The Feast of St. Joseph

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Today is the feast of St. Joseph.  He is the patron of  fathers, carpenters, those seeking employment, the Church and a peaceful death.  (And probably a lot more.)

Long ago, when I was waffling between boyfriends, I begged St. Joseph to intercede on my behalf and send me my Joseph.

His prayers worked.

I have a wonderful husband, a man who loves me and wants to spend time with me.  And a man who is open to life and has showered me with children.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you, God, and Thank you, St. Joseph for all your prayers.

Today, my prayer is different.  I pray that my daughter will find her St. Joseph.

In honor of today, these two built a birdhouse together and then had a treat to celebrate.

St. Joseph, pray for us and for all families, especially those who are suffering right now.

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Daybook~Back To Reality

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For Today…March 18, 2012

Outside my window…it’s a great day, not too hot, a nice breeze in the air.  It was the perfect day to plant Baby Hulk’s potato plant and Ivy.  Finally.

 I am wearing…orange jeans, a white shirt and my diamond heart.  I love the diamond heart, a gift from Lance, and my jeans.  The fact that they fit makes me happy.

I am praying…for a special intention, the Angelus daily for that intention, for my husband to get better, and for the last nine weeks of school to go smoothly.

Moments of grace…my kids showing me how to have a great time, my father giving us the best time in Austin.  We are sad that Spring Break has ended.  And were sad when my dad left Austin.  Our priest telling us that he missed us last week.

Learning all the time…Spring is officially here, in a few days.  We took advantage of the weather last week by being outside as much as possible.  I plan to continue that until it gets miserable, by Houston’s standards pretty soon.  We’re starting a unit on Spring.  So far Baby Hulk has found books he loves for Fall and Winter.  I am anxious to figure out his favorite for Spring.  (Easter basket gift.)  We’ll be focusing more on Religion as we end out the year.  While we try and live the faith all the time, I will probably incorporate actual lessons until May.

From the kitchen…nothing planned.  Not a good sign.  I had the best and by best, I mean my trifecta of places to eat in Austin.  And eat I did.  A lot.  So it’s back to being smart and healthy.  I’d like to plan a special meal for tomorrow, the Feast of St. Joseph.  We hit the Fish Fry last week.  So good, I’d like to go there again either this week or next.

Around the house…Ready?! My kitchen faucet broke.  NOT KIDDING.  And my phone lines are effed up, as in they don’t work at all.  We thought it might be the actual phones, but after purchasing new ones, realized it is indeed the lines.  Calling the phone company tomorrow.

And…before I left Austin, I had to put on my spare because I ran over something and had a slow leak.  Another new tire to purchase.

Planning…let’s see, my plans worked out for Spring Break, now it’s time to get my drainage pipes going so that the yard can be done in time for our parties.  A hotel room reservation in Tuscaloosa might be a good idea as well.  This week.  Small school plans for the rest of the year also.

Creating…I have some printables I want done yesterday.  This week.  I hope.  I want to make a cute centerpiece for Easter as well.  I need to figure that out soon so I’m not making it for next year.

Finding the joy…in time with my children and being smart enough to recognize when they have done enough for the day.

Reflecting on…ways to let go.

One of my favorite things…vacations.  Small or big, I love time away.  I’ve always been that way.  I really enjoy going places, which sounds dumb, but not everybody does.

A few plans for the week…settling back to normal, a picnic, Audubon Center, baseball games for Goose and Baby Hulk.

A picture to share…

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  • you are the sweetest baby I have ever known
  • you mainly want to be with me, and that’s just fine
  • your second favorite is Squirt
  • at times you have a bit of an attitude
  • you will flail your arms around when you are annoyed, see above
  • there are even times that you do raspberries at us to show your annoyance, like Sunday at mass you were mad because your brother moved my purse away from you, you basically spit in anger for three minutes
  • as of 3/1, you wear size 3 diapers
  • you have been cruising around the coffee table for about two weeks

No David::

  • you are the most mischievous kid I know
  • the twinkle in your eye makes me smile, usually
  • you are the kid that takes whatever someone is playing with and runs
  • the other day you told me I could be in the S club, it made my heart melt
  • when we drop off Squirt you shout “bye Tomahawk”, which sounds like tomahuck
  • you love food so much it scares me sometimes
  • you want anything your brothers want
  • when you do “school” you talk in a grunt whisper
  • you have a twin you call “evil S”

Baby Hulk::

