Brothers and Basketball

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The boys’ basketball season ended on Saturday.  It was a great season, and the boys had such a good time.  Technically, Goose and Baby Hulk weren’t supposed to be on the same team, but I am so glad about the slight mess up during registration that allowed them to play together.  And not just because it makes things much easier for me to have them on the same team.

Goose has turned into a pretty decent little player.  He had several great games, and despite being a major ball hog, he had two games in which he actively passed and made those around him better.  Including his brother.  Baby Hulk was the youngest on the team, and while it showed at times, he was good too.  One of my favorite moves is to watch him dribble the ball.  He has this cool move where he flips his leg while dribbling.  Lance says that technically, it’s dribbling between your legs, but that’s not really what BH does.

Goose was clearly the better player of the two, but they both loved playing.  Baby Hulk might have liked the Gatorade a bit more than the actual game, but that’s okay.  He’s still young.  They play basketball at home nonstop.

The games were exciting to watch, and I had to force myself not to become that parent.  I left that to my parents!  I am so glad that the boys were able to have the whole family watch games as well as my parents.  Today, BH took his trophy to the store so that my dad could see it.  They were so proud of themselves, but also willing to hear how to improve their game from Lance.

I have to compliment the YMCA for their youth sports program.  It’s not too intense for kids.  It’s fun like it should be.

I hope this isn’t the last team they are on together.  I loved watching them compete together.  What a season!

Fun fact: The boys wore the same clothes each week for their games.  Goose wore his Butler gear, while BH wore his Texans clothes.  The morning of the last game, he was freaking out because he couldn’t find his red shirt.  I love that I’m not the only OCD person in this house.

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Yes, we’re ready.

A HUGE thank you to my dad for buying us so many treats on Sunday.  New backpacks, (repeat after me, they will last 3 years), new shirts for the season, a new book, basketball, reading lights for the night time nerds, (I say that as a former flashlight reader), a monster truck…

Then there is this…

It fits!

Have I mentioned how much I love smocked dresses?


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Each evening, I pray over my kids.  Part of the prayer is a blessing and giving thanks for the gift of them..  Lately, I’ve been thanking Him for the little boy with a twinkle in his eye.  After I say that, Snax always asks: “do I have a twinkle, Mom?”

Yes, Snax, you have a very big twinkle in your eyes.  May God increase my patience and always keep you safe.  You are a special boy, indeed.  And I love you for all that you are, most especially that twinkle in your eye!

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Five For Friday

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:: It’s August.  The third to be exact.  Less than 27 days before school starts.  Am I sad?  Pretty devastated to be honest.  I hate the thought of the boys going to school.  I’m more than a bit worried about the Baby Hulk starting school.  And not just because I think I’m the best teacher for him.

:: In my angst, I actually reached out to someone online.  A blogger I read.  It sounds pretty crazy.  I have great friends, people who have listened to me go on and on about my desires to homeschool.  I’ve never written or even commented on this person’s blog.  She not only responded very fast, she was thoughtful and helpful, and didn’t seem to think I was crazy.  Obviously, she wasn’t going to provide an answer to this issue, it’s not her job to do so, but her grace was pretty amazing.

:: Wednesday, I had an appointment with my gynocologist.  I’ve know this doctor for some time, we generally talk sports, but yesterday we talked birth control.  She basically wanted to know why I wouldn’t use it.  It seems she doesn’t have many Catholic patients who have a problem with birth control.   It was an interesting talk, and I was happy that we were comfortable enough to talk about what can sometimes be a touchy subject.

:: In the sweetest news ever, the ladies at the gym are praying that I have another baby.  Can you imagine?  I love them so much.

:: As someone who loves to make lists, this book immediately caught my attention.  Right now, I have several lists going…school supply list, chores to do before school or vacation.  I didn’t really have time to read through it, so it may be really dumb.  (I didn’t even consider buying it because I have so many empty books to fill up with lists and lists before I can consider buying something new.)

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Daybook~ Summer Days

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For Today…Monday, July 30, 2012

Outside my window…the sun is shining.  It’s brutal.  So brutal.  The kids run in and out, I just can’t bring myself to join them.

I am wearing…black shorts and a pink Nike shirt.  Need to change out of my workout clothes.

Moments of grace…friends who listen, my kids running all over the place, time to read, the chance to spend time on the phone.

I am praying for…a special intention, that our vacation goes really well, for patience and forgiveness, and for school to go really well for Baby Hulk.

I am listening to…the Olympics.  Finally, finally my kids are interested.  I purchased this book to jump start a unit, but we never sat down to read the book until Saturday.  It’s a great book, with lots of interesting information.

From the kitchen…the menu isn’t planned, but I do know one thing.  We aren’t buying anything new.  We’ll eat whatever is here.  There may or may not  be something sweet from the kitchen.

