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Five For Friday

By | Posted February 1, 2013

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:: It’s Friday.  What does this mean?  My husband comes home tonight!  We’re pretty pathetic about time apart from each other.  I know I am very blessed to have a husband that would rather be with me than anyone else.  While Radio Row is hardly real competition, I know he’d feel the same way no […]

Wishing you…

By | Posted December 25, 2012

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Peace on earth, most especially with your loved ones. Christmas Eve dinner at Trulucks, a Zierlein family tradition.

On the feast of St. Nicholas

By | Posted December 6, 2012

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The kids woke up to gold coins at breakfast to signify St. Nicholas’ generosity and new pj’s.  And of course, books. I used to buy the boys matching pj’s, but it appears those years have passed.  In fact, I could only find pj pants this year for Goose, Baby Hulk and Squirt.  Squirt scored big […]

A Birthday Wish

By | Posted November 11, 2012

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Happy Birthday to my amazing mom.  I was thinking of St. Martin of Tours, today being his feast day, and the story about him slicing his coat in two to give to the beggar.  That’s how my mom gives.  Over and over.  To me and my family.  I know just how lucky I am to […]

Five For Friday

By | Posted July 20, 2012

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I made cookies yesterday.  Bomb ass cookies.  I make cookies for one reason.  Cookie dough.  I was in a hurry, so I didn’t let anyone help.  Snax sat by the stove staring at the entire process.  When I started eating the dough, he asked if I liked it.  I told him that I liked the […]

The Facebook Dilemma

By | Posted June 19, 2012

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In the world of Facebook or Twitter, I’m a Twitter kind of person.  Someone retweeted something like “Facebook makes you hate the people you know while Twitter makes you love people you don’t.”  I couldn’t agree more. Regardless, I do have a Facebook account.  I don’t post anything ever, but every once in a while […]

An April Birthday

By | Posted April 29, 2012

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So…your card is late.  In making sure that Goose made a card for you, I kind of didn’t get one for myself.  At this rate, can I just bring it to you?! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I am so proud of all you’ve accomplished.  You have truly become an amazing woman. I was thinking about […]

Daybook~ Rain!

By | Posted September 18, 2011

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For Today…September 18, 2011 Outside my window…it rained today.  And yesterday.  Glorious rain.  Even the kids were excited about it. I am wearing…Snoopy boxers and a grey t-shirt with slippers.  Ready for bed. I am listening to…All My Children.  They are showing old episodes tonight.  Right now, I’m being treated to Leo and Greenlee’s wedding. […]

And Away They Go

By | Posted August 22, 2011

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 We had our back to school lunch on Saturday.  Lance had too much work so he couldn’t go with us, and the little boys, well, their behavior sucked all week so they stayed home as well. That was fine, it was just me and three of my favorite people having one last meal before school. […]

Anniversary Weekend

By | Posted June 27, 2011

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What can I say other than my weekend was freaking wonderful.  Lance and I were talking about every anniversary we’ve celebrated and came to the conclusion that this one might be the best one yet.  And that is saying a lot because Lance is pretty romantic and thoughtful about anniversaries.  While I am not a […]