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A quick break

By | Posted February 24, 2014

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Or should I say well deserved break? This year is going by fast, except not really.  School is kicking my ass.  If it’s not Goose’s never ending work, it’s the issues with the other grades.  Needing time away, and with the chance to do radio with a friend, we opted for a Denver getaway last […]

A Quick Break

By | Posted June 24, 2013

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Sometimes a break is in order. To see your favorite people. In your favorite city. Just hanging out, talking and laughing for hours on end. And drinking. And going to eat food that makes your tummy happy. Just being together.  Being with people who make you happy. Just adults. Much needed time with the people […]

Petroglyph National Monument

By | Posted August 22, 2012

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We took the kids hiking at Petroglyph in Albuquerque Sunday morning.  You can tell we’re inexperienced hikers because Lance and I are constantly calling out to the kids to be careful.  At one point BH climbed over rocks and I couldn’t find him.  Squirt and Goose followed, but still, I was pretty nervous. Snax didn’t […]

Hiking is just walking…

By | Posted August 21, 2012

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And it’s boring… You would have thought we were hiking this instead of a child friendly trail.

White Sands National Monument

By | Posted August 21, 2012

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We power drove after Lance got off work last Friday to Las Cruces, New Mexico so that we could go here. Someone randomly mentioned White Sands thinking that we would be driving in that direction on our way to Durango.  We weren’t supposed to drive in that direction. After researching White Sands, it became a […]

Vacation Notes

By | Posted August 20, 2012

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We just returned from vacation, and while the pictures will do most of the talking, here are some tidbits about the trip. With seven people traveling, we mostly drive.  So yes, we drove to Colorado. No, my kids don’t watch television much while we drive, in fact we don’t have a television in any car […]

The Final Leg

By | Posted August 20, 2012

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I’m documenting our vacation backwards.  For today.  Tomorrow I’ll probably skip back to the beginning, but I was just so anxious to see the photos Lance took today. And they are great. The Dallas Arboretum is such a beautiful place and with the Chihuly exhibit, it’s even better. I’ve been dying to see this garden […]

A Fitting End

By | Posted August 19, 2012

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I have much to document, but little time before our wonderful adventure ends. I love vacations.  Small, big, but in general, I like an actual destination.  It can be San Antonio or something like Colorado.  I just like to “do things”.   Spending time together is important, but I feel like you can spend time […]

Five For Friday~ Best of Vacation Pics

By | Posted July 13, 2012

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Last night, I started going through the pictures from Key West.  I love them all.  They bring back such great memories.  First off, it was me and Lance away for 6 days without our children.  That’s not really something I go for normally, but this trip was special.  It was for our ten year anniversary. […]

Vicksburg Junior Rangers

By | Posted May 6, 2012

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On the way to Tuscaloosa we stopped at Vicksburg to tour the National Military Park.  We got to town too late to do anything but check into the nastiest hotel I have ever stayed in my entire life.  Hair in the tub, used soap, mold, holes in the wall…it wasn’t something I could laugh about […]