Life and Expectations

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May is a busy month in this household.  The school year is coming to a close, so there are tons of things with regard to that.  We have two birthdays, Mother’s Day, then school ends in early June.  We have a K graduation as well as a real graduation!!!  Announcements that still aren’t in…we actually got a phone call asking to be put on the list.  I think Lance totally threw me under the bus saying I didn’t order them in time, but don’t worry, they’ll be here.  Personally, I would never ask for an announcement, if I was sending a gift, I’d just send it, announcement or not.  But that’s me.


My days starts at 6:30 and ends around 1 am.  I rarely sit unless I’m reading to the kids.  My choice on bedtime, but my only downtime doesn’t start until 10 pm.  I need the time to relax.  And fold clothes.

This week at school the kids are taking Stanford.  Typical of most parents, I am not a fan of standardized testing.  This week, I’m fine with it.  There is no rush after school to do anything except enjoy ourselves.  We’ve gone for ice cream, blown bubbles, read more and just enjoyed time together.


This weekend the rush starts again, we have baseball Friday night and three games Saturday morning, a First Communion party and my dad’s birthday dinner.  Then there is Mother’s Day.

I used to get really pissy about Mother’s Day.  Meaning up until this year.  To be honest, it’s just not been anything special.  I have to plan what I want to do, which makes sense, I guess, but not really.  I waiver between wanting to be alone for the day to feeling ungrateful for having that thought.  And voicing that thought brings me ugly looks from the other adult in the house.

This year, it’s just another day.


Except…I’m already disgusted by the lack of anything but a crappy card from my son’s school, (not my son’s effort just the fact that it’s a lame ass card with a lame type written note he had to cut and paste).  This is a pathetic effort on the teacher’s part right after they get pampered for a full week for doing a job they are actually paid to do.  I immediately sent out text messages…several other schools actually have the kids make an actual gift.  Not my school.  What is wrong with them???

And yes, I know Lance can have them make something, but that’s not the point.  My mom and dad kept all the things I made for them over the years.  And neither one of them had to craft them at home.


But back to just another day….Part of me feels extremely ungrateful for wanting to be pampered when I am already so blessed to have five children.  Why do I expect Mother’s Day to be some grand day where everyone behaves perfectly. None of us are perfect any other day, so I’m not sure why I’ve been trained to expect perfection on this one day.

Motherhood definitely isn’t for wimps.  I want that t-shirt.

But it’s also not for selfish people.  Starting this year, I’m hoping to be a little less selfish in my expectations for Mother’s Day and hopefully, everyday.  My mom is coming to see us.  If I want to go get a pedicure, I’m not going to feel guilty.  I can take an hour for myself and then spend the rest of the day just thanking God for the gift of motherhood and my own wonderful mom.  Without Him, I wouldn’t have anything to celebrate.


So here’s to a day where I’m not mad because I didn’t receive the perfect gift, the perfect breakfast or the perfect anything.  I have just what I need: five kids that are perfect for me.

Except really…sleeping in might be nice…that whole idea of taking the kids OUTSIDE to change them and feed them…I have to admit it’s fucking brilliant.


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Wordless Wednesday~ Storm Watchers

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Chelsea!  What a year!  You graduated, moved home and got a job.  We’re so proud of all of you’ve accomplished this last year.  I know this next year will bring you lots of joy.  We’re so glad you’re back in Houston.  I love watching all the kids with you!  They really love having you around.  So do I!

Two things I will always remember about your birthday.  Well, one I hope to forget…Lola shares your birthday.  So today, Snax said if we couldn’t go to your party, we needed to have one for Lola.  Really?  Don’t even ask if I had a party, you know the answer.

The second thing: your birthday saint, Saint Catherine of Siena.  Clearly, you didn’t choose the date of your birth, but what a perfect day to have a birthday.  Saint Catherine of Siena is so full of wisdom, and really, she’s your saint.  As saints go, she’s kind of a biggie.  Don’t forget to call on her for help.

Love you sweet girl!  Happy Birthday!  Saint Catherine Siena, pray for Chelsea today and always!

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Thinking Outloud

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** Cutest thing ever: you ask Sunshine what tomorrow is and she says “Friday flowers”  or maybe “flowers Friday”.  Whatever it is, it is freaking adorable.  As in I love this girl so darn much I want to squeeze her forever.  She is smart, witty and precious.