Learning all the time…we are reading nonstop in this house.  That’s about it.  Guess it’s a good thing the beginning of school is review.  I am slightly worried about BH’s handwriting.  It was so good back in May, but he’s such a perfectionist when it comes to writing that he needs some practice.  Maybe it’s time to implement 30 minutes of drills a day.  With the Olympics on daily, we will be doing quite a bit of geography.  Even Snax is involved with this puzzle.

I am reading…Divergent.  Just started.  In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I am ready to read.  I love our reading hour because that’s my reading time as well.  One of the best lessons for kids is to see their parents reading.  Right?!

To live the liturgy…Saturday we’re celebrating the feast of St. John Vianney.  We’ll going to mass and then our church is having a party.  Since St. John Vianney was such an amazing confessor, we’ll go to confession as well.

Random fact…I’m a bit OCD.  I hate mess.  My house gets dusty (no matter how often I dust), but not messy.  I have a few kids who seem to make a lot of crumbs.  Is now the time to admit that I make them go outside to eat things like pumpkin bread, granola bars?  I know, I am kind of shitty.

I am creating…lists.  Packing lists, school lists and a very small shopping list for BH.

One of my favorite things…friends.  I don’t find new friends often.  I’m happy about this one.

Oh how I love…my crappy, cracked phone.  I finally am back to using it and had a glorious conversation with my best friend today.  Going to Best Buy tomorrow to buy a new phone though.  Fingers crossed that it works.

A few plans for the week…planning.  A possible play date with the twins and the Titanic exhibit.

A picture to share…


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Five For Friday ~ Things That Make Me Smile

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Five things that made me smile this week…

:: My mother in law buys cards for everyone’s birthday.  She signs her name, then leaves it out for my father in law to sign them.  Once I asked if he just signed his name or if he actually looked at who the card was for.  With several cards to sign in July and August, you might think he just scribbles his name, but he doesn’t.  He knows whose birthday is up next.  He even makes his own phone calls (when out of town) to the birthday person.

:: Sunshine refuses to wear anything in her hair, despite the fact that she has lopsided hair.  I can’t believe I am going to have to get a haircut for my 19 month old.  Thankfully, my hairdresser and I have been wanting to get our close in age babies together.  Yes, I am angling for a discount.  Anyway, Sunshine doesn’t like bows, headbands, nothing.  Yesterday, I found her with a tiny barrette (would have missed this word in the spelling bee) in her hair.  Her ladies (yes, they are all hers!) at the gym bribed her with cookies.  Smart ones.

Seriously, isn’t she adorable?!

:: My book, Gone Girl…so freaking good.  Yes, I read the end of the book before I was 100 pages in, but that is only because I wanted to be sure I was correct about the ending.  I was.  Not sure if it’s a gift to be able to guess the ending of shows, movies and books.

:: A very dear friend moving back to Houston.  I love this girl.  We met at church and were drawn to each other with our dislike of mom’s groups.  We clicked, our kids clicked, then they moved to Michigan.  They also have five kids.  We are Godparents to their youngest.  I am so happy for them to come home.  To share Whataburger, talk about the kids, have a mom tell me when I need to get my shit together, get to know my Godson and just spend time with one my bestest (this isn’t a word?!) friends.

:: Puzzles…The boys finished this puzzle today.  Personally, I love puzzles.  Lance can’t stand them.  Doesn’t have the patience for them.  He and BH are the same.  The rest of us love them.  Years ago, Squirt and I used to do them.  Now it’s me and Goose, mainly, but not kidding, Snax did more of this 300 piece puzzle than BH.  Afterwards, they each ran for their Snoopy to show them.  Kind of sweet.

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And BTW,

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She Walks.

She freaking walks!

19 months, 1 week.

And she walks.  In fact, she likes to walk more than crawl.  She is so proud of herself.  She stands up and walks with that shy little smile on her face.  God, I love this girl so much.  And the fact that she walks kind of makes me love her even more.

I am just so proud of my little girl.  Of course, I figured she’d walk one day, but it was taking quite a bit longer than most babies.  And look at her, she’s just adorable walking around!

No more shaking my head no when people ask if she is walking.  Because you know, they have been asking this question since before she turned one.  (I’ve never had an early walker, ever.)  I always tell people my kids don’t walk fast, then remind them how fast they read.  I assume this means that Sunshine will be reading when she is three.  Guess she needs to start talking soon.

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Shameful.  Just shameful.  That is how I would describe the closets in this house.  No, they aren’t messy.  They are just full of clothes.  Never ending amounts of clothes for my kids.

Yesterday, while the kids got their television on, I cleaned out the closets and drawers in an effort to figure out what we need to buy for school this year.  The answer: not one single thing.

With four boys, three of who are close in age and one who wears uniforms to school, we have a lot of useless clothing.  The oldest tends the wear the exact same thing when not in school.  And while in school, he seems to relish in pissing off his teachers by trying to show off his muscles.