  • you feel more than anyone I know
  • that worries the heck out of me
  • you love playing outside
  • you hate wearing shoes
  • you are a social person
  • you love hamburgers with mustard and pickles
  • you love Whataburger


  • you come home from school, bring in your backpack and immediately go outside to shoot hoops
  • you eat two Kolaches for lunch almost daily
  • have decided you don’t like cheese peanut butter crackers, which is strange because you gave that up for Lent last year
  • you decided you want to go to Confession face to face
  • take a book to bed to read
  • love football and basketball
  • tell me the sweetest things almost daily
  • still carry Big Snoopy everywhere


  • you decided that you needed to eat sweet potatoes to get some color
  • have joined the wrestling team
  • have come into your own with your friends in a way I always hoped, (prayers and sacrifice)
  • are a pure teenager, sleeps a lot, effs around a lot
  • that doesn’t always thrill me
  • got busted skipping class the other day
  • I have to be mad even though I skipped class all. the. time.  I was rarely busted.
  • graduate from school in a little more than a year, WTH?

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Daybook~ After the Rodeo

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For Today…March 4, 2012

Outside my window…the sun is shining.  The weather is perfect.  Boys are playing nonstop.  I will not complain.

I am listening to…the boys shoot baskets, laugh in the bouncy castle.

I am wearing…a black skirt and a black shirt.  And a glass of wine.

Moments of grace…my dad taking us to the Rodeo, (as grateful as one can be after getting home at 10:30 with kids!), the laughter of my boys, seeing new friends at church and visiting like old friends, Prime Shipping, Rogers being smart enough to hold Field Day in March rather than May and old friends.

Pondering these words…Your day never fails to betray your priorities.  Wow.  Isn’t that the truth?!  So who and what are my priorities?  Of course, my children, but do they know it?  Is it enough to try to shy away from the phone and computer when they are around?  What about Lance?  Last night he told me that he doesn’t think couples work enough on their marriage.  That time alone is a good reminder of why couples fall in love since they didn’t fall in love with children around.  A subtle hint to me?  Possibly.  Mom, I need a babysitter soon.

I am praying…my heart is heavy.  Join me in praying for my intentions.  Please.  I will pray for yours as well.  In addition, many people are joining the Catholic church, praying for those people and my two children who will be receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist soon as well.

Planning…small plans for Spring Break, meals for the week, our trip to Chelsea’s graduation, parties???  Please let a party I want to happen come true.

To live the liturgy…Lent has started.  Funny story, Lance was on the air and made a comment about Easter being about candy and Christmas about presents and so on.  Baby Hulk heard and was so upset.  “Easter is about Jesus dying for us and rising from the dead”.  Pat on my back!!!  I think my kids know what each holiday is about and I’m happy.  But do we have the relationship we need?  So far, we’re keeping up with our Lenten commitments including praying the stations and the extra Rosary Goose added to our calendar.  Tonight is one of the Rosary nights.

From the kitchen…Lance went grocery shopping without consulting me about the menu.  I am making the menu from what he purchased.

Learning all the time…We’re on R.  R is for Rainbows, Reptiles, Recycling and Rodeo.  Stop.  How are we at R already?  Truly, time does not stop for us.  Fingers are crossed that Baby Hulk doesn’t get a spot at Rogers.  Because that is the only way Lance lets me homeschool him.

Finding the joy…in my family.

Reflecting on…ways to be a good mother.

One of my favorite things…reading with the boys.

A few plans for the week…the zoo, lunch with a friend, outdoor Stations of the Cross and a grown up play date.

A picture to share…

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Five For Friday

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I used my brand new dishwasher for the first time!  It took almost a week to fill.  Everyone keeps asking how we lasted so long without a dishwasher.  I can assure you (as if you care) that there were never dishes stacked in the sink for more than five minutes.  I’ve said it before, I can’t stand mess.  Of any kind.   I’d rather be late than have dishes in the sink.

I muttered a few comments over the past seven months about not having a dishwasher, but really, it wasn’t so bad.  Not when you think about the sewer line or the current state of my yard.  A dog who chews through and digs up everything in my yard.  Shingles.  Metro hitting my car.

I guess you can say I haven’t gotten over the past several months of what I consider to be really crummy luck.  In reality it’s just life, but life that hasn’t been as easy going as I would like.  And for someone who likes order, it’s tough.  For me and those around me.

But things are looking up.  At least, I am convincing myself of that before the next big wave hits.

