a pretty great student and is so enthused.  He loves to read and listen to stories and narrate.

From the kitchen…low fat please.  After this past weekend, we don’t have  a choice.  We went to Na…, the oldest bakery in Texas and ate like vultures.  Not just me and Lance, but Brian and Paul too.  Poor Sunshine was in the Ergo and had flakes of icing in her hair.  Plus, Brian brought me a cupcake from Chicago, plus all the baked goods the rest of the family provided…It was pretty gluttonous.

One of my favorite things…this scene from Boogie Nights.  This is one of my favorite movies, and despite needing to watch several movies before the Oscars I found myself watching this last night.

I am reading…Brideshead Revisited.  I have read two pages so far.

I am creating…haven’t moved too far on my printables.  This week, I make my rough drafts so that David can help me finish.  Because that’s what he wants to do.

On my nerves…old people who sit on the aisles at mass and refuse to give up their aisle seats.  I mean, seriously, what the heck is wrong with them?  Are they trying to leave early?  There is no way in hell I can come into mass with five kids and Lance and not get up at least once.  In fact, Lance gets up as much as the kids do.

A few plans for the week…art work, some play dates and relaxing.

A picture thought…

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My Sweet Girl

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When there is nothing else to blog about, it’s always safe to post pictures of the cute little girl.  I was trying to get the perfect shot, but Baby Z had no interest in sitting still for her mom.

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Could there have been a worse month than January 2012?  I won’t list all the things that happened, but let’s just say there were a lot of things that really sucked.  A lot.

Okay, who thought I wasn’t going to mention the sewer line?  I have to because that did get worse.  Saturday evening after we thought all was fixed, my mom mentioned that the half bath toilet wasn’t flushing.  Sunday morning, we noticed more issues in the yard.  Monday my yard was dug up again, in a new spot.  So now, my entire yard looks like crap.  That said, we don’t have to go to Jessica’s house anymore to crap.  Which is a good thing.

Of course, I did get hit by a Metro bus on Monday afternoon.  So there’s that too.

Yes, there was good.  And today when the Baby Hulk read his daily reflection, I was reminded that God is always with me.  Always.  I know this.

My friend recently suffered a miscarriage.  She was sad, but at the heart of it she trusted in God and His will.  And they weren’t just words coming out of her mouth.  She meant them.

I can’t stop thinking of her words: He has never let me down.  I have to trust in Him.

Tuesday evening I was telling her about all the stress I was feeling, especially Monday night.  I might have been a bit frantic.  I was running around the kitchen lifting my shirt and asking anyone to check my back for shingles.  I was absolutely positive they were coming back.  And I was positive I couldn’t handle that stress.  And I really wanted a Xanax.  I joke a lot about taking Xanax, but in reality I only take it when I fly (heavy doses), big family events or I know I am about to lose it.

Monday qualified as a “losing it” event.  Except you can’t take Xanax when you’re pregnant.

No, this isn’t some big reveal.

I am not pregnant.  But I could have been.  We do practice Natural Family Planning.  We’re open to life, we don’t use birth control, BUT we’re hoping God is with us and doesn’t think we can handle anymore children.

I assume after Monday night, He’s on board with our plans.

In the middle of my rant Monday evening, I started wailing about not being able to take a Xanax because “what if we were pregnant…and how could we live like this for the next X years.”  It was quite the scene.

I told my friend the story and she reminded me that in doing God’s will, I was turning it over to Him and trusting in Him to do what is best for our family.  I felt calmer at that and was again brought to her words that He has never let me down.

He hasn’t.  I know that whatever has happened, good and bad, He has been there.  And will be there.  He knows what is best for us.  In all things, including our family size.

It’s hard to have that faith, especially when most of our friends are telling us over and over to just get a vasectomy.  Most people do something to prevent pregnancies, including most Catholics.  While I know the intentions are good, (and am not bothered by what other people do) it does get a bit frustrating to explain our feelings again.

After the month I’ve had, I’m really focusing on turning it over to Him.  And begging just a little that February holds a bit more hope than January did.  And also that Metro gets it together soon and pays for the damage.

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Five For Friday~ Have I Mentioned My Sewer Line Is Backed Up

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:: Let’s start it off on a high note, shall we?  Today is Jessica’s birthday, my sweet little girl is now 18.  I call her “my” as if I own her.  I don’t, but she is family.  The boys love her and due to recent plumbing issues, we’ve become even closer to her since her bathroom has become the bathroom for the boys.  They have no shame at all.