** Except when she is acting like a brat.  Which lately she has been doing.  Like yesterday, she threw a toy at someone’s house and then refused to share that child’s own toys with her.  But we all have room to improve so I’m fine with her right now.  So long as this phase passes relatively quickly.

** The other day I asked where we were going for vacation this summer.  Basically, Lance wants to go back to Colorado, and who doesn’t?!  We have a chance to return to the amazing house we stayed in last year, but we don’t need a house that large.  And while I would love to go back to Colorado, part of me wants to wait until two more kids can participate.  Sure we save money not taking Snax and Baby Hulk zip lining and rafting, but that’s most of the fun.

** Anyway, Lance was all business.  Said to send him ten choices, and he would narrow it down from there.  Surprise, his first choice is Colorado, with Chicago second.  I would love, love, love to take the kids to Chicago.  BUT Lance and I are already going there without the kids.  Maybe we turn it into one huge trip and find babysitters for two nights.

** I just want a decision.  I need a plan.  Like now.  I hate not knowing our schedule.

** Which brings me to a rant, although a mini one since you never know who might read this…but can you say it is killing me that Squirt’s recruiter is, oh how do you say it?  HORRIBLE.  As in I wouldn’t trust my national security to him.  So why am I trusting my son’s future to him?  Me, I’m not.  But sometimes the politics of family doesn’t always go my way.  (Read: people don’t listen to my opinions.)  I was venting my frustrations to a friend whose husband happened to be a good recruiter years ago, when you had to actually work to find recruits.  He figures Squirt keeps getting pushed to another month because the guy has met his quota for the month and is saving Squirt for a month that he needs a signed recruit.  Well, that pisses me off.  PLUS…we will be taking a huge trip to San Diego for graduation so I really need to know a start date.  It’s not like it’s cheap to fly my troupe across the country.  Seriously, this guy sucks.  No other way to put it.  SUCKS.

** This week Lance has been busy, busy with the draft.  Part of me loves it…he’s in his element and really enjoys what he is doing.  Then there is the part that hates getting cut off because someone is calling or not being able to reach him because he is talking to someone else.  Someone asked what was worse, this or football season.  This by far.  At least during football season I can watch games with him.  Last night, I finally fell asleep waiting for him…soon, he’s all mine again.

** Finally ordered cap and gown and grad announcements for Squirt.  It’s a small start.  Can I just say how useless I think announcements are?  I know, I’m a grouch, but really, who keeps them?  My friend reminded me that I better get some if only to get Squirt money.  Please…that is the ONLY reason I ordered them.  It certainly wasn’t for a scrapbook.  Oh and we get to keep the cap and gown.  I liked it so much better when we rented them, you know 25 years ago.  What the hell do I need with a cap and gown taking up space in my home?

** Another busy weekend…three baseball games, MDA walk and two birthday parties.  Plus shopping for said parties and getting some clothes for the kids.  I’m already tired.

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Daybook~ In the middle of Spring

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For Today…April 22, 2013

Outside my window…the sun is shining, it’s a great day outside.  I can’t believe the weather lately.  Not complaining.  Sure, the boys have had practice cancelled, but I can live with that.  I am not ready for the summer that Houston is.


I am wearing…workout clothes.  Back in the habit of not showering right after I workout.  At least, I change shirts after I workout so I don’t look and feel quite so gross.

From the learning rooms…lots of me reading out loud, lots of reading to mom and lots of kids just sitting on the couch, floor and anywhere else with a book in their hands.  This makes me happy.  Can I be mad when I come into a room and find the scene in the picture?  We have enjoyed the Audubon quite a bit this year.  I’ll be sad to stop attending.  This week we’re studying frogs.  We’re also really working on handwriting.  For all of my kids.


I am listening to…a little boy with the hiccups.

I am grateful for…a husband who wants to spend time with me and kind of pouts when I don’t put him first.  It’s supposed to be this way, right?  I’m grateful for kids who amaze me each and every day while still managing to frustrate me over and over.  I’m grateful for the chance to see three different friends last week.

I am praying for…patience, confirmation that a decision was right and my family.

So proud…of my husband who was invited by NFL films to participate in a mock draft with other draft guys.


I am planning…parties.  A graduation party, a birthday party along with some fun weekends.  It’s that time of year when there is literally something every single weekend.  It’s good and hectic at the same time.  I would like to say I am planning a vacation, but we still haven’t decided on a location.