So here is the Five for Friday: Home Improvement Edition

  1. Side View Mirror repaired courtesy of Metro
  2. tires purchased today, with three little kids in tow.  Sanity in check upon leaving store.
  3. new dishwasher up and running
  4. yard slowly moving along
  5. ideas found for a piece over my mantle, no easy task as it’s been empty for five plus years with the exception of a wreath at Christmas

Why is it important to write about this?   Because I am having nightmares about this stuff, and I need to remind myself that it is better.

Last night I dreamed the ceiling was sinking in around my stove.  I needed a new stove and ceiling, and water was dripping all over the place.  I called Solis crying because I just. couldn’t. take. it. anymore.

So dramatic.

Next week, I’m getting bids on having my yard finished and deciding what to do about the dog.  No easy task on either front.

New dishwasher did a great job.  Although I remembered exactly why I haven’t missed the dishwasher.

I am the one who always has to empty it.

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The 3 Year Old

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:: Lately, No David has found his way into my room.  I feel bad for him, but honestly, I don’t want him sleeping with me.  He goes through phases, one week on, one week off.  This is an “on” week.  So I am trying what any normal mother would do: bribery.  You sleep in your bed, you get a piece of gum.  Now every night before he goes to sleep, he tells me he wants gum tomorrow.  I remind him about our little deal and he puts a smile on his face and closes his eyes.  (This is where I add that we now let him sleep with the light on rather than turning it off like most people would do.  This has been most beneficial to Lance who used to have to sleep on the floor until No David fell asleep.)

Last night, I heard the thump thump that is a sure sign of No David coming to my room.  He stopped outside my door and whispered “mom, I don’t want gum tomorrow.”  Then he proceeded to make room for himself in MY bed.

:: No David found a cough drop in a drawer last week.  Sensing some type of food, he asked what it was.  I explained and he pressed further, “for me?”.   I let him know that only people with coughs took cough drops.  He waited about ten seconds, coughed a tiny bit, then said he needed one.

:: I took the older boys to the King Tut exhibit.  I would have paid a stranger just so I dind’t have to take No David.  Thankfully, Lance came home and I didn’t have to risk losing him to a random person because I was coming up short on a babysitter.  I told him that he wasn’t going and he said fine, “I get to watch tv.”  To which I responded, “fine, as long as it is educational.”  He chose Power Rangers because “it teaches you how to kill the bad guys”.  He has a point.  (Interesting side note: Goose did not watch television until he was 3, and that was only Word World or Little Einsteins, not Power Rangers.)

:: Yesterday, I was working with Baby Hulk and No David wanted lunch.  He had already had a snack at 9:15, a mere two hours after he had finished breakfast.  Finally, I told him it was only 10 o’clock.  He proceeded to get the magnetic clock off the fridge and moved the time to show me that it wasn’t 10 any longer, and indeed, time for lunch.

:: Then there is the incident from last Friday.  It’s not going in print, but a few of my friends got the urgent DM about it.  I’m still recovering.

Three is where it’s at as far as Lance is concerned.  I tend to agree with him.  But this little kid, it’s hard to put into words.  He is more everything than the others have been. Sometimes that is good, often it’s bad.  Regardless, he is all personality and his own little person.  And I love him.

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Sometimes You Say Yes

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I am a list person.

A lot of things make me happy, but crossing things off a list is close to the top.  And while that might sound slightly pathetic, I’m fine with anyone thinking that.  I’d like to say it’s the only way to run a house with seven people in it, but I have been this way since long before there were even two people in my house.  Basically, I like to feel like I’m in control, and a crossed off list gives me the delusion of being in control.

I have lots of lists: meals, homeschool plans, wish lists from different sites, vacation ideas, a running list of gift ideas and so on.  Then there is the plan for the day: starting with workout plans and ending with the meal plan.  Being oh so organized, there isn’t a lot of room for spontaneous happenings in my life.  But I’m okay with that.  I have three kids at home right now to keep me company, we schedule play dates a couple of times a week and we’re happy.

So today, my dear friend sent a text asking if I had time for lunch.  She was running in from the suburbs and had had a really crummy evening and morning.

It wasn’t part of my plan.

But I said yes.

And it was so worth it.

A wonderful reminder that it’s okay to leave the written plans behind every once in a while.

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Around the House…

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I know, I know, Lent started today.  We hid the Alleluia last night, we’re not supposed to say it again until Easter.