Earlier this week, I went on FB and what did I see?  A comment about her getting a tattoo Friday night.  I’m a big fan of the “my house, my rules” line of thinking, meaning you don’t get a tattoo until you’re paying for yourself.  So immediately I wondered if her father knew about her plans.  And should I tell him or not?  I mean, she hadn’t confided in me about it.  I didn’t want to be a big mouth or anything, but I would want to know if my kid were getting a tattoo so that I could confiscate all their cash before their birthday.  Or at the least, lecture them on tattoo placement.  Or stupid symbols and such.

I didn’t tattle, but did suggest she wait until college to get one.  She doesn’t drink, so she needs something fun to do once she leaves home.

:: You know how you swear you are going to write a letter every time you receive poor customer service, but you never do?  After having a tense evening without toilets again, I did just that.  I wrote to the director of the Public Works division and explained our problem and the less than satisfactory resolution thus far.  This morning, I received a call from his office.  I was so surprised that I literally fell off the treadmill.  I am not joking.  My thumb is bleeding and my legs are raw from the fall.  I’ll just add that to the rest of the problems they have caused this week.

:: And no, the problem is yet to be resolved.  I have finally had two different people come over to the house to talk to me.  Been assured that it will be fixed hopefully within 3-4 hours, but nothing so far.  The best part?  I can use the restroom as long as I don’t mind it coming out in my yard.  Thanks, but no thanks.

:: Waiting for them today caused me to miss a field trip for Goose.  Yet another reason to be mad at the city.

:: And the kicker to what has basically been a pretty rough week?  I have my yearly check up today.  And while that is way too much information, I just don’t care.  I’m assuming most people that read my blog have heard of such things and can deal.  So here I go so I can wait around at the doctor’s office so I can be stuck in Friday traffic.  Go me.


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It really does go by fast

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There is an article going around the Mommy Blog world, and women all over the place are cheering it on.  It’s the one where the mom complains about older moms who always come up to you and tell you how fast it all goes and to appreciate your children, because they loved raising kids.

I’m not linking the article.  I’m too lazy and grouchy to look for it (still nothing from the city on the sewage problem), and quite frankly, I don’t really agree with it.

Anyone with kids knows it’s true: Time goes by too fast when you have kids.

Baby Z?  She’s already 13 months.

Goose is in second grade.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was crying because Lance wanted to send him to school?  Squirt graduates next year!  And the Baby Hulk is supposed to start K next year.  That sweet little boy who was in the NICU for two weeks.  The little boy who I held all day long with wires all over his little body is reading, running with pure abandon and singing songs from the radio.

And No David, the 3 year old, well he wants what the big boys want so he already has Pokemon cards.  (No, I didn’t buy him those, his brothers shared.)  I don’t even get to enjoy cute 3 year old things with him because he’s decided he’s too big.

Baby Z is trying, okay barely, to stand on her own.

When did all this happen?

I was living every second of it.  And yet, it still passed right before my eyes.

How can any mother out there not admit that it goes by fast?

And please, I am no Pollyanna.  I talk more about my kids and their issues than most people.  On the phone and on my blog.  I am the first to admit how frustrating parenting can be.  How annoyed I can get by my kids’ antics.  

Maybe that’s the key.  The author talks about feeling the need to be in a constant state of parenting ecstasy.  I’ve never felt that pressure.  Maybe I’ve got better friends.  Friends who listen when my kids are being difficult, and I’m feeling down about the job I’m doing.  

Sure older moms tend to forget the hard part of raising kids.  Grandparents think everything your kids do is cute when secretly you want to spank them even though you don’t spank.  But what a cynical, crappy society we’d be if our memories weren’t skewed a bit. 

Maybe older moms say things like that because they know better.  They know we need to appreciate our children even in the rough times.  Like when they act like little shits at the swim club week after week after week.  Sure it would be nice to hear them say they’ve been through it before, but I’m sure if they did we’d find something wrong with that too.

My reality is that time flies by too freaking fast for me.  I am doing my best to appreciate every single second I have with my kids.  And not because one day I’ll be an old lady, but because for today, I am blessed to have five amazing children still living under my roof.  I want to appreciate the life that has been so generously given to me.