The youngest is wearing stuff I remember buying for Goose.  If something looks ratty, I generally don’t let the next kid wear it.  But until Goose actually went to school, his clothes were in really good condition.  So instead of buying a new wardrobe for each boy, we only bought a few new shirts for the boys next in line.  Now Snax has a ton of nice shirts, shirts that he could actually wear to both mass and with shorts, but doesn’t like to wear.  Because if a shirt doesn’t have a picture, it’s not worth wearing to him.  Enter all his cool t-shirts, and by cool, I mean Star Wars or Snoopy.  He will wear his Longhorn shirt, but not as often as I want.  So we’re stuck with a closet full of nice shirts that aren’t being used.  Wasteful.

And the girl…I promise I don’t buy a thing.  My dad and Aunt Stacy do all the shopping for the princess.  But it’s not like they buy nonstop, they just buy big during the fall and during the spring.  I can safely say that Sunshine wears each of her outfits.  I rotate them.  And as I packed away outfits, there wasn’t one I would have given up.  I’m not quite ready to depart with any right this second, (too many sweet memories!), but soon I will make a keepsake box of her clothes and donate the rest.  Frankly, I could sell them, they are so nice and in great condition, but that’s just not me.

So what does this mean?  It shows me that thus far, I am failing at simplicity.  Failing.  If there is one thing I want my children to learn, it’s how good they have it.  No, they don’t have every new gadget on the market, heck they don’t even have a DS, but they aren’t worried about having food to eat.  (Except Snax.)  I don’t think they have to live in poverty to appreciate what they have.  I’m not going to force them to give up their toys.  I am going to manage what comes into this house a lot better than I have been.

I have one child in particular that I worry about when it comes to “things”.  I affectionately call him a hoarder.  And to be honest, he really is.  You should see the crap he saves.  Christmas gift labels is my favorite so far.  He also likes to buy a lot of little crap.  Yes, crap.  Yesterday we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond and he saw some angry birds toy.  He didn’t just want one, he wanted all five.  Today at Barnes and Noble, he wanted three toys, those toys by the register.  People really buy that stuff?!

I’ve been checking out as many books as possible, trying to show the kids that we don’t have to buy every book we like.  This is a hard one for me because books are supposed to be good purchases, right?  There are purchases I feel I can justify because I can use them with all the kids, even at the same time.  But how many books do we need?  I guess with simplicity I’d like to teach self control and discipline.

Recently, we had two birthdays.  And when the boys couldn’t come up with gift ideas, that was it.  I didn’t wander up and down the aisles trying to find more and more just so they could have a lot of gifts.  They had gifts, I do keep a journal of ideas, and obviously I know what my kids like.  Two years ago, I racked my brain at Christmas to come up with ideas for my family to buy gifts for the kids.  And the result was sickening.  I won’t go there again.  And the reality is that my kids had a better Christmas this year than last year.  Everyone complains that people don’t know the meaning of Christmas yet fall into the trap of over buying.  (And I’m not trying to be a grinch, I love seeing my kids happy Christmas morning, and my kids certainly know the real meaning of Christmas.  There just has to be more discipline.)

It is too easy to forget what is really important.  And while I am so far from where I’d like to be in buying stuff, I am on the road.  And hopefully, my children will be better for it.  I hope they will be better for the time spent together doing things over just buying them things.

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Easter In Pictures

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Yes, Easter.  And then Mother’s Day pictures are coming soon…never got around to posting these pictures for whatever reason.  Lance says it’s too late.  I say it’s my blog. I want them here, so here they are.


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Five For Friday

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I made cookies yesterday.  Bomb ass cookies.  I make cookies for one reason.  Cookie dough.  I was in a hurry, so I didn’t let anyone help.  Snax sat by the stove staring at the entire process.  When I started eating the dough, he asked if I liked it.  I told him that I liked the dough even more than the cookies.  Not to be outdone, he let me know that he liked the “dough better than anything in the whole world, even you.”

I took the boys to the roller rink yesterday.  Goose and Baby Hulk were shaky at first, but after fifteen minutes they each ditched the triangle.  Meanwhile, our friends, the same age, were making five laps for every lap they took.  Baby steps, I guess.

Two of our play dates were cancelled due to sick kids.  But we still managed to get to Mam’s.  Not bad at all.  We also took in a puppet show.  The kids seemed to enjoy it except for the life sized puppet.  Snax wasn’t a fan, neither was I.  Too ugly.

That new phone…a total POS.  From the first day, there have been issues with people hearing me speak, as in they can’t hear me at all.   Lance thought he fixed it.  I haven’t been able to talk to anyone on that phone in almost two days.  Here’s the problem, I like talking on the phone.  And honestly, I like talking when I drive.  It’s one of the few times, I’m not focused on my kids.

I’ve been in a bad mood so maybe not being able to talk on the phone is saving me from pissing people off…

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