But I know God is okay with me shouting that from the rooftops.

After six months without a dishwasher and 7 people in this home, I finally have a dishwasher!

So what did I do tonight after the kids ate dinner?

Washed everything by hand, of course.

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For Today…February 20, 2012

Outside my window…it’s dark.  It’s quiet.

I am wearing…the black shirt I wore to mass this morning and Snoopy boxers.  And a big frown on my face.  I feel really sick.

Moments of grace…the city showing up to start fixing the yard, staying positive when the rain came immediately afterward and basically ruined the work, ordering a new dishwasher and getting free delivery and setup.  Sounds like I’m just excited about not having to spend extra money.  I am.  But it’s more.  It’s been really difficult to keep a positive attitude lately.  It’s hard to keep myself from wondering “what next?”!!  So yes, I am grateful for these small and unexpected gifts.

What next…I knew you’d ask.  Despite only having 22,000 miles on my car, I need new tires.  Like yesterday.  Seriously.

I am praying…that my family gets better.  Out of nowhere, three of us have fevers, two have colds and Sunshine has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming.  Extremely. Loudly.  I don’t know what else to do except bring her in my room, except three other boys are usually already there.  I NEVER PLANNED ON HAVING A FAMILY BED.  And we didn’t until this past year.  Where did I go wrong?!

I am listening to…my husband tell me about a wedding I missed.  And a baby start to cry.  Please, God let her go back to sleep.  I don’t have it in me right now.

One of my favorite things…well worn jeans.  It shows that my boys are playing nonstop and having the time of their lives.  Right?  Either that or all of a sudden Children’s Place jeans have become super cheap.  Is it bad that I was hoping to last the rest of the season without having to buy new jeans?  It didn’t happen.  With about a month to go, I am off to buy new freaking jeans for two of the boys.  I think I have some for Snax in the attic and Squirt, well he has a uniform he has to wear five days of the week so I’m safe for now!

Planning…what we’re doing for Lent, meals for the week, menu for Squirt and Goose’s celebration in April, Sunshine’s party???  I wish on the last one.  Once I have a yard, then I can have kids come over.  I will have her party one day.  I will.  I will.

Finding the joy…after four days of cancelled playdates, the boys and I met with Jenn and her son for a trip to the museum.  We liked the museum and loved the company.  Then there is the sweet girl who brought me a cupcake tonight.  Just because.  She must have known I needed a pick me up.

To live the liturgy…Lent starts this week.  I’m getting prepared.  We made our Lenten Calendar tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll paint wooden letters for the learning area, we’ll hide the “Alleluia” on Tuesday night, and we’ll start our fast.  The boys have been throwing around ideas on what they might give up.  Goose wants to pray the Rosary as well so he added some dates on the calendar for that.  I love Lent.  I love praying the Stations of the Cross.  The kids do too.  We’ll go outdoors and pray, we’ll use our candles and pray, we’ll use a wonderful meditation for the family and pray.  We’ll reflect and pray.  Together.

Learning all the time…Cancelled play dates led to lots of learning this week.  A little more bookish than Baby Hulk would have liked, but we managed to have some fun art and have started a unit on Poetry and Painting.  Planning a trip to the art museums this week.

From the kitchen…some pancakes Tuesday morning, some red beans and rice Tuesday night, then we Fast on Wednesday.  I was thinking we would have some kind of fish dish, but have decided instead we’ll have something very simple to reflect the day of fasting and abstinance that starts Lent.  While I definitely want to try some new dishes on Fridays during Lent, I also want to embrace the sacrifical part of abstaining from meat from the get go.

Reflecting on…how I can grow during Lent.  I’ve read lots of good stuff online, I just don’t know how to implement it.  Every. Single. Day.  Because isn’t that what I’m after?

A few plans for the week…science night at Goose’s school (really cool night planned), Ash Wednesday with the kids, Burger lunch at probably my favorite place in the city (assumingwe get better), lunch with a football family, museum play date, Stations of the Cross on Friday at the grotto off of 290 and maybe the fish fry at church.  And…Goose’s second confession is on Saturday.  A busy week assuming everyone stays healthy.

A picture thought…

My poor sick boy


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Be Mine

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My first Valentine from Squirt when he was 5 years old.  Yes, I am that mother.  The one who saves this type of stuff.  I keep it hanging in my kitchen window.

Years ago, it had different shades of pink, but today pieces are missing and the sun has made the color fade.  Still just as special.


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