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Wordless Wednesday…The Feel Sorry For Me Edition

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Wordless, I don’t think so.

Sunday night, Squirt told me water was leaking from the hall toilet.  Just water nothing gross.  (Finding the positive.)

A plumber came and said our sewer line was damaged and would need to be repaired.  When the guys started fixing it the following afternoon, they realized it was the city line that wasn’t working.

As they left, they told me not to use the toilet or shower because the waste would probably come back into the house.  The plumber then left as fast as he could.  Probably due to the psycho look on my face.

I have 5 kids, I can’t be without toilets.

I called the City.  Apparently waste in the yard isn’t an emergency.

Their crew doesn’t work past 8.  It might have made sense to work past 8 considering the fact that they knew rain was coming today.

Because of course, they couldn’t do a thing due to the heavy rain today.  They can come back tomorrow.  But only if I call again and get another order going.  Except don’t call too soon because if I do, the ticket would be associated with the first complaint.  The same complaint from yesterday.  The same exact complaint I have today.  The same problem that they know wasn’t fixed.  The complaint that I have sewer water in my yard and no effing toilets to use.  And I have 5 freaking kids.

And my husband is out of town.

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For Today…

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For Today…January 22, 2012

Outside my window…it’s dark.  It’s hot.  It’s freaking January.  No, I don’t want to shovel snow, but is it too much to ask that we have winter weather?!

I’m wearing…Snoopy boxers and a white t-shirt.

I am praying for…Our friends at Pete’s Meats- there was a fire, and we’re going to miss them for a few months.  I’m so sad for this business, Michael is a great guy.  The soul of a friend’s uncle.  My friend as she packs away her father’s office.   Squirt as he attends his Confirmation retreat.

Finding the joy…My mom said the other day it’s been a hard year so far.  Pretty crappy if you ask me, but at the same time there is so much to be happy about and I know that.  My goal is to remember this.

Around the house…our basketball goal is FINALLY up.  The boys are so happy.  I’ve been, how shall we say it, bitching nonstop because it took forever to purchase and then it just sat here half finished.  I called Chris and he sent someone to finish it.  Turns out it wasn’t so easy to finish.  But it’s done, and the boys have been playing nonstop.

Part 2…the wires on the garage that Lola chewed through two weeks after the garage was finished have been repaired.

Part 3…water is leaking from the hall toilet.  Find the joy, find the joy…

From the kitchen…I made these Chubby Hubby bars I pinned last Fall.  They sounded great, pretzels and Reeces in a cookie bar topped with caramel and chocolate.   They’re fine, but I won’t be fighting the kids for them.

Learning all the time…The report is finished.  Jackie Robinson is an amazing man, but I’m over him.  Hopefully, Goose makes his presentation tomorrow.  I spent most of yesterday typing his one-act play.  It was very painful.  BUT I didn’t lose it.  It was Lance’s birthday, and I didn’t want him stressed out on his special day.

I’m thankful for…dinner with friends, a wonderful husband, the Sacrament of Penance.

One of my favorite things…the laughter of my children and the smell of little boys that have been playing outside.

I am creating…okay, I’m not really creating anything yet, but I have high hopes that within less than a month I will have some printables hanging in my bathroom.  Less than a month, a decent goal.

A few plans for the week…Space movie, get together with Jenn, Chinese New Year at Goose’s school and learning.

A picture thought I am sharing…

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Smart Girl

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The other evening I got a text from Chelsea.  She wanted me to check out something on Facebook.  The only problem was that I wasn’t friends with the person she wanted me to see. No problem, she would just send me the link.  That still didn’t work, guess a privacy thing.

The solution?  Her roommate sent me her username and password.  She assured me there was nothing fun to stalk.

Interesting how Chelsea didn’t even think of offering up her information.

She knows better.

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Just a birthday wish to the love of my life~

It’s been a busy week and it seems like things are only going to get worse.  There is a lot of running around in our life.  Not much different from others, but in the midst of it all, I can be at ease because of your love.  You are truly the best gift ever.  You can reign me in and  make me think about my actions when I’d rather not.  The life we live is beyond my wildest dreams.

I love you more than anything on earth.  I promise some time for just me and you in Chicago, a movie date and a weekend as soon as possible.

Happy Birthday, Lance.  You are amazing and deserve the best.

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