From the kitchen…last week I planned my entire menu, went shopping and never had to go back to the store.  It was the best week.  Stress free and the food was good.  I’ve got this week’s menu, not quite as interesting and it does include a meatloaf from cooking light, but that said, it’s planned, which makes me happy and means I’m not stressing when I need to be spending time with the kids.  I’m also going to try and make some scones this week using half and half instead of whipping cream.


To be fit and happy…OMG, I have become my mother.  Or any other calorie counting mom from the 70’s.  Yes, I have an app on my phone to record every thing that I put in my mouth.  It is useful?  Yes and no.  Sure, I am not snacking quite as much as I generally do, yet at the same time…I have not lost more than 1 pound in a month.  That same month in which I had a major stomach virus.  I don’t get it.  I am loving my workouts and can’t wait until summer when I can sometimes get in two a day workouts.  Since I never see results, my goal in working out and eating a bit healthier is to see my grandkids one day.  I really do think of Sunshine getting married when I am about to drop dead in spin.  That thought usually keeps my legs moving when all I want to do is leave class.

Nature notes…we’ve found six egg shells so far.  We have been watching a mom in her nest for the past couple of weeks, and this morning, Baby Hulk ran into my room to tell me the bird had moved, which must mean the eggs have hatched!  In my heart of hearts, I want to be an outdoors girl, but really I’m not.  I love to hike and take walks, but really that’s about it.  I am terrified of snakes.  I hate the heat.  I’m learning about nature along with the kids, and we really enjoy it.  This week, we’ll be taking buckets on our walks for treasures we find along the way.  I am hoping we find a red cardinal feather or robin’s egg.  Is that too much to ask?


I am reading…nothing.  And that’s a problem.  I have five books sitting in my drawer just waiting to be read.  Must make time.

I am watching…Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Veep.  After a whatever first episode, I loved last week’s episode of Mad Men!  I may have to actually read Game of Thrones. This show is just done so well.


A few plans for the week…swim lessons Monday, Audubon Tuesday, Storytime at SVJ Wednesday and Herman Park to check out the new baby ducks sometime during the week.

To do…I have so much to do to get ready for Squirt’s graduation, and I need to just do it.  Prayers that I get moving!

One of my favorite things…when my husband comes home from out of town!

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Things That Make Me Smile

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Date Night

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Since Lance and I had babysitter so we could take pictures for Squirt, we went out with our good friends, Nikki and TA to celebrate their anniversary.


We are such kindred spirits, Nikki and I.  We have a blast anytime we’re together.  And last night, we took our friendship to a new level…she let me borrow an outfit!  First, I was taking pictures at prom, then I’m borrowing clothes from a girlfriend!  I truly felt like I was back in high school.


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Prom Night

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 Pictures at William’s Tower


 Sister coming to check out the date and friends


 I swear to God, Lance asked if I wanted the date in the picture.  I wasn’t trying to be rude, but no.  (And no, she didn’t hear him ask that silly question.)


 But what a pretty girl she is.


 Did I think it was my prom?


 Me and my handsome senior!


 Squirt has a tendency to smile with his eyebrows and it drives me batty.


 Nobody seemed to mind taking a lot of pictures, not even Lance!


And the best picture of the night!


We returned to the car to find this.  Only a warning.

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Kite Day

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To celebrate Earth Day at our school, the kids fly kites.  I hate this day.  In theory, it sounds great to spend some time outdoors on Earth Day.  But how is buying a new kite every year beneficial to the Earth?  Aren’t we supposed to be leaving less of an imprint on this planet?  (And don’t even get me started on the waste of money this is.)  How about celebrating Earth Day by making an art project with recycled objects?

As usual, nobody cares about my opinion.

But this year, I could do something different.  I don’t agree with this way of celebrating, so I didn’t go.  I sent Lance instead.  How smart am I?




One thing didn’t change this year, we threw away the kite as soon as the time outside was over.

Actually, one thing did change, we tossed two kites, instead of just one.  Happy Earth Day.

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A Baptismal Anniversary

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Today is the anniversary of Chelsea and Squirt’s Baptism.  These were the first kids we baptized.  Pretty cool when you think about how many children we’ve taken into our church and had baptized.  We had a small celebration to remember the day they became full members of the church and received the grace of the sacrament.  I pray that they always recognize the grace received from that day.

That day was pretty cool, I still remember Squirt jumping up to receive the waters of Baptism and Chelsea making the decision on her own to get baptized that day instead of waiting longer.  It was a long mass, but one I cherish always.  God Bless you two always, I love you both so very much